"Rybak flirt with the audience and presented a versatile musical show together with his family and 3 generations Stanghelle"

The concert at Nordhordland folkehøgskule Friday evening - organized by the Friends of Music and Knarvikmila, was a fireworks display with Melodi Grand Prix winner in the center. He flirts with the audience and had great contact with people in the audience.

Wenche with the music specifies

Rybak took even walk down the rows of chairs and got an audience member up on stage during one of the tunes. Wenche Kvamme was the music specifies and got a full embrace of kosebamsar and hugs from both Rybak and Thomas Stanghelle.

- They are so earthy and straightforward. No prima donna whims there, no, stated Wenche for a festive meeting with the two men on stage.

'Signed autographs'

- It was the grandchildren have been involved. They will get teddy. Maybe I can get them signed, said Wenche. And both Alexander and the rest of the family Rybak and family Stanghelle wrote the autograph of the great gold medal after the concert.

- Great that so many are here Rybak said respectively and opened with the winning song he went to the top of Eurovision song contest.

- So we were finished with it, realized the humorous and versatile artist.

'A wide range'

The two families delivered a very diverse show, with a musical range that you hardly have experienced before. It was mostly, from pop to Russian folk music, musical material, classical, blues and gospel. And a proper chapel song as an encore.

'93 years old Grandmother'

93 years old Matilda, grandmother of the family Stanghelle, is a chapter of its own. She still has the incredible good voice practice, and was an experience on stage. She was a soloist and also had elements together with her daughter and grandson (Thomas).

Also Rybak's parents are very competent musicians, she on the piano, he on violin and guitar. And all back each other up with songs and games along the way to the concert. Standing ovations told its clear language that the concert falls in taste.

'In short mila'

Saturday morning Rybak will have a mini concert at Nordhordland Hall. He will also award the prizes for short mile.