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I actually like these kind of art styles
Happy Halloween from Kate!
Grown Up Claudette
Daria from Alpha and Omega 4
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The fans pick: King and Head Wolf
King and Head Wolf
All three!
The fans pick: King
The fans pick: Yes I saw it in the cinema
Yes I saw it in the cinema
Nope, but I might get it for...
The fans pick: Nope, it has a different storyline
Nope, it has a different storyline
I havent seen Balto so I dont...
The fans pick: Kate
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5 fans have answered this question
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trueshadowwolf said …
Hey, I was just wondering but would someone like me to do a furry or wolf drawing request? I'm just asking because I wanted to see if I could do someone a request. I never done requests before but I'm just giving it a try. Posted 1 hour ago
trueshadowwolf commented…
But what I can say is I've been drawing wolves for 4 years and furries for like a year now. If that's good enough 1 hour ago
trueshadowwolf commented…
But just to say my art style can sometimes be dark sometimes silly so yea 1 hour ago
JettAlpha said …
As of right now this war between the fanpop club and wwwarea is over. I dont care what happens or who says what. Someone's gotta end it somewhere. Heres whats gonna happen. You have a problem with someone or a post, work it out between you and the user. If you are going to criticize, be polite. Look, all I'm really asking is that we just drop it and move on. And honestly, wwwarea, if you can't agree to this, well, this club won't be worth staying in. I am extremely close to removing my account. Posted 2 hours ago
wwwarea commented…
Well the message you say isn't an official thing, but I have to say though, if you didn't say anything about me and LillyOmega2 earlier, I don't think this blown out war would of happened recently. 1 hour ago
wwwarea said …
JettAlpha needs to start acting matured. If he was matured, then he wouldn't post that picture, uses troll terms, call some christian a "fag", not be "butthurt" over criticism, disrespect freedom of criticism, goes against users and say "no one cares", flags my stuff because he hates it<< Guess, and much more..

That's my argument. Take it or leave it. Posted 3 hours ago
wwwarea commented…
Oh good, they took the picture down. Thanks Fanpop. 3 hours ago
JettAlpha commented…
No I deleted it. And can you give it a rest already? Im done fighting with you and you keep calling me out. Shut up for once. 2 hours ago
JettAlpha commented…
And I didn't flag your stuff dude.... what are you just gonna report me until my account gets deleted like lilly? And I do respect criticism, but my problem with you is your too damn agressive. If you dont like someone/something, you attack it and claim its freedom of speech. Well, what you may find offensive, may not be offensive to a majority of the club you are in. In that case, its best to move on and deal with it. Now if its the other way around, thats another issue. Do you get what im saying? 2 hours ago
wwwarea commented…
OK, you didn't flag it, and I don't flag people out of guess. "you attack it and claim its freedom of speech.", Well, what is "feedom of speech" to you? All I did was critized, and my picture I uploaded was part of it.. I feel more attacked for it being taken down by force because someone disagreed with it. 1 hour ago