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Review by Canada24 posted 1 hour ago
fan of it?
Here's anouther story from my past.

A crossover between Penguins of Madgascar, and Alpha and Omega.

Wolves and Penguins. Why the fuck did I ever look that up at the time!?

But whatever. If I hadn't read it, I never would of met HardRocker21. What a guy..

I would take a bullet for him.. But then realize I don't want to die, and cowardly save myself at the last second, and he'll end up taking it anyway.

And when Jason angrily asks why I did this, I'll blaim it on my Canadian. Ness.

But anyway.

This story.. I haven't read it in years, now do I have the attention span to REread it.

But what I remember is that it's a pretty average plot.

Humphrey and them.

Skipper hates wolves, and somehow beats Humphrey up, when Humphrey has friggin teeth and claws, and never thought about using them.. ITS A GOD DAMN PENGUIN! Have some fuckin dignity Humphrey. No wonder Justin Long stopped voicing you.
Fan fiction by MojoOmegaWolf posted 1 hour ago
fan of it?
Chapter 14: A Red Moon Rises.

Evening began to slowly suck the light out of the den as the sun made its daily descent toward the western horizon, replacing it with thin shadows which settled in across their faces. Few words were exchanged between them since Humphrey finished telling his tale, and those which were revolved mainly around Jeriko asking the omega if he needed anything to eat or drink, or if he needed another dose of herbs to help alleviate his pain, and Humphrey respectfully declining each offer.

The herbs were a new experience for him, so his body was not accustomed to their introduction, and, while they worked wonders on his leg, they made his stomach feel queasy, so just the thought of anything to eat or drink was appalling to him. On top of the queasiness, the herbs also made him incredibly tired, but for some odd reason he just could not drift off regardless of how bad he wanted to, so he lied in a sort of daze, staring distantly at the mouth of the den as a ceaseless chain of thoughts rolled through his mind.
Fan fiction by MojoOmegaWolf posted 1 hour ago
fan of it?
This chapter is shorter than normal, but it contains a backdoor pilot chapter for a series which will take place throughout this story called "In Shades of Grey."

Chapter 13: As the Flowers Wilt

The shadows of the trees around them grew long as the waning light was slowly beaten back by the encroaching darkness, signifying that night was dawning and the moon was now preparing to take control of the sky.

In the wake of the fading day, the fourteen shuffled through the thickening woods, staying close together so as to assure that they did not get separated, for they had lost enough to the war as it was, and there was not one amongst them who wished to lose anybody else, because now they were all each other had left. Friendships grew stronger, and even enemies or strangers quickly became allies in the wake of the war; it was just sad, as they all realized, that it took bloodshed to bring them all together.

There was a halt from the front of the group as Eve and Amina paused to make an announcement and all eyes fell upon them.