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Guide by Fanpop posted 2 days ago
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This club has caused more problems here at Fanpop HQ than all other clubs combined. That is not an exaggeration.

We've lifetime-banned several of the most troublesome users and deleted all of their content. In other words, there is no coming back for them. All their contributions are gone.

"But Fanpop, how can I avoid getting banned? I'm just a nice, honest A&O fan!"

Good question, my canine-loving friend.

If someone picks a fight with you, DO NOT RESPOND, and immediately report it, and make sure you link to or quote the offending content. We absolutely need all the details. If you simply report the user without providing evidence, no action will be taken against them.

Also, we're talking about personal attacks, not normal human interactions.

A fan writes: "You suck and yo mamma sucks" ->You report them->Troll banned for life->You helped Fanpop terminate a troll and made A&O a better place!
Fan fiction by Slydog900 posted 2 days ago
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It was two years ago before met the whole pack in jasper park in alberta canada. Was looking for a new home outside of Jasper park. Many days has passed and have had not found new home. Sly just went inside in an old banneded cabin and slept there for the night. By next morning he woked up and went looking for food, however he managed to get a few mice and ate them.

A year later he yet finds no such luck finding a home and then he sees a billboard that says " Welcome to Jasper Park." He looked puzzled and said " hey this may be my only chance to find my new home and maybe some new friends". He started running down hill and into a trail and kept on going. Continued following it and finally reaches top of the hill and sees nice view of all Jasper park.

Another year has passed and found his new home in Jasper he finds a hill and he started making his den, then hears a cracking sounds. Sly just stayed still and not moved, looked at where the sound was coming from and shadow beings running toward him as sly can see he saw other wolves hitting towards him. shaked in fear and gluped , as they slowly creeped closer and closer.
Opinion by 10noomnogard posted 2 days ago
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Chapter 1: Nature Calls

The hypnotic call of the crickets was slowly swept away as the sweet song of the early bird began to fill the air of the park in the company of Spring's sun, which signaled to all of its creatures that the time had come to start the day anew.

Light crept slowly across the land, beating back the shadows of the night and forcing them to retreat into the deepest holes where they would hide until their nightly master freed them once more from the tyranny of the sun, and as the light spread, the song of the early bird was joined by a vast chorus of chirps and calls which let all who could hear know that it was a great day to be alive.

But Kate wouldn't believe it even if she could understand what they were saying, as that morning she was suddenly blasted by an excruciating pain in her stomach, one which was so intense that it caused her to wake with a start.

"Oh!" she cried as she jerked herself free from her mate's grasp and held her stomach.