Monday February 14:

Annie reaches her final breaking point.

Ryan is shocked to learn Madison is pregnant.

The wedding continues.

Tuesday February 15:

Ryan freaks out when he realizes Emma is missing.

David tells Liza he has turned over a new leaf.

Asher tries to pursue Colby but she makes things difficult.

Wednesday February 16:

Bianca makes a decision about Reese.

Cara confronts Griffin about his feelings for Kendall.

In the hopes of getting closer to his son, Caleb asks Asher to move in.

Thursday February 17:

Tad informs Jake of the danger Cara faces if she goes back to Doctors Without Borders.

Ricky consoles Kendall and they share a kiss.

Scott and Madison discuss whether or not he will maintain the lie about her baby.

Friday February 18:

Tad sets a fake funeral in motion.

Cara is taken away by two men in suits.

Ricky admits his feelings to Kendall.

Coming up, which includes previews from ABC, SOD and SOW:

Someone betrays Kendall.

Scott claims Madison's baby as his own.

Ryan and Greenlee are married.

Annie kidnaps Emma, with the assistance of a fellow Pine Valley resident.

Tad takes steps to save Cara after the danger from her past returns.

Ricky is in cahoots with someone connected to Zach's death.

Marissa figures out what JR has really been up to.

Ryan and Jesse search for Emma.

Amanda calls the INS on Cara.

Erica decides to step down from Cortlandt Electronics.

Kendall gets a message from Zach.

The search is on for Annie.

Marissa agrees to help rehabilitate David.

Amanda confesses to Tad.

Madison turns to the bank of Greenlee.