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Opinion by Wolf_Tamer posted 23 hours ago
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Yes as the title implies, some people are starting to have doubts about whether the 5th addition to Alpha and Omega is actually going to be released. Well I know it's going to come out (when I don't know) but here are some possible reasons:
One reason could be that the company wants to keep things secretive to surprise the audience. Take for instance Nintendo and the game Zelda Wii U(not final name) that's expected to be released this year. They have only posted one real trailer and 4 screenshots from said trailer in the four-year development cycle. This shows that they really want to surprise the audience.
Another possible reason could be that the movie could be a full feature film. If anybody saw the behind the scenes from the disc you would know the first movie took 5 years to complete approximately. The company could actually be taking their time to make the movie as good as possible.
One last reason could be the lack of manpower. As you most likely know, making an animated movie is harder than an acting movie because everything has to come from the mind of someone to the big (or small) screen. Although this reason could be a bit lax and hard-to-believe...
Fan fiction by skyrim2244 posted 1 day ago
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It was close to sunset when Daria arrived. Winston was waiting patiently for her arrival. Winstons cabe reeked of fresh caribou and flowers fresh picked from the field. He did this so Daria could smell her way to the cave. She walked in silently and stealthily. Winston then rose up and greeted her. He asked her how she was doing and how her life has been she she left saw tooth cave. She followed him to the caribou meat and sat down. She responed and told him much more joyful and less dingy. Saw tooth cave was lonley and musty she told him. He responded and apoligized for being so noisy. She told him don't worry your not the first pearson to ask that. She then asked him about his life after eve left him. He then got all defensive and said I left her for good reasons. She then said sorry for being so noisy and that she better just leave. He told her no please don't leave I didn't mean to snap at you like that people have the right to be curious. He then said of you must know I left her because she was mating with other wolves such as King one of our prisoners and Tony the eastern pack leader well she was giving him blow jobs too. But that's besides the point she messed with the wrong...
Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted 4 days ago
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It was midnight, which was way past Claudette's bedtime. She wanted to know what the voices were, the one that kept her up at night. She had to find out. Every night, there were voices coming from outside, down the hill, and by the pond.

But as she crept closer, the voices halted, as she stepped on a twig. "What was that?" one of them asked. "I don't know. Sounds like... a pup maybe?" the other asked.

"Oh no..." Claudette gasped.

"Ah ha! It is a pup! A female! Get her!" ordered one, jumping out of the bushes, grabbing her by the scruff.

"Ah! Let.. me... go!" she yelled.

"Sorry. Can't do that. I'm guessing Harin will want to take you in, he has been looking for a female pup as his personal servant for a long time. And you, look fit enough to take on the task." said the wolf. "Oh, and my name is Kilei."

"What? I'm no servant! I'm an alpha from the Western pack! Let me go!" she yelled.