S: SO.. What now?

P: I really don’t know Skipper. Usually you’re the one to decide that for us.. You are the boss you know.

S: True, but still. Anyone wanna play a game?

P: OOH! Simon Says!

S: Rico? Your game?

R: UUUUUUUUUm……………………………….......... Ljfgfgjdbgfngf?!!?

S: Rico? Playing “Would You Rather?” ? No way..

R: jsalfnsljdnfds! Asdnfgksld!

P: Oh you like that game now? Me too!

S: ME three! I Love that game. Would you rather play would you rather or play Simon says?

P: Hmm..

R: kdsfkdsf !

S: Would you Rather with one point!

P: I’d play Simon Says.

S: Still? So its all up to me..

P: ooh. Goodie! Please pick Simon Says, please pick Simon Says, Please pick Simon Says..

S: Hmm..

P: Please pick Simon Says…

S: Would you rather.

P: AW! Darn!

~ K: HM.. Okay? But never mind that..

A: *snaps out of it again* Oh sorry guys, just.. Day dreaming I guess.. Really random sometimes.

J: HM… Interesting. Well, Anyways, Wonder what the others are doing?

K: Hm.. Lets go cheak..

J: Hm.. I guess we will

J*K: *go to penguin habitat to see what others are doing*

A: Wait whats with the “hm”? *runs after them* Hey wait up!

K and J: *Just entering*

K: Hi guys.

S: Oh Hi Kowalski. Hi Jenn

P: Hi Guys!

R: Hi!

A: *out of breath and just coming up behind Kowalski and Jenn* Hi Guys….

S: Hey Ally

R: Hi!

P: Oh Hello Ally.

S: Hm, Getting late. Wanna play inside?

P: Sure Skipper!

R: Yup!

S: You guys wanna join? We got room.

A: Whatcha playin Skipper?

S: Would you rather.. Its super fun. Come on!

Everyone: *go inside and sit around the board game*

K: Oh! I love this game!

A: Me too!

J: Me three!

S: Lets play!!