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Fan fiction by jhilton0907 posted 3 hours ago
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Chapter Six - Preparing for War

Here is the sixth chapter to A Lonely Omega. This chapter will be the first of the final chapters of the darker conclusion to the story. There will be a lot of deaths in these coming chapters. The final battle will be the most intense part of the conclusion as many wolves die very gruesome deaths, as well as three beloved characters getting killed. Before I get with the chapter, I have some big news, there will be a sequel to my one shot, Worlds Apart, which will focus on Humphrey growing up and Eve becoming a motherly figure to him, ending with him enjoying his married life to Kate So enjoy the next chapter.

Humphrey's POV

Every moment that I have live, pretty much has lead to this.

From the moment Sam attacked my pack to me being rejected by many packs and to Kate being kidnapped.

All of it was part of a plan, a plan long in the making.

Sam plans on executing a disastrous war on Jasper Park and massacre every Alpha and Omega there.
Fan fiction by hybred_98 posted 1 day ago
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Its was a cold stormy night, as 4 western pack wolves run from something that lurks in the shadows, the others of the hunting party vanished in thin air before they could reach them, only trails of blood and body parts where found. " What the fuck is this thing?!" "I don't know, just fucking run man, there's nothing we can do!!"

They turn around to see a pair of hellfire eyes looking right at them, a cold bloody smile is seen with in the darkness as lightning shines the night and reveals the hell cat. It pounces on the nearest wolf with the roar of a posed cougar, ripping him apart while the rest of the party flees.

They are only 100 yards away from the pack, as the cat takes another victim, leaving him screaming bloody murder as he feels the cats jaws ripping and tearing out his guts. The party leader looks back, then runs into something... He looks up in horror as he looks inside the eyes of hell its self. "P....please, what do you want...I'll do anything... Please just don't kill me!!" His eyes fill with tears and the cat lifts his head with the tips of her bloody claws, and she whispers in his ear...the voice of an angel. " I want to feel hybreds...
Fan fiction by moondragon01 posted 1 day ago
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Before Luetsun could say anything, Anna said, “ these are wolves who wish to commit their