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Article by CpudsGaming posted 5 days ago
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Hello, you've obviously come here to learn a little about
Mikey, and he was a troll, and, he was the worst troll ever to exist.
Back when I was in THE FANFICTION CLUB, I was, well,
I made the club myself, and around 1000-3000 roamed and posted on that club

The Fanfiction club was a very active club, with many good people, beautiful fanart, Very interesting articals, and, very active walls, it was the best club ever. (Besides this one)

It was peace and harmony, there was laughter, roleplays, and even some sexual content....there was even a picture, on the top,
this, one, me and my friend Keith, made a picture, and it was deleted too, it contained every movie, tv show, book, characters
It was SOO fun, and we had SOO many great times, until, the dark age.

Until, Mikey, now he, was on the club for a while, went by the name, TheGreatTaco2120....he was very nice, until he saw a post some jerk made, and he told everyone.....and this is the post....
Opinion by Annakian_Priest posted 6 days ago
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This is not the troll who called themselves Area and hacked Cpuds, this is THE Area. The very same.

"Guys, that old drama was silly. I am sorry for breaking the rules like I said before, and while I still stand for myself on certain issues, I no longer would do anything that breaks the rules. I still believe in some of the things I said, but if I ever can get back on, I won't bother to ever go that far by insults, and other breaking things.
I currently am into the process of making cool stuff of the lovable characters, and I may post it somewhere else where I believe new members can find.
As for people impersonating or other kinds of pretend, this is wrong. Please don't listen to anyone about that. If I were to ever do something like that, I would be extremely depressed like last time, even though last time wasn't that bad, but still."
" It's not just me that did bad, I believe other members did too, we "all" messed up, but by "all" I just mean some. The next thing I want to do is forget about that past it's self, and move on.. which is what I been trying to do. I won't forget some arguments themselves but members, and times, yes.
Article by CpudsGaming posted 13 days ago
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Hello everybody this is Cpuds, and im just going to tell you
or start a roleplay game, I didn't make it, Anakian did, I just
Wanted to make a rp for it right here....after all, the forum doesn't
Get visited much, sooooo, go to the forum, read the rp so far,
and add on in this article.....We need you guys
To be Kate, Humphrey, Lilly, Garth, Runt, Stinky, Claudette,
Winston, Eve, and Tony......before you choose and add your
Custom or the characters above, you need to write this before
The comment, (Name) Example:(Kate) Once you do that you
Are that character and nobody can steal him/her from you....
I don't remember who Anakian rolled as, but I Rolled as
My custom character, Kelly.
Cpuds Out...

You can only be ONE character.
To be Continued..... (in the comments)