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Opinion by DancingHumphrey posted 2 hours ago
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Before anyone reads, I don't think I'm fighting with Jett, I won't mention him in here other than this note to make things clear first.

I'm glad the fight is very tamed down.

But I still want to let people know that it takes one person to trigger a fight. But of course, you need two people to have one, but while there is two people: "Hitting the person first" is what causes problems.

I still believe that Mojo has caused a lot of problems and is very wrong on many of the things he said about me, especially his crap about how I was 'raised'. That was very offensive of him. Sorry but it really was.

He was the person who caused almost every active fan to turn against me and promote harassment. It made me feel like I was banished, and I'm sorry MojoOmegaWolf, but I cannot forgive or forget you for that.

Things like that creates drama and that was bad. Even many people from DA knows this.
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted 3 hours ago
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Humphrey just stared at Kate mating with a different wolf. He was heartbroken to no return, he was so confused on why Kate would do this. He stood there for a minute just watching them mate and hearing Kate yell for the wolf to go deeper, faster, and harder. After a minute he took off russling the bush as he turned to run. The two wolfs stopped mating for a second just standing there looking at where the sound came from.

"What was that?" Kate asked

"I don't know, maybe it was just a squirrel." the wolf replied

"Yea I guess your right" Kate replied licking the wolf above her.

"So shall we continue my love" the wolf asked happily

"Of course we can, give me all you've got BIG boy" Kate replied with a super cute voice.

"I love you Kate" the wolf said

"I love you too Kyle" Kate replied as they continued to mate.

Humphrey was running as fast as he could, tears were falling from his cheeks as he ran from the scene. (Has Kate been doing this the whole time... Wait a minute last night I remember her hair was all tangled...) Humphrey couldn't believe he didn't notice it....
Fan fiction by Rockowolf123 posted 4 hours ago
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It was months after runts uncle died
He was still depressed
But he had to go out again
To assassinate general Mon sue no
"Why don't you tell stinky your secret" Claudette asked
"It would not be a secret then now would it" Runt replied
"Are you OK" Claudette asked
"I miss him sis he was my best friend" runt replied
" I do to,I will see you later brother" Claudette said
"Maybe" runt replied
*moments later*
Runt found him self running through a tower
And he finally found his target
"You are brave" the man said
"But you can't kill me" he added
"I beg to fucking differ" runt replied
As runt ran at him
He was knocked down with a gun pointed at him
"End of the line wol...aaaagh" the general fell
With a new white figure over him
"Looks like you still need me" Rocko said
"Holy shit" was all runt could say
"Let's go" Rocko said
As they escaped