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Yesss ! I&# 39; ve been waiting !
NO 8 Is enough !!
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Brent and Agnes
Marcel and Paddy
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SentinelPrime89 said …
I expect Alpha And Omega 8 to get either a May or August release. I know it's not coming during the summer because no real profit will be made with all the summer blockbusters around. And each Alpha & Omega including Dino Digs has made good profit. Posted 6 hours ago
TimberHumphrey commented…
but i'm pretty sure Dino Digs wasn't a hit (not even close) 6 hours ago
Wolfire14 commented…
I think it will come on July or September 5 hours ago
SentinelPrime89 commented…
Dino Digs wasn't a hit, but it made profits. Anytime someone rents or buys it on iTunes or picks up a DVD, that's good enough for Lionsgate and Splash. 4 hours ago
Faze_Booce said …
Im surprised this club is still going lol Posted 9 hours ago
TimberHumphrey said …
keeping my expectations super low for Transformers 5: The Last Knight. i gave up on this franchise a long time ago. Revenge of the Fallen was one of the worst action movies i've ever seen, Age of Extinction was god awful, Dark of the Moon might be the better sequel, but it was still pretty bad. so yeah, i have no faith in that franchise anymore. i just know The Last Knight's gonna be awful Posted 13 hours ago
TimberHumphrey commented…
so overall, it'll take a miracle from god to make me like The Last Knight, and i'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen 13 hours ago
Shadow1997 commented…
What the hell was wrong with them? They where all good??? 11 hours ago
TimberHumphrey commented…
racist jokes, too much focus on the humans, awful writing etc 11 hours ago