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TimberHumphrey said …
for the worst animated TV shows i've ever seen, Teen Titans GO is up there, with Breadwinners, The Problems Solverz, Pickle and Peanut, Almost Naked Animals etc Posted 1 day ago
Shadow1997 commented…
Uncle grandpa, Teen titans go, Clarence, Pickle and peanut. Are the worst shows I ever seen. 23 hours ago
SentinelPrime89 commented…
Oh my God, Clarence is worse. 15 hours ago
Shadow1997 commented…
Kids today are just plain stupid 13 hours ago
Chidori1334 commented…
Teen Titans Go, Powerpuff Girls reboot, Ben 10 reboot, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs series, Clarence, & Adventure Time for me that those are horrible especially Teen Titans Go & Powerpuff Girls the most that they suck balls 2 hours ago
SentinelPrime89 said …
I just noticed this. Alpha And Omega is one of the only canine-centric animated movie not to have it's own end credits song.

Balto- Reach For The Light

Balto 2- Taking You Home

All Dogs Go To Heaven- Hallelujah "different song"

All Dogs Go To Heaven 2- I Will Always Be With You Posted 1 day ago
TimberHumphrey commented…
wonder why they didn't choose a song for A&O 1 day ago
SentinelPrime89 said …
I hate Teen Titans GO Posted 1 day ago
Shadow1997 commented…
Hate isn't a strong enough word for the way I feel about it 1 day ago
ben15delas commented…
The only thing worse than that show was The Problem Solverz. Ugly animation, horrible voice acting and terrible jokes. The worst animted cartoon in history. They looked like they were drawn in pain by a 5 year old. I'd rather watch the A&O sequels than then Problem Solverz. 1 day ago
Chidori1334 commented…
We should make numerous petitions to demand them to cancel that & cancel Powerpuff Girls, they got way to far destroying everyones childhoods 2 hours ago