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This Alice Cullen photo might contain stole.

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Sorry for the delay I have had some sever mental block and I couldnt think of anything to write LOL! Enjoy chapter 12 and remember to feedback and keep looking for chapter 13! Amber/Twilightsauce.

I smiled as my eyelids fluttered open. The sun was streaming in through the window making my skin glitter in a mysterious way but not sparkling like the rest of my vampire family. I knew that Jacob was awake because everything was silent- Jake was the LOUDEST snorer ever. I propped myself up on two of the fluffy pillows to get a better view of his face. Jacobs’s eyes were closed but he had...
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EVERYONE, LISTEN UP!!!!!!! Do you know about Midnight Sun? Well, I think that everyone who loves Twilight and Alice should run a repitition for Stephanie Meyer to rewrite Midnight Sun and publish the NEW version!!!!!! Everyone who likes this idea, Go to to write a letter to her!!!!!!!! WHO'S WITH ME?!?!? also, write a letter that states the following:
Full name(First, Middle, and last)
Why you're sending the letter(example: I think that you should write another copy of Midnight Sun, Mrs.Meyer.)
and A thank you, Ms.Meyer.
also, don't forget to tell her how sad you are that she might not be publishing Midnight Sun.
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why do i still say Alice?... start again

Dear Bella... *who was i kidding.. not myself.*

now im starting to talk to myself, . If im going to do this, i should make it a i hope no-one ever reads this... they will think im crazy.. but arent anyway, according to jessica and her new cult...
Anyway. Today started to the sound of rain, like it always did, ever since you's left.The sound makes me restless,like it did when i first came here. i had a bad dream. you were in it. It so depressing,, not like i cant tell the difference anymore.
Jake kissed me today. i couldnt back out,...
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Dear Bella

Its Alice.

I know that Edward promised many things, including trying to take away all evidence of our existance, for you. But thats not what i promised, thats what he promised. But how i could not talk to my Best friend? After all this time of Silence. It drivin me insane, what with still seeing your future and all. Yes about that..... watch with the kitchen knive tonight, dont want another night in the ER.
I know i will get into trouble for talking you by edward. How could i keep something as important and wondeful as writing to you out of my mind.He will ripp my head off. As will...
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