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Alpha (Ruby) and Omega (Sapphire)
A&O 2 cover
alpha and omega
alpha and  omega kate
alpha and omega
alpha and omega
alpha and omega
alpha and omega
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Kitsune32 said …
Does anyone know what this means: inb4sexhaters? Posted 1 hour ago
Kitsune32 commented…
Just uploaded Chapter 36 by the way 1 hour ago
Garth115 said …
Hey evreyone, what's going on in your day today? Posted 2 hours ago
Kitsune32 commented…
Nothing much just finishing up my latest chapter. 2 hours ago
Canada24 commented…
Nothing 1 hour ago
Canada24 commented…
. 1 hour ago
nicker11500 commented…
school, drama in Fanpop... and that is all 1 hour ago
Unknown38228 said …
GUESS WHO'S BACK. Posted 3 hours ago
BlondLionEzel commented…
Who? 3 hours ago
nicker11500 commented…
*speaks to self* Hmm if only... 1 hour ago
CoolWolf471554 commented…
Uh? 35 minutes ago