Ellisiv: I am sitting here with Alexander Rybak ESC-winner 2009, so I am wondering, how was it to run away with the victory?

Alex: Actually, its a bit funny to get that question, because it helps me to remember that I have done something. In the middle of everything I am doing a crazy amount of stuff now, and its, there is very, very many concerts and tv-shows, but in the middle of it, its great to get that question, because it was a lot of fun.

Ellisiv: It must have been a dream come true, kinda?

Alex: Yes, I would say so.

Ellisiv: It was greater than winning Kjempesjansen, even though that was big too?

Alex: Nooo, for me it wasn't any bigger, the song in itself was bigger...I think the song is the most important for me. The product in itself, and fairytale and the one I did in Kjempesjansen, foolin', is about the same girl.

Ellisiv: Yes.

Alex: But I am more proud this time, because last time I was very whiny and said that "darn, now the rest of my life is going to suck, because of...", while now...fairytale is about "oh my god how funny the rest of my life is going to be, because my heart was broken for 4 years". Hehe!

Ellisiv: Hehehe!

Ellisiv: Did you think it was a shock when you won, or, it wasnt for us, but like, what did you feel, did you have a good feeling about it?

Alex: Shock...If it was, it was a slow shock. It started very well with the first country that voted., it was relief rather. Relief to win. That people...people uhm abroad still appreciate me after eurovision on the other hand, that is surprising. That is fun.

Ellisiv: I had some, I just got visited by some cousins from Greece, and actually they are sitting down there listening to ringtones, its all kinds, it must be amazing and...

Alex: I have been to Greece, and I know how fond of eurovision they are there, very nice.

Ellisiv: Do you think your life has been changed after you won, or did you already know celebrity life?

Alex: Yes, you know what? For a long time I have tried to answer perfectly to that question, but I don't think its possible to describe...I have, because, hehe, I have kinda heard Bettan say, you know, "yes, no, it was completely undescribable and completely magic" after they won with Let is swing, you know. And I thought that "yeahyeahyeah, blah, blah, blah, it most likely was a forthnights ride". Heh!

Ellisiv: Ehehehe!

Alex: But now I see what she is meaning.

Ellisiv: Yes.

Alex: Its the way people think "Yeayeah, he can brag about how amazing and how bizarre the world is and things like that", but its actually completely absurd. It is, yes! It cant be explained. Its kinda...I think I'll just keep those memories to myself. Heh!

Ellisif: Have you got any, put it like this, hysterical fan stories yet?

Alex: Ehhhh...its...yesterday there was a girl that wanted... that has seen me at every apperance in Sweden, and now she had along her mother as well.

Ellisif: Wow!

Alex: And all of a sudden I met her at the hotel we were staying at, and her mother wanted to accomodate her at the same hotel.

Ellisif: A little stalker?

Alex: Yeah yeah yeah.

Ellisif: Its not long ago you released Fairytales. What is it really that inspires you are writing all your songs yourself, don't you?

Alex: No, not all of them. If I find a cover song that I want to...that I think has gotten little exposure...then I want to show...but I never bother to sing the coolest songs I know, because there is a reason that they are the coolest songs I know. They are performed well, you know. Then its no reason for me to do something similar. But...such as Vårsøg, I translated to english, because I wanted to show the norwegian nature and the norwegian song out in Europe. Ehm...apart from that there is a lot of my songs.

Ellisiv: Do you have any special favorite song from the album?

Alex: The album? At the moment I would say Roll with the wind, because we have just made a music video for it. At Giske. So I am looking forward to its release.

Ellisiv: Do you have any more music videos scheduled?

Alex: There will be more music videos, hopefully, first I have to make more songs. But now I am a Norway I am at my third single soon and there is a quota on how many singles you can release from an album. We did a very low budget video on fairytale that whetted my appetite. I thought it was fun to kinda copy and paste. Nice! But with Roll with wind we wanted to make something more norwegian and folkish and like that., I hope people like this! It...

Ellisiv: One last question that I think most girls want answered: Are you single?

Alex: Yes yes yes! I am as single as they come.

Ellisiv: There aren't any ladies this last...?

Alex: No, but I wish...even though I think...I pat myself on the shoulder every day because I am not with anyone, that would being mean towards the girl given all my travels. This evening when I am going to take the train home, and sleeping in a train, its certainly romantic. Then I am thinking, I should have had a girlfriend, you know.