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Opinion by patrsu1 posted over a year ago
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Well, I wanted to say I know now why my sister thought Alice was good looking.

I was into Freddy. She never understood why, she musta been crazy, his stage presence.

Alice electric on stage don't know how do all those concerts.

Maybe come back to Canada? I would take my sister.

it's a mixture of things that I like Alice.

Because, because, because.

We are not aliens per say, Don't want to get aniletical or specific on you but you know we came here from somewhere else. Kinda stole it from the dinasours. Now it is our turn.
Did you know Mars used to be a water planet?

Not that I want to freak out kind humans just that this site told me to write more or I cannot tell Alice he is cute.
And does anybody get tired of hearing they are cute?

Here's to you! And you....you too.
Review by Chandyprofound posted over a year ago
fan of it?
July 22/2010

In Belleville Ontario Canada at the Empire Theatre. It was a perfect night with an outside Venue.

Opening was Canadians own Alannah Myles with her smooth deep sound that still comes to be one of the best. It was great to hear her again...Blue Velet sounded as if she was in studio..Amazing

It was like watching years pass with no time.
Alice Cooper ROCKED the house. From the opening with Schools out..........To the closing with Schools out.......Hands down the best of the best, and i would say there is NO one who can surpass the preforms he gave us. I went to this concert to suit a friends need to see. I love concerts, but admit, Alice Cooper was not my choice.......HOWEVER...i will thank my friend for the rest of my life, for now i know what i am sure all his fans already new. He was the best of the best, and even better....HE STILL IS.

A new Fan is Born