A: Do we HAVE TO?
s: yes we do.
A: *sighs* ok, ill play Simon Says.....
P: im so excited!
A: So.. whos Simon?
P: ooh! Can i be simon, guys? PLEASE?!
S: *looks at others*
K: *looks at Skipper and nods*
S: Okay Private, Your-
P: Hooray! *runs to front of the room* Simon says to turn around!
Everyone: *turns around*
P: Put your flipper on your head.
E: *stands completly still*
P: hehe. Simon says say Hi to everyone on your right.
E: *Says hi to the penguin on their right*
A: *mutters to Skipper* I told you we should've played kareoke but noo. Skipper just had to play simon says for Private...
S: OK you were right..
A: Told you So!
S: No you didnt!
a: yes i did..
S: no you.. *looks atound and sees everyone staring at them wierdly* uh.. nevermind that..
K: O....kay???? You do know we could hear the entire conversation.. right?
A: uh... yeah..
S: of corse we did,, we totally knew that..
P:ok.. anyways.. Touch your beak
S: *touches beak* OH! darn....... *sits down*
P: haha! gotcha Skippa!
S: -.-
P: on with the game though... Uh.. Simon Says cover your ears
E: *covers their ears*
p: simon says to put one flipper on your head and one flipper on your back
A: thats a wierd simon says saying but ok...
e: *puts one flipper onntheir back and one flipper on their head*
R: hgjdkvhfjnfvjf....
A: yeah me too...
K: Agreed. Im getting really bored too rico...
R: hghfjfif.. fjuvvghkvjvjfvufjfj !!!kfjcj!?
S: oh good idea Rico.. we'll all need some snowcones on the way outside...
All (except for Private) *walk out and leave private standing all alone in kowalskis lab*
p: hello? Anybody??
K: so are we all just going to leave private in there alone?
S: Well, he'll be in there until he comes out or someone gets him.. somin other words, until Ally gets him out of there...
A: *sighs* i'll better get him now before he cries......