Princess? What the hell? Since when is my name princess? I may have designer shoes and clothes but I’m far from Princess! “My name is Alice!” He smiled again “I know. But you’re princess to me.” Robert started chuckling. I turned to him. “What the hell is so funny?” “Just how clueless and dimwitted you are.” Clueless? Dimwitted? Oh no he did not just call me that! “Who are you call dimwitted you overgrown Neanderthal!” That slapped the smile right off his face. Jeremy turned to him and said “Ouch! Kitty got claws and class!” He did not just call me kitty! I think he wants to kiss me. I stood on my tiptoes barely tall enough to reach his face. I closed my eyes and he did too. I peeked and they were closed Katrina was walking towards us and Robert ran to meet her. Perfect timing. So there I was on my tiptoes about to kiss him and Jasper was still a statue, I lifted my hand slowly to reach his face, I brought it as far back as it could go and……Slapped him! He opened his eyes and looked at me shocked. “Now, the next time you want to call me princess or kitty, make sure I’m not a warrior or a lion instead!” With that I started to walk away to meet Jasper. He got in my way. He grabbed my throat lifted my feet off the ground and said “Where do you think your going Princess?” “I was planning on meeting my statue for a husband!” I spitted the words threw my teeth. “No you’re not.” “The hell I am!” “You will stay with me and kiss me.” He locked his blood-red eyes with me waiting for his command to connect with my thoughts. They reached it. I closed my eyes. Suddenly every part of me was leaning in to kiss him. I almost reached his lips when I opened my eyes I jumped out of his grasp and jumped on his back. “You know what my nickname is?” “No. But I’m dieing to know it.” He thinks I’m playing with him. Like as soon as I’m done playing with him I was going to kiss him. But here’s the thing, when your happily married you don’t want to kiss anyone but him. So I leaned in my head close to his ear and whispered Jasper’s favorite word. “Monster.” With that I jumped off his back and got face to face with him. On my tiptoes again. “Why would he call you that? You are an angel not a monster.” “Oh, but I am.” I ran away from him. A good distance and waited for him to come meet me. He started walking toward me, perfect. Now I lowered myself into a crouch. I don’t know why but I could control myself enough not to run into his arms and kiss him. Katrina, Laura who was still screaming, Nala who stayed at the very opening of the tunnel, William who was holding Laura’s other hand, Jasper who was watching but not moving as he was told, and Robert who was laughing the whole time was watching from the sidelines. I stayed in my crouch, watching, waiting for him to meet me. He stopped a few feet from me.

“Well, armed and ready to fight I see. Are you ready?” I let a snarl rip threw my teeth. “I was born ready.” “Eager to be defeated aren’t we?” “Nope. Just ready to kick your ass in front of your brothers and sisters.” Another snarl ripped threw my teeth and I stayed where I was and was watching him run as fast as he could to attack, I closed my eyes and waited. Thank god Jasper helped me with this. As Jeremy was right in front of me still running, I jumped in the air and came down gracefully. He went right under me. Pathetic fool. “Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeves don’t we?” “Nope, just got a gift exactly like Katrina and William. I can see the future you know.” I smiled, ran straight to Jasper and pushed him. I was hoping he would fight back or move or something, but he stayed still and fell over. All I did was push a marble statue. “No, I didn’t know that. Why did you do that? Want him out the way so you can have me? You don’t have to do that, all you have to do is kiss me.” I crouched and growled. “I’d rather kiss Jacob!” He stumbled back. “Who is that? Another Boyfriend?” “Not on your life! He is a dirty, stinky, werewolf!” “Ouch! Why do you bother with him?” “Because he is my sister’s best friend and my niece’s true love! If I had to live with the smell then I will!” “Wouldn’t you rather kiss me?”

