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Opinion by wwwarea posted 2 hours ago
fan of it?
That's the guidelines, may update it!
This is not official rules, it is a suggestion or else face the punishment from..... Nature!
Nature is what happens around you.. People possibly going in and causing trouble and all..

Hey there, and this is the "Freedom for All" guy.

First of all, when someone speaks an "opinion" about something, it can be argued... The only opinion that can't be argued (or much, don't know) is personal like or dislike.

Debating is important; when someone posts something that can promote intolerance, then I find it fair to stand up against it. Or if someone posts something that is incorrect on what something mean, then it can be fair to argue that..

And possibly more.

If you don't want to fight, then don't say anything in the first place.

So here is the best way to deal with having a healthy group and not have "drama" take over at the same time..
Opinion by wwwarea posted 4 hours ago
fan of it?
While tehrealkatewolf is being a jerk again and acting more bigoted than I thought, I have one first thing to say again.

-_-_-_-_-_-The Hind Standing Issue-_-_-_-_-_-

Perhaps I don't know if people are as open and responsible around other people's likes.
But here, I will say this: I never forced anyone to like it.
If you don't like it, then that's great to you, but you have to understand something, and that understanding relies on the fact that other people liked it and that some other people find it necessary for why they love the characters.

And for something to be a real legit flaw, it's about finding errors involving stuff that they purposely did. The leg hind dancing scene was just a style scene like Frozen with it's singing. I hate the singing but I know it's not a real error. It's just something I'm not into, that's it.

My real problem was how people seem to blame that because of haters.. Even though there is no evidence, I just wanted to argue that we should blame the haters for choosing to hate on other people's different likes.
Opinion by wwwarea posted 2 days ago
fan of it?
I'm probably going to get banned soon because I'm sure haters had already flagged me for no good reason.

First of all, Jett started this whole fight again I think, and sadly pretends to think he's "cool" with his whole abusive, immature off-topic posting just to piss me off. He reminds me of that Tuxxy brony brat who likes to talk crap about people's blog because it argues against something he/she likes.


And my Message to LillyOmega2 Sorry your account got banned, but I'm not sorry for how I felt about you flagging something because you were "offended". Criticism may offend others but that doesn't make it right to forcefully take it down.

That's why I reported you with the idea of "legit" in mind..
---- On the other hand, even though you probably hate me a lot now, I honestly feel sad that your account went like this.. I actually hope you find a way back. I ask for something from the universe, but I don't think this is what I wanted God. I don't think it was God..