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AO4 Activity Sheet
Critic Logic in a Nutshell
Alpha and Omega triple pack
UK gets a slightly different cover (AO4)
A&O 2 (with critic reviews)
Runt vs The Spirit
The Pups (AO4)
Kate and Humphrey (AO4)
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The fans pick: fuck no! ElectricDragon can go fuck himself!
fuck no! Electric- Dragon can go...
yeah, Alpha and Omega was a...
The fans pick: Of Course! We are Wolves.
Of Course! We are Wolves.
I'm Shy to do it.
The fans pick: Wolf
I'm only a wolf from the heart
The fans pick: Kate
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Alpha and Omega Wall

TheChriZ1995 said …
One thing that bugs me is when people judge movies and shows they've never even watched. I mean come on, how does that work? If someone has watched this movie they can complain all they want about it, I don't care, at least they have actually seen it. But when someone hasn't seen it and goes on about how it's bad, their argument just become invalid and plain annoying in my opinion. And this can be applied to anything too, not just this movie. Anyone else feel the same? Posted 1 hour ago
TimberHumphrey said …
i'd love it if any of the stupid ass critics who said the first A&O was "bad" to explain to me HOW was it bad. critics suck these days! they always want a movie to be perfect and that pisses me off Posted 2 hours ago
CoolWolf471554 said …
Today's My Last Day of Freedom. See you later My Fellow Wolves. I Mean Everyone's Started School. I guess I've walked into that Trap Now. See you later Guys. Hope this Works Out. Peace! Posted 5 hours ago
CheetahGirl5147 commented…
Peace! 4 hours ago
CheetahGirl5147 commented…
Oh yea good juck 3 hours ago
CoolWolf471554 commented…
No one Else is here. GTG Guys. 2 hours ago