That did it. My mind couldn’t control itself anymore. I walked to Jasper and picked him up. “Jasper? I know you can watch this so, watch this!” I walked away from him. I turned around and made sure his eyes were following me. They were. So I kept walking. “Change your mind?” “Of course. Why kiss a werewolf when I can kiss a handsome vampire like you?” “Now, that’s more like it.” He picked me up in his arms. “ALICE! DON’T STOP! YOU LOVE JASPER! STOP IT! JEREMY PUT HER DOWN!” Laura kept screaming at us. I didn’t care; all I know is that I was ready for this. I saw it happening, why fight it? He bent his head and I lifted my head. Our lips touched, gently at first then his was more eager, urgently. He held me like he was a prince who was sweeping me off my feet. I hope we were putting on a show. I returned his kiss and grabbed the back of his neck and made him stay here. This was great. This was the best thing I ever planned to do. If only all I had to do was kiss Aro and he would leave my family alone. “ALICE! STOP THAT! YOU STOP RIGHT NOW!” That wasn’t the voice I was expecting to hear. It was just Laura. So I kept kissing him. I kept kissing him but I focused on Jasper, waiting for his reaction. Here it comes in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Jasper picked me up and put me down. He turned to Jeremy and ripped him to pieces. Jeremy didn’t even have time to order Jasper to stop! Jasper turned to me and I knew I was in trouble. I hope he gives me enough time to explain. “You little, evil, manipulating….. And to think I thought you cared about me! When I didn’t think about leaving you for Charlotte! I thought you loved me! I...I...” He started sobbing. WOW! I did that to him? I looked around him to see what Jeremy was doing. He was trying to connect his arm to his shoulder, it wasn’t working. I started laughing. He grabbed me by my throat and lifted me off the ground. “You think this is funny?! You think it’s funny that I’m so hurt because you ran into that idiot’s arms and kissed him! Well? DO YOU?” I controlled my laughter. He was holding my throat so tight I could barely talk; I could see behind him, Jeremy was putting himself together and he finally put his arm together. “No. Jasper I’m laughing because I could see that fool putting himself together and failing horribly. I did what I had to, to free you from his little mind game. I figured that if my love for you stopped me from kissing him that if I did your love for me would snap you out of it. So I kissed him and waited for you to rescue me. Besides, he can’t kiss half as good as you.” I tried to put on my smile but he was starting to hold my throat tighter. It was hard to put a smile on my face; it was even harder to talk. I choked out the words. “Jasper? Don’t you believe me?” “I should but I don’t. Alice, I don’t want to believe you. Because you’re lying.” He let go of my throat and I fell to the ground and landed on my feet. Then he ran away. I didn’t know what to do. My only love just walked away. What was a girl suppose to do? I know what Bella would have done, she would have ran and ran until she couldn’t run anymore, I know what Rosalie would have done, she would have chased him done and grabbed him by the ear and pulled him home, I know what Esme would have done, well did, she would have ended her life, not knowing what to do next. I don’t know what I was supposed to be doing but Esme’s option sounded nice. But I stood there watching him until he wasn’t visible anymore. Robert ran to help Jeremy, Katrina and William snapped out of it and let go of Laura, Nala went back to the sewer to start a fire, and me? Well, I was still standing there. Then it hit me. He was gone. Gone maybe for good. I fell to the ground and put my head in my hands and started sobbing. What am I suppose to do now? I guess I should go home. I could tell them what happened and say I failed as an Aunt, a sister, and a wife. That I’d rather die with them than kill myself, but killing myself sounded good, I was welcoming death with open arms. Too bad the Volturi don’t come when you want them too. “Its gonna be ok you know.” She sat on the side of me. I wasn’t sure if it was Laura but maybe it was since she could be answering my question in my head. “It’s me. Laura.” Fine, it’s her! Who cares! My life just left and she thinks it’s gonna be ok. “I’m sorry Alice. But it was your plan.” I got to my feet, that was the last person I wanted apologies from. “GO AWAY!” “I am I just wanted to apologize. I didn’t know you two meant that much to each