I’m surprised that I didn’t see it coming, but I’m not as attuned to them as the sisters are. Laura was still cursing at me but I was beyond panic. I was in shock. I knew they were coming. I knew it. They must have done research and found out where we are. But they found us so fast! What should I do? The sisters should be fine. Aro would just would have found another coven, that’s all. They would get off with a warning. I think. My family wasn’t so lucky, but we had a few encounters. Plus what they think we did we are beyond second chances. Suddenly I was aware someone was shaking me. “Alice! Alice! Come out of shock! It’s not the Volturi! It’s just something worse. Well, Laura thinks it’s worse than the Volturi. Nala’s got her! It’s ok! Nala’s got her! She’s calm now, freaking out but calm. Alice?” There she was, the memory I couldn’t remember, the one I wanted but couldn’t find. My friend, my closest friend, from my human days. She was here shaking me. Trying to get me out of shock. “Damn it Alice! You made me do this!” SLAP! Suddenly I was aware it was just Katrina. Even though it was just Katrina at least I remember her. Lila. That’s her name. I’m sure of it. “Ok Alice, round two.” “Wait, wait, wait. I’m ok. See fine.” I picked myself off the rock and stood up. “Good, but bad. I wanted to do that again!” Katrina was glowing, and it wasn’t the sun. I should know. We were still in the sewer. The smell stunk but not as bad as wolves.

She looks so pleasant. She is more beautiful like this. “They came back! Isn’t that great?! Oh, what should I do? What should I say? Jasper’s bringing them but still. What if they want to take me with them! Alice my dream might come true! Oh! I’m so sorry for being rude to you Alice! This is all your fault! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Where did I hide my clothes? Where is my good dress? Oh! There’s no time for that! They’ll be here with Jasper in a few minutes! Oh goodness! Nala? Is Laura ok over there?” Nala looked with a frown and said with the saddest voice I’ve ever heard “As good as she’ll get. She’s still freaking out. Katrina? Can you go outside to meet them? Laura doesn’t want them to come in, and neither do I.” Oh! Katrina happy, Laura cursing, Nala sad, their brothers are coming. But why is Laura blaming me? Oh. Right. Jasper. He’s bringing them. “Alice?” “Yes?” Can you hold Katrina back when they decide to leave again? I know she is going to try and follow them and we don’t want her to get hurt so can you hold her back?” “Um, yeah sure.” I guess I could do that. Why doesn’t she just follow them if she wants to be in their group so much? “She did. Its ok Nala’s got me. She followed them for months but she soon realized it wasn’t helping. So she turned around and tried to find us. That was the longest time they ever left us alone.” Laura turned her head and looked toward where Katrina came from. Then I heard an ear piercing scream. “THEY’RE HERE! THEY’RE HERE!” She came running toward me grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the tunnel. Funny she was wearing a long black gown and no shoes, now she’s wearing a long red velvet dress with high heels. As we went outside I could see in the darkness four sets of eyes staring at us.

“JASPER!” I ran and gave him a big hug. “I missed you too. Now who is this?” I walked back to Katrina and held her hand. I’m keeping my promise to Nala. “This is Katrina, her sisters are in there. The group you followed was there brothers.” He looked from them to her. He stopped at the medium sized one; he must be Katrina’s twin. He wore a light brown cloak, with gold eyes, he had black hair but it was cropped short. “Well, Alice you learned more than I did. All I learned was Jeremy, William, and Robert’s gifts. Jeremy can make people do whatever he wants, William looks a lot like Katrina but he can……” “I’m sorry to interrupt you Jasper, but William and I are twins. We are connected in many ways. We have the same gift, looks, and mind. We are connected not only by gift, looks, and our mind but in many other ways as well.” She turned to Robert and Jeremy. “Let me explain it to you. Everything you ever told him, you told me, and every time he had a vision, so did I. We communicated frequently. I learned to hide from my sister. I learned how to block my thoughts. So everything he told me, I didn’t tell my sister and everything I told him he didn’t tell you.” She turned to William and smiled. “So you see William? She never heard anything you ever told me.” She is trying to prove that’s she is loyal. That if they ever let her join them then she would be loyal to them. Jeremy caught on. “Katrina! You will not follow us again! You will stay with your sisters! I will make sure you will stay here. Even if I have to kill you!” “Go ahead try! But I should warn you, you kill me you kill William as well.” William put his head down ashamed. “She’s right you know.” Jeremy look stunned. “William, you haven’t said anything since she left.” “I never had anything to say. To you.” “Well, two lives are a small price to pay to get rid of one.” “I know something that William told me, well you told me. You can’t control my sisters. You can’t make them do whatever you want. You would have made Laura give you Nala a long time ago if you could. That’s what you tried to do. Go ahead! Tell William! Tell William what you tried to do! You can’t can you?! I know why! Because William doesn’t blame me, Nala, or Laura for what happened! He doesn’t even blame NILES! He blames you! You didn’t tell him because you know he likes us!” With that he took three long strides and grabbed Katrina by her throat. “Shut up! Shut Up right now! Now, go get Laura and bring her to me!” I thought Katrina said he can’t control them. Just when I started to doubt him William flinched and Katrina ran back into the sewer. He walked to Jasper told him something and walked back to Robert waiting for Katrina to bring him Laura “Katrina did they leave? KATRINA! YOU LET HER GO! LET GO! KATRINA!” “LET GO! LET GO OF ME! I KNEW YOU WOULD TURN ON US! I KNEW IT! YOU LET ME GO!!! NALA CALM HER DOWN OR SOMETHING!” “I’M TRYING BUT ITS NOT WORKING. Sorry Laura.” Laura is a good fighter because the whole time Katrina was pulling her she was kicking and screaming. I walked to Jasper. “Jasper do something. Jasper? And you say I don’t listen. Jasper?” I walked away and when straight to Jeremy. “What did you do to him?” He smiled at me. “I told him to stay put. We don’t want him to be the hero now do we Princess?”