I jumped on my bed away from the desk.
"You and Edward were perfect!" Jessica said.
I was talking to Jessica on the phone. It was a week after prom and I promised her we would talk -I called it gossiped- about how prom went and about the people there.
"Thanks." I said. Even if I wanted to finish my homework I was happy that she noticed. I looked at my leg. It was still sore but if I danced good with it I was awesome!
"Did you see Andy and Yasmine! They should take dance lessons!" It surprised me how she went an hour babbling on about other people when she didnt once ask about her and Mike.
"And did you see Roselie! She was beautiful! And now to think of it Alice was to! But you know what`s weird?" she asked. She didnt even let me answer. "That she and Jasper didnt dance they just sat on the bench and looked at people without any motion or exictment!"
I myself had noticed that to but I quickly forgot when I looked back at Edward but now I was wondering why they did that. Vampires dance dont they? I shook my head at my stupidity. Of course they do! Edward, Emment, and Roselie dance and their vampires.
I heard a car door slam and got back to Jessica. "Jessica I`ll have to call you back." And before she could ask why I slammed the phone shut on the receiver.
Pay back I thought devilly but I jumped on my bed away from my desk. Homework woud have to wait. What I wanted to know was why Alice and Jasper didnt dance. I heard the front door slam and shouted out,"Hi dad! Dinners in the oven!" I heard his thanks and his footsteps going into the kitchen.
I had made Charlies favorite something Billy -Charlies old friend and the father of my friend Jacob- called...ummm well I knew he would like it!
It felt like I was thinking for hours but I looked at the clock 5:02 PM it said. When I checked it when Jessica first called it was 4:37 PM.
I decided what I was going to do. I took my car keys and ran downstairs. "Whoa where are you going Bella?" Charlie aked me. "To the Cullens house." I said. Charlie looked at me and I looked at Charlie. Then he said, "Okay go" I was out the door and almost didnt hear him shout. "Get back by 10:30!"
I was going to solve a mystery and see all the Cullens young faces. But mostly Edward. But I shook that thought out of my head. As much as it pained me I knew I was here for 2 people. Jasper and Alice.
I was here for 2 people. Jasper and Alice.