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The fans pick: kate
The fans pick: Yes
Like I said, it doesn't matter...
The fans pick: Of Course!
Of Course!
The fans pick: sad and depressed
sad and depressed
The fans pick: wellit better be real
wellit better be real
if it is fake and somebody made it up i going to be so mad
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Kishin_Kira said …
So I do have to admit, I DO troll, i'm a gun game troll XD (Knife only Lelz) Posted 1 hour ago
Kishin_Kira commented… 1 hour ago
Kishin_Kira commented…
I get reactions like this all the time XD 1 hour ago
DancingHumphrey commented…
Hmm did you get my reply? Not sure if you got it or not. I still want to make some deal completly though. Not sure if I'm bothering you or not, but I'm wanting to make sure you got it. xD 1 hour ago
SanaliWolfofLuv said …
Hows every one? Im watching Some Youtube videos, XD Posted 2 hours ago
MojoOmegaWolf commented…
Chillin with the girlfriend 1 hour ago
pablopj commented…
wait a minute... aren't you 14, you pay for gas, do you drive or something 1 minute ago
pablopj commented…
ohhhhh, a pop, wow, i feel dumb 1 minute ago
DancingHumphrey said …
I think I'm taking a little break. I didn't read any possible replies from that unfair hypocrisy of JCI though, as he claims I'm "wrong" to prove sources or whatever but here is one interesting tip. If you see me fight in some places, like with Mojo for example.. I like to suggest this if you don't want the board to be uptight and crazy: IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE IGSDKJFHSDFKH. :D Posted 2 hours ago
MojoOmegaWolf commented…
Or... you could just leave me alone... How does that sound? 1 hour ago
DancingHumphrey commented…
If you at least be more respectful towards works, maybe so.. Honestly, I never made an article trying to get rid of you, or anything like that. What you did to me was very hurtful, and in poor taste. And was against the rules like in a really bad way. I believed I did not start the drama by wanting to address rude behavior. "Hitting the person first starts a fight, as I can understand the effects of it. Sorry.. 1 hour ago
DancingHumphrey commented…
Maybe I talked about you too far, and I might of mistaken the against part (Your comment was a bit unclear on that part it's self), but I believe posting stuff not intended towards you was offensive (according to what I read) to other people, and I can see many poeple understand this too over here 1 hour ago
DancingHumphrey commented…
Maybe if you be more respectul in the future or something, then people won't ram there opinions back... 1 hour ago