today was terrible.i had to kill more new borns.maria tells me to kill them when there strenght's so painful.i can't bare to kill them.there emotions.fright,panic,hopeless.then,the worst,pain.i'm planing to run away with peter and charlet.charlet was a newborn peter had to kill.but,he didn't.he loves her.he couldn;t do it.tonight were going to run till we find somewhere to hide.we started to run.i couldn't imagene how mad maria is.we found a small,beten up,old.cottage.peter,charlet,and i,stayed there for a cuple of days.but i left a note saying that i was leaving them.but,i wasn't sure if i wanted to leave.but i did.i stumbled across a small cave.i stayed there for one night.but then,i was thirsty.i decided to go to a small cafe.when iwalked in,i saw a small ballarenia,no,pixie like girl with spikey hair.i was standing there in the door.when she walks up to me.i caught her scent.she was another vampire.and,i think,i love her."hi"she said,"i'm alice."she was absolutly stuning."hi,um,alice,i'm jasper." i said"i know." she said."i thought you would never come."she said then she took my i have found my true little pixe