Being this the first FOTM interview in this spot I want to thank each and everyone of you that voted! I want to thank Juliana_House for answering the message I sent her so quickly!
I hope you all enjoy this interview and I want to give congrats to Juliana_House for winning the pick:)

"I fell off my chair freaking out about it =D"

1. First of all, when and how did you find out about "Alice in Wonderland" Tim Burton's version?
I heard about it the day it was announced 3 years ago on (one of the best Johnny Depp websites ever), and I fell off my chair freaking out about it =D

2. Why did you first want to see the movie? (Because of an actor, the director, the story itself?)
Everything. I love Alice in Wonderland, I love Johnny Depp, I love Tim Burton, I love Stephen Fry, EVERYTHING.

3. What is your favourite (and why):

a) Character?
Tarrant Hightopp of course, because he's mad...much like myself.
b) Scene?
All of them! That's self explanitory.
c) Song from the soundtrack?
HOW CAN YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST ONE?? I love the whole soundtrack!
"HOW CAN YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST ONE?? I love the whole soundtrack! "

4. Which moment/scene is:

a)your favourite?
The whole movie.
b)the funniest?
"...Spoon." and Tarrant's Futterwacken! =D
c)the saddest?
"Fairfarren, Alice"

5. Do you ship any couple? (Alice&The Hatter, Stayne&The Red Queen, etc)
I'll say Alice/Hatter because...well thats just me.

6. Favourite friendship?
Alice and Tarrant. You can't beat that.

7. Who do you root for? White army or red army?
I love the Red Army more than the White because...well I love Evil/deformed/freaks, but I certainly don't root for them.

8. Did you wish that Alice would have stayed in Wonderland?
Yes AND no. She should have never left Tarrant the way she did, but she couldn't stay with him either.

9. Which is your favourite quote from the movie?
"Well then. Shall it be a bonnet or a boater? Or something for the boudoir? Cloche, Dunce hat, Death Cap, Coif, Snood, Barboosh, Pugree? Yarmulkuke, Corkle hat. Porkpipe, tant-o-Shanter, Billy Cork, Bicorn, Tricorn, Bandeau, Bongrace, Fantail, Nightcap, Gallabodi, FEZ!!"

10. Which character do you relate to more?
I relate strongly with Alice AND Tarrant. There are elements of both characters that are very close to me.
(I found this amazing fanart and it turned out to be yours! So... credit all for you) "I relate strongly with Alice AND Tarrant."

11. What would be the ideal ending for you?
This is a tough one...that Alice COULD stay in Underland with Tarrant. (Naturally, there would be more to it than that, but that's the jist of it) =D

Now... A little bit more about you!

12. Other favourite movies? TV shows? Music? (Why?)
I have SO many favorite movies it's not even funny. Here are just a few:
First off, Pirate of the Carribean is my life. I love any and ALL Johnny Depp movies, there's 'The Legend of 1900' (With Tim Roth), Repo! The Genetic Opera, Phantom of the Opera, any Batman movie with Mistah J (Joker) in it, and the list goes on. (Recently, my newest movie/character obsession is A Nightmare on Elm Street/Freddy Krueger. Naturally, it was going to happen anyway.)
TV Shows are much more...simpler. House MD, Lie to Me, LA Ink, The Big Bang Theory, and Batman: The Animated Series.
As for music, anything Classical, Victorian, Movie Scores, Celtic (CELTIC THUNDER - FTW!!), and anything just plain creepy. (American McGee's Alice Soundtrack, anyone?)

13. Do you believe that it's possible for Wonderland to exist?
Of course! I believe that Wonderland (Underland) is simply another name for your imagination.

14. Is the "Alice in Wonderland" spot your favourite? Why or why not?
This is an easy one. OF COURSE!!! Why? BECAUSE EVERYONE ON HERE ROCKS!! =D

To end:

15. Describe "Alice in Wonderland" in 3 words:
My. Favorite. Movie.

16. Do you have anything that you want to say related to "Alice in Wonderland" or anything else? (Feel free to say whatever you want)
I still can't believe I won! Thank you so much!! Every single one of you fans on here are just as mad about this movie as I am! You guys are the best!!
"Every single one of you fans on here are just as mad about this movie as I am!"