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Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted 1 day ago
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Warning this contains written innapropriance for peoples under 13.

Kate was just getting back from bathing in the stream. Humphrey was surprised to see her hair layed back, with a violot rose stuck in it. She was swinging it back and forth trying to get the rose in the right position. "Hey, Kate. Looking good." Kate smiled. "Thanks." She looked a bit off though. Something was bothering her. She looked up. "What is it Kate? Whats bothering you?" "I-i c-can't say..." "Well you know you can tell me anything, right?" "I know." Humphrey had to know. Whatever was bothering her made HIM go nuts. "I want to have a family, Humphrey." He looked shocked. "You have a family! Me! And mom and dad!" She blushed through her tan pelt. "No, Humphrey. I mean I want pups." Humphrey's eyes widened. "You know all you had to do was tell me. Now we can keep this idea private, or go asking mom and dad if they think its a good idea." "No. I want to keep it private untill it is official that I am pregnant." "Sure. If it is your wish." I would do anything for you." "How should we start? It is our first you know. And lets do this maturely. "We will. Lets start by kissing." They starting...
Fan fiction by TheChriZ1995 posted 1 day ago
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Summary: Kate made it back to Jasper in time to stop the packs from starting a war, which is what she wanted the most. Now she's set on marring Garth and uniting the packs to keep the peace. All should be well but there's one thing that she just can't get her mind off of...

A/N: This is another song inspired one shot, this time featuring "Changes", an electronic track by Eminence & RedMoon. Listening to it is optional of course, enjoy.

It was just past midnight in Jasper Park, the moon shined above and a few clouds passed by in complete silence as the western pack slept. It was a typical quiet night for all but one wolf in particular, Kate. She had just recently returned from a long and difficult journey to get back home after being relocated elsewhere. She didn't do it alone though, one of her old friends from puppyhood was taken with her and through teamwork they managed to escape many dangerous situations along the way. Luckily they made it back safely, and just in time too. The western and eastern packs were on the verge of fighting due to her disappearance...
Fan fiction by Kitsune32 posted 3 days ago
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Here's Part 3 of the story arc. Also can someone PM me ways to contact Humphrey164/ Humphrey13. Enjoy.

King's POV

I opened my as some sunlight hit my face. Looking at the entrance of the den, I noticed the two wolves guarding talking to each other and saw that the sun was already out.

Much to my relieve, my body was healing really fast thanks to the leaves. I could move my body, though I still had to walk with a limp.

When I got up, the wolf guards turned around and noticed that I was up.

"You're finally awake," the tan one said. "You'll be given scraps to eat in an hour."

I was a bit distraught that I was only going to eat leftovers, I guess it's better than starving. So I decided to lay down and wait till I'm able to eat.

An hour had passed when a wolf came by to drop off my breakfast. If you can even call it that.

My meal consisted of half-eaten pieces of caribou, some of berries with at least two already bitten and some dead birds and rats.