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Hunter Pence A&O Sign
Thought this might crack people up
Sexy Kate Icon
witch kate
A&O4 Ad Wish
ready for our date?
My favorite artwork I've done.
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The fans pick: no, not even one bit
no, not even one bit
yeah, the movie was bad
The fans pick: no, i didn't see any
no, i didn't see any
yea, it was full of them
The fans pick: they're the best
they're the best
they suck
The fans pick: RuntxDaria
RuntxPr- incess
The fans pick: yes
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Kitsune32 said …
Would make a cuter couple: Floyd and Fran or Floyd and Frieda? Posted 14 hours ago
BlondLionEzel commented…
I personally like the think that the Valley Girls are Floyd's children 10 hours ago
MojoOmegaWolf said …
I like a story with tragedy, because unfortunately it happens every day without warning and without reason. Posted 15 hours ago
Silver_Alpha commented…
True, tragedy is all around us. It's what we have to live through that makes us stronger. It's how we learn that life isn't what we thought it was because tragedy soaked the earth, and it will never leave. 11 hours ago
LoneOmega commented…
That's really deep...and it's also the truth 7 hours ago
MojoOmegaWolf commented…
@Silver_Alpha: Well stated, friend. 5 hours ago
wwwarea said …
I wonder.. Is anyone here a Night Owl too? Heard it can be part of genes, I my self may be one (I sleep during the day a lot), and man I hate it sometimes. LOL

Even when I "reverse it" by a trick, I automatically go back to staying up late, and end up waking up late.. Posted 1 day ago
Kitsune32 commented…
Try to stay awake during the day and maybe you might go sleep normally. It make some time for it to work. 20 hours ago
LoneOmega commented…
I sleep late everyday, is that what you mean by a night owl ? 14 hours ago
wwwarea commented…
A Night Owl are people who stay up late, or maybe stay up all night till day rise. It mainly started when I was 8, often waking up at 12 -1 -2 PM, now it's like much later. xD 11 hours ago