Alice in Wonderland (2010) Alice In Wonderland Roleplay!

Brooklyn_Helena posted on Feb 28, 2012 at 09:30PM
Here are the original characters (all of them I can remember at the top of my head):

Red Queen/Iracebeth- Brooklyn_Helena
Alice- deathroman13
Mad Hatter- RaiAcing
White Queen/Mirana- Rebecca_Orlando
McTwisp(White Rabbit)-
Cheshire Cat- horsefan17
(Other: specify who)-


Create your own character-has to have the following:
-Status(Good or Bad)
-Other Info You Want to Share


-Be nice.
-You can have up to 3 characters (only 1 original character per person) and you can fill in for someone if they are needed. But only fill in for them.
-Try to keep it in the story line.
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