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Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted 5 days ago
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Nine months after the battle...

Zelian was trying to find a place, a place that has been haunting his dreams. A strange jet-black wolf always came to him in what looked like a giant wolf camp, and he had just fou d it. And he was just being surrounded by a bunch of guards. The lead guard looked at him.

"Get out. Before you get hurt." He ordered.

"Excuse me? I am a leader. I go as I please. And no one is hurting me." He retorted. "I am Zelian." He told him.

"Oh, god... fine. You want to see Beke? She is in camp. Follow me." He ordered.

When Zelian told Beke about his dreams, and she looked shocked. "Oh, you must be dreaming of Ares. No worries, Ares died over a year ago. Hmm... you look hurt. I'll get Nabara. Ares tried to murder her, and thought he succeeded, and was killed for it." She said as she left.

As Nabara brought Zelian to her den, she started mixing herbs. Zelian could see the giant scar on her throat. As he did, he remembered: he was Ares' reborn. "Oh my... i'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I was controlled by rage!" He blurted.
Opinion by wwwarea posted 5 days ago
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This article was originality a censorship issue claim. I am still against censorship though, but I thought to delete the main info of what the article was originality because leaving it (as it talks about someone) was probably rude as I don't think me and that guy is fighting anymore at the moment.

I might make an article about why I defend (On-topic) anthropomorphism and make things clear, and other. But I don't see anything wrong with opinion(possibly criticism too) like that, and yes, some criticism can be argued.

I already deleted another article. I kind of thought to do something similar to this.

Most comments below are based off an old version of this article that was completely different.

If anyone still wants to talk to me about this, just PM me..
Fan fiction by westernunit-211 posted 8 days ago
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( I've got more writing to get into this is my next step into my ideas.)

4 months later

July 8 11:30 hrs
Frost's safe house
Near Western territory border
Jasper National Park, Canada

David has grown so much and has gotten more strength thanks to his parents. He has begun the other training on to being a medic. His mother is teaching him the basics and how to work with serious wounds. Frost was out doing some hunting along with Rocket. They spotted three caribous just relaxing by the trees a mile away from the safe house. Frost told Rocket to go the right and take the second one. Rocket nodded and went to the right. They both crept closer and stayed low in the grass. Frost attacked the first caribou and Rocket jumped on the second one. The third caribou saw this and started to run, but it was taken down and neither Frost or Rocket could tell who took it down the last one. The looked around and were ready to attack who ever did it. However, Frost spoke a challenge word. "Thunder!" The wolf responded the counter sign. "Flash!" Frost's eyes widen, he could tell that...