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Fan fiction by JettAlpha posted 20 minutes ago
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The battle was over... Most of the rouges retreated from the fight, including their leader, the wolf who called himself "King". But he was anything besides a king. He was the devil himself, as cruel as he was. As he lay dying, as Kate was about to approach him for the final blow, he had a wicked smile on his face because of what he did. For what he did, Kate could NEVER forgive. A part of her heart... a part of Her very soul, along with Humphrey's, was torn away... All because of what the devil himself had done. As Kate delivered the final, gruesome, grisly blow to the cruel alpha, she looked over at the small, lifeless pup that was once runt.

Runt was the youngest of the three pups that Kate gave birth to, and of course, he was the future leader of the Omegas, while his brother and sister Stinky and Claudette would grow up to rule Jasper, side by side with their heirs. Runt was always cheerful. Rarely ever got legitimately mad at anyone. He would get irritated with his siblings teasing of his size, but he would never want to harm a fly... so innocent... so young was he...
Guide by JettAlpha posted 1 hour ago
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After watching Sawtooth Cave I was inspired to write this story:

After a series of disturbing and brutal murders by the hands of a being named "Kira", a group of wolves led by two brothers set out to find the killer and put a stop to his twisted slaughtering. But little do they know, they may be up against something MUCH bigger than they could ever imagine.

Rated: R - Violence, Gore, Sex, Disturbing Images


Jett - Older Brother of Humphrey, and a Demon Alpha. He lives with his wife Katie and their son Kiba. After the murder of his mother, he vows to kill Kira and anything in his way. But his lust for revenge could lead to something even more dangerous than Kira.

Humphrey "Jesse" - Younger brother of Jett, husband of Kate, and father of Stinky, Claudette, and Runt. He was always close to his brother Jett ever since a very young age. He grew up being abused by his father, sexually and physically due to his status of an Omega. Despite all this, he is a kind soul who wants to bring Justice in the honor of his mother, Isa. His birth name is Jesse.
Review by SentinelPrime89 posted 3 hours ago
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The family getting ready for a night of sleep.
September 2010- Alpha And Omega AWESOME

October 2013- Alpha And Omega 2 EHHH... IT'S OK

March 2014- Alpha And Omega 3 WTF?!

September 2014- Alpha And Omega 4 OH... MY... THERE IS A GOD!

Alpha And Omega 4: Legend Of Sawtooth Cave fixes a lot of the mistakes done in the first sequels as well as very nearly improving upon the original. Not saying that the original wasn't the best of the series because it still is but the way that the fourth film was written was just unbelievable, plus the animation was near spot-on to the original's and the new characters were actually likable. The original characters have more focus with the pups as well. Also if you're fans of Kate and Humphrey, then you oughta be pleasantly surprised at how their roles are drastically improved and actually take dominant roles while Stinky and Claudette are back at home.

The story is pretty much this... There is a lone wolf who lives in Sawtooth Cave who is heavily guarded by a ghostly wolf spirit. She was born genetically blind and because she wasn't like the rest of her pack, she was driven away from home as a pup.