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The fans pick: Candy and Sweets
The fans pick: Both!
The fans pick: Kate+Humphrey
Kate+ Humphrey
Garth+ Lilly
The fans pick: Lucille him
The fans pick: Everything about the sequels!
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TimberHumphrey said …
"yeah, you didn't know papa was a rolling stone, did ya?"
Humphrey, how do YOU know who The Rolling Stones are? Posted 8 hours ago
Shadow1997 commented…
Why does it matter? 6 hours ago
SentinelPrime89 commented…
Think it's safe to assume they know everything from Christmas to music. 6 hours ago
TheRealHumphrey said …
Anyone up to chat? Getting alittle bored and lonely. Guy or girl will work. Hit me up on message :) Posted 12 hours ago
Angelpup101 said …
Made a Daria club because she didn't have one. Daria (Alpha and Omega series). Or you might want to jion my club a club about me Angel from Lady and the Tramp 2 it's the same name as me. :) Posted 2 days ago