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The fans pick: Salty
The fans pick: Humphrey's past is revealed as a more powerful pack emerges and targets Humphrey.
Humphrey's past is revealed as a more powerful pack emerges and targets Humphrey.
Humphrey and Kate take their pups on a vacation and run into trouble with King
The fans pick: Hell yes!
Hell yes!
No way.
The fans pick: yea
The fans pick: Daria
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LorMel said …
400 fans!! :D Posted 1 hour ago
Alphawolfkate12 commented…
good for u lormel how are u :) 30 minutes ago
shadowxsonicd24 commented…
Cause you're awesome like that! 20 minutes ago
wwwarea said …
To be honest, I am sick of certain A&O fans attacking other movies based off personal dislike (Like Oz for example). It's bias and unfair just like the haters of the A&O movie.. I'm sorry but I'm sorry but.. saying that "A kids movie is bad" because you think it's stupid, isn't a good valuable reason. Instead, it's bias, just like the A&O haters (Or most?) Not trying to start a fight, but I think it was good to bring this up. >_> Posted 10 hours ago
MojoOmegaWolf commented…
Unfortunately, though, people don't need to see a good reason to hate something in order to hate it. 10 hours ago
MojoOmegaWolf commented…
And a lot of it comes from the opinions of many others. Take Nickelback as a fine example. Nickelback is a decent band, yet they are renowned as one of the most hated bands in history. And if you ask somebody why, they'll shrug and say they don't know, but the real reason is because everybody else hates them. 10 hours ago
wwwarea commented…
I mean for those who don't want to argue for your reasons, that's fine I mean but some people are different too. xD 9 hours ago
Kitsune32 said …
Fun fact: Ben Diskin and Kate Higgins previously worked together in three other times. In the Stitch Anime, Tenkai Knights and Naruto. They are also gonna be in the ViZ dub of Sailor Moon. Posted 14 hours ago