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Opinion by Canada24 posted 1 day ago
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Okay., so I was asked to review this story but I don't have much to say.

Except the beginning..
Wait at the beginning, I was hating it already.

Kate cheats on Humphrey for Garth, AGAIN..

This happens in so many stories, sense I'm here to be honest, I'll come out and say it.


Every time Kate cheats, my remaining respect of these stories just keeps growing thinner.

She's my favorite character.. So why dose she have to fuckin cheat!?
She's not fuckin Kristen Stewert, or Paris Hilton!!
I actually RESPECT Kate, unlike those two.

This is why I retired from this genre in the first place!..

But anyway.,

I can't say I really understood most of the story, it's really hard to read, but that's just me.
Plus it's a crossover of something I never even heard of.

But oh well.
Maybe give it a read.. You guys might like it more than I did (witch shouldn't be hard, I didn't like it at all.. No offense to the writer, cause he's probably reading this now).
Review by Canada24 posted 1 day ago
fan of it?
Hey., I'm back with more reviews..

However, only thing this story proves, it's that NO ONE is safe from being made into clopping.

The story starts off innocent enough.
It's about those lovely veggie wolves, starting at the scene where Shaky recommended them in order to get Humphrey to forget about Kate, but Humphrey showed zero interest in the two girls.,


Appearently after their non speaking, tiny role, they go into the forest to get more Barries, and I think berrie juice sprays on Janice.,

And of coarse.
Sense this is the bizarre world of fanfiction, this soon leads to two STRAIGHT girls having sex with each other (girls are so fuckin lucky,. The only way guys can make 'expirements' hot, is in hell bellow).


Obviously I wouldn't exactly recommend this story to most people.,

I mean.

If I wanted to see girl on girl porn, I would go to a porn site (not that I do).
Fan fiction by shadow-omega posted 1 day ago
fan of it?
"It seems like it gets darker earlier everytime it gets dark out...Idk if I'm getting enough sleep at night or I'm in nightmare that I can't wake up from...weird for me...I'm usually happy all the time...maybe it just the heat in the air from mating season...mating season makes me feel sad...Idk why but it does, I went bk to my den seeing Jackson's there, I was surprised to see him"

Me:Jackson! Why are u here?

Jackson:oh hey omega there u are...um Idk how to put this...

Me:what do u mean? Something happen?

Jackson:it's moonlight...ur daughter...

"My heart stopped for a second"

Me:w-what happen?

Jackson:she went missing last night...delta was the last to talk to her...and we're thinking she may had been talken another pack of wolves who had...try taking wolves from our pack...

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing...am I rly in a nightmare?"