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Opinion by Canada24 posted 3 hours ago
fan of it?
Well. As you may or may not now.
I finally started asking for suggestions. But the only response so far so far is from Kitsune32.
He suggested a movie like The Grey.

I never did movie reviews before (or been lessened to at least).
So not sure how good or even how long, this will be.
But let's see how it gose.

Obviously I'm not a real reviewer. But if I were, I'd complain about the areas were you can't even watch it, without feeling dizzy. And some scenes literary being too dark in color.

But everything else I would say about the movie is positive.

There's Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson.

An badass looking black furred Alpha wolf.

A scary plain crash.

A epic howl sequence.

So, yeah.
Easy to say. I always enjoy this movie..

That's all I got.
If it sucks. Then that's only because 'I' suck..
Opinion by TimberHumphrey posted 14 hours ago
fan of it?
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oh hell yea! it's finally out! so yeah, like most you guys know, we (the A&O fans) finally got the trailer to Alpha and Omega 4: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave. and honestly all i can say is: it's AWESOME! so the trailer follows pretty much what the story's about: the haunted Saw Tooth Cave. it's Halloween time and Runt goes to explore the cave where he finds out another wolf. the movie has a really great story, but the trailer makes it even better. first of all, the animation looks really good in this one, it almost tops the animation of the first movie. the graphics look great, they actually did a really good job with the textures on the characters fur this time, the lighting seems a lot better (A&O 3 did have good lighting, but it had a few problems) and it looks like we get to see some awesome special effects here. so i'm really glad they're getting better with the animation. also, don't get fooled by the cover cause even though they're not in the cover, Kate and Humphrey are still in the movie. don't believe me? watch the trailer, they're clearly in the movie. but what really caught me off guard and surprised me, it's that this is probably the first trailer with...
Fan fiction by nicker11500 posted 1 day ago
fan of it?
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Hutch, Kate, Daryl, Cando, and others goes to the courtyard to see what Vlad had to say, Vlad was standing in a tower thing with the door up to him is locked tight Vlad:" Thank you all for coming" Lee:" so whats your announcement?" Vlad:" I've been thinking for couple of months now about ya know like, are they even trying to solve all of this infection, is there anyone left thats trying or are they all dead, I've been waiting for when they'll actually do something, but not a word, not a sound,.... In case some don't know I have a secret nuclear missile I sneaked from Russia, that can destroy the entire world and it's ready to fire" Daryl:" just get to the point!" Vlad gave Daryl a dirty look then continued Vlad:"... I've decided that in a couple of days time that I'm gonna release and fire the missile ending this pathetic world of ours" everybody started to panic a little bit and starts to protest Jason:" WHAT THE HELL WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO THIS?" Vlad:" LISTEN!... the world is dead there is NOTHING left and no one left and if there was the last few bastards are probably getting drunk because they know that they're fucked also" some tried to get to Vlad, but Vlad pulls out a...