other. If you want I could make him come back.” That wasn’t a good enough apology. Plus I didn’t want Jasper to come back if he didn’t want too. “Jeremy! I don’t want your apology and I don’t want you to bring him back! I want him to come on his own! If you make him I’ll never know if he wants to be with me or if it’s because of you! And it wasn’t my fault! It was yours! You made him become a statue just because you wanted a kiss! You know there are other girl vampires besides me! I know another all girl coven! You could have Tanya or Kate! They both want a man badly! They kiss my brother’s feet just so they can get one kiss! He found someone else though! Instead of killing humans that smell good have you ever thought of not killing them? That’s what he did and he fell in love! He met his soulmate! Ever try that? Huh? No you didn’t! You are to busy trying to break up married Vampires or trying to kill your sister when it wasn’t her fault! Carlisle’s father would have killed all of you even if she didn’t go meet you! He kills all families that are related to vampires! So next time shut your trap and try to make things better instead of worse!” I fell back to the ground and started crying, I wish I had tears! Just because we have to be perfect can’t we at least have tears? Laura picked me up and carried me to the sewer. This is embarrassing! “PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!!! I HATE THIS PUT ME DOWN!!” “No, you are going to fall again.” “What in the hell happened to her?” “Jasper ran away.” “HE DIDN’T RUN AWAY! HE LEFT ME! HE LEFT ME!” He left me. The words started to sink in. I stopped crying. “He left her?!” “Katrina he left her?” “I guess so.” “That’s horrible!” “William?” “Yes Laura?” “You can live with us if you want.” “Sure thank you.” “William let’s celebrate!” “While Alice is like this? No, I don’t think so Katrina.” “Can you put me down now Laura?” “Yes.” “Thank you.” After she put me down I walked deeper into the tunnel. Then I realized I don’t know the way. “Katrina can you lead me to where you hang out?” “Of course Alice.” She caught up with me and we started walking further into the tunnel. “Alice?” “Yeah?” “Can you live with us? We saw you leave tomorrow night and we wanted you to stay.” “I can’t with Jasper gone I need to go home. They are all I have left.” “No, you have us.” “Not for long.” “Why?” “Because my family is sentenced to death and if they die then I will die with them and if by some chance they get to live then I’m taking Aro’s offer and I’m joining the Volturi. I won’t have anything to live for so why not?” “ALICE! NO! PLEASE NO! I see it and I don’t like it!” “Oh well! I’m giving up my beliefs! I’m going to drink blood and let my eyes turn blood red! I’m gonna give up fashion! I’m giving it all up! Don’t try to stop me! You got that?! Don’t try to stop me! I want to loose everything I have!” “Why don’t you stay with that woman Tanya for a while? She seems nice except the whole kissing your brother’s feet thing. That’s just pathetic!” She smiled and I growled. That did it, she stopped smiling and she stopped talking! Finally! “Are we there yet?” “Almost.” We’ve been walking forever! Maybe I should kill her. I made as well start somewhere; I needed practice for the Volturi. “You even try it and I’ll rip you to pieces.” I hate having someone who can see what I’m gonna do before I do it. She started mumbling to herself. “Should I tell her? Obviously she didn’t see it yet, or she isn’t looking for him…….” “Tell me what?!” “Well, I guess I’ve decided. He’s going home.” He is going home to tell Bella I’m s bad person. Great. I started to turn around. “We walked all this way for you to do something you should have done a long time ago?” I guess so. I know what I’m suppose to do now, I’m suppose t get a hold of him and either explain or he leaves and I go to the Volturi. “So either you are happy forever or you are unhappy forever doing something you hate? That makes a lot of sense.” “Well, if he leaves he’ll get to my home before I do so he’ll just run everything through his head to tell Edward and then boom! I’m not welcome in my home. Bye Katrina. I’ll miss you. Try to stay out of the Volturi’s way, because as soon as I join I’m going to have to touch Aro and he’ll know all about you.” “Well, thanks Alice ruin my life and yours! Get out of here before we kill you. If everything goes ok you can come back anytime, if you join the Volturi then I’ll kill you.” “Alright Katrina. Tell everyone I said bye.” “William already did.” “Bye Katrina.” “Bye Alice”