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TimberHumphrey said …
outta all the animated movies Lionsgate's ever done, i'd say the first A&O movie and the MLP movie are their best. everything else.... forget about it Posted 11 hours ago
GreyFox99 said …
You know maybe Amy's character could've worked better if she was instead a clone of somekind like in Jurassic Park. Posted 17 hours ago
HumphreyWolfMan commented…
If you mean act like a realism dinosaur then that would be kinda strange for the movie since most of the characters act like personal characters. 10 minutes ago
GreyFox99 said …
I don't know if this has been said but the pups were pretty bad role models when you consider how disrespectful they were towards their parents. Posted 23 hours ago
QueenWhiskey commented…
That Is True 21 hours ago
GreyFox99 commented…
You get the sense they were characters that were used to pander to younger audiences s 21 hours ago
QueenWhiskey commented…
I got the sense they just wanted a Quick buck 20 hours ago
TimberHumphrey commented…
well, they started off okay, but then they just kept getting worse and worse with every sequel 11 hours ago