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Opinion by TimberHumphrey posted 17 days ago
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okay so by now, we all know that all the Alpha and Omega sequels are directed by Richard Rich. and so far, he's done a decent job with them, especially with Alpha and Omega 4. but ever since Lionsgate announced a new partnership with Splash Entertainment to make the 3 new sequels, there been rumors that all three sequels: The Big Fureeze, Dinosaur Digs and Journey to Bear Kingdom are probably gonna get a new director. now, i'm not 100% sure if this is officially confirmed by Lionsgate or Splash Entertainment, but thanks to these rumors: there's still a possibility. okay, now i'm gonna say this again: i don't mind Richard Rich as a director. i know some people out there are probably like "Ugh! Richard Rich sucks! He almost ruined Disney with The Black Cauldron!" and while i do admit there are better animation directors out there, at least Richard Rich gave us the Alpha and Omega franchise and the first Fox and the Hound movie. so that's a big plus. but anyway, people keep saying that the new sequels are getting new writers and new director since the franchise's taken over by Splash Entertainment now. and like i said: it's...
Fan fiction by AlphawolfAlisha posted 24 days ago
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October. 6, 2010

Kashuru was going through the whole day off and on her own. It was great to see she has been in a pack of the alpha and omega. So she continued on walking to the waterfall and goes in and paws first in the water. Then settled in and relax and enjoy the weather as the warm sun sets on her beautiful golden brown fur.

Kashuru: ahh yea that feels good to me

soon as the hour has passed she finally got out and dries off on a rock * lays down with belly facing the sun and then flip to her back to the sky *

Kashuru: mmmm that is what I like to do in a time like this.

However Humphrey was walking to see Kate and his friends and then he saw kashuru laying on the rock and smiles sexy and walks up to her slowly. She didn't even know he was coming to her and suddenly Humphrey lays down beside her and said

Humphrey: hi there beautiful i see you are enjoying your time here.

Fan fiction by Slydog900 posted 1 month ago
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It is October 1st, 2010. The event of alpha and omega.

I started walking around in my den thinking about the one female wolf that talked to me that day. I realize how she knew my name? I think it is way she could have done something to make sure that I am not a problem . The only thing that I know * goes out of the den and sit down on a rock * once I get to know the pack and maybe even some of the stuff that I can do to help. If they do accept me as one of them.

* looks around and then hears a wolf chuckled in the distance between the two trees and I wanted to investigate and look at them* ahh yea just what I like to see two wolves talking to each other. I think I could like being here for the rest of my life and the pack will have to see if I can join.

Meanwhile Kate thought to herself " hmm he is kinda weird and I have to go back to him and talk about the pack and my family and fellow pack members of the alpha and omega. He has also noticed that I am going to talk to him. I think I will have to careful not to make him feel weird around my family and friends and the rest of the pack. I am counting on my dad to talk with him and he...