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TimberHumphrey said …
keep the trailers for The Last Knight coming, Michael Bay. but there's no way you're gonna make me pumped for it. i just know it's gonna be another shitty sequel Posted 1 hour ago
TimberHumphrey said …
one of the things that made A&O 4 a solid sequel: it's character-driven. that means, instead of wasting its time on being stupid and obnoxious, it actually takes its time to tell a decent story, develop the characters, introduce great new characters (Daria) and it's not afraid to have darker and more mature themes. is it perfect? hell no, it still has some problems here and there. but A&O 4 genuinely was something they cared about when they made it Posted 12 hours ago
TimberHumphrey said …
i'm gonna get so much hate for saying this, but i honestly think Floyd's a better character than Stinky, cause he's relevant to the plot Posted 1 day ago
Shadow1997 commented…
I ome what agree XD 1 day ago
shawnroberts commented…
True 20 hours ago