Alice in Wonderland (2010) Alice In Wonderland Roleplay!

Brooklyn_Helena posted on Feb 28, 2012 at 09:30PM
Here are the original characters (all of them I can remember at the top of my head):

Red Queen/Iracebeth- Brooklyn_Helena
Alice- deathroman13
Mad Hatter- RaiAcing
White Queen/Mirana- Rebecca_Orlando
McTwisp(White Rabbit)-
Cheshire Cat- horsefan17
(Other: specify who)-


Create your own character-has to have the following:
-Status(Good or Bad)
-Other Info You Want to Share


-Be nice.
-You can have up to 3 characters (only 1 original character per person) and you can fill in for someone if they are needed. But only fill in for them.
-Try to keep it in the story line.
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over a year ago RaiAcing said…
Mad Hatter: (turns to look at Iracebeth) "It's just that... this place brings back old memories, not all pretty." (he sits on the edge of the bed) "Iracebeth, can I ask you something? How do you do it? You live here, surrounded by these walls which hold so many things, both good and bad. Do you ever.. you know, remember?"
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: (she sits by his side, surrounded by her memories) Truthfully, I have no idea how I do it. I remember.. All the time.. It usually affects me pretty bad. I have to lock myself in a room by myself and let out the feelings.. But I just feel like I can't let it go, you know? Like it's permanently etched into my mind.
over a year ago RaiAcing said…
Mad Hatter: (A tear rolls down his cheek) "It hurts so much to remember what we've been through, but it is hard to get rid of them." (Hatter loses the fight in his mind and he sadly remembers that day, many years ago that he lost his family).
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: (she places her hand on the Hatter's shoulder) Yes.. It's just so sad... (a tear rolls down her cheek by remembering every bad thing she'd ever done and when she had lost her parents)
over a year ago RaiAcing said…
Mad Hatter: (Hatter takes a deep breath) "Enought dwelling on the past, we have a journey tommorow that we need to prepare for. Has Katrinia settled in?"
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: (calms herself down and sighs) Yes, she has. She really seems to like the castle.
over a year ago RaiAcing said…
Mad Hatter: "That's good to hear, so... what do you think we should bring on this trip? I think I have all the basics with me. Is there anything you or Katrinia might want or need?" (starts looking through his many pockets).
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: Oh thank you for reminding me! I hadn't even thought about it.. Couldn't we just figure it out tomorrow? I'm actually kind of tired.
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
Katrinia: (she finishes her sketch, folds it, and puts it in her pocket. For no apparent reason, she giggles.) Teehee.
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: Tarrant, I'm afraid I must be going now.. Good night (she smiles slightly and heads to her room at the top of the castle)
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
Katrinia: (she hums 'This is Halloween' while braiding her hair.)
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: (She sits at her vanity and undoes her curly, heart shaped hair and pulls it all to one side of her face. She hums "Dark Blue" and looks at a small picture album she had hidden somewhere in her room)
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
Katrinia: (she looks down at her nails to make sure her manicure wasn't chipped. When she sees them looking almost better, she smiles. She takes her phone out of her pocket and is surprised to see that she has pretty good reception. She plays 'Angry Birds" for a long time.)
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
[I love angry birds! xD] *NEXT MORNING* Iracebeth: (she sits at a long table, signing tons of papers) Iracebeth of Crims, Iracebeth Proserpina Jules Crims, (she turns to a frog) how many more papers are there, Izzy?
Frog/Izzy: (picks up a small stack of papers) This many, my Lady.
Iracebeth: Thank you Izzy. (she goes back to signing "Iracebeth of Crims" and "Iracebeth Proserpina Jules Crims")
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over a year ago sparkles3 said…
Katrinia: (she walks into the room Ircabeth is in, rubbing her eyes) Wassup?
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: (she sits up straight up in her dining room chair and sits down her pen) Good morning Katrinia. I was just signing papers. How was your night in the castle?
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
Katrinia: (she smiles) It was awesomely cool.
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
Iracebeth: (she smiles back) Thank you. Would you like a seat? (she whistles and another frog comes up and pulls out a chair for Katrinia to sit in and comes back a second later with a tray of breakfast) Thank you, Trevor. (she passes him something and he leaves) [Harry Potter reference xD]
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
[i'm laughing at the moment] Katrinia: (she sits down) Thanks.
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
[Why? xD] Iracebeth: [she's British, she doesn't like girls. just thought I'd let you know before I type this..] You're welcome, dear. Have you heard from Tarrant this morning? (she continues to write)
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
[something Gabi said: I'm n touch with my inner monkey, he wanna fling some poo.] Katrinia: Nope. (starts to text her BFF, Lauren)
over a year ago RaiAcing said…
Mad Hatter: (stumbles into room) "Sorry I'm late, I sleep in, then got lost since I was still half asleep. Good morning Katrinia, did you sleep well?"
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
[lol! I'm laughing now!] Iracebeth: Oh.. *she writes her name on one last piece of parchment/paper* Do you need anything for the trip to my sister's castle? (This is a picture of the last thing she replied to. This isn't what she wrote, but I shall post that next.)
[lol! I'm laughing now!] Iracebeth: Oh.. *she writes her name on one last piece of parchment/paper* D
over a year ago Brooklyn_Helena said…
(Here's what she replied. It took me a while to think what she'd say..)
(Here's what she replied. It took me a while to think what she'd say..)
over a year ago sparkles3 said…
Katrinia: (she nods) Yep. (she looks back down at her phone and starts laughing) I can't believe she said that!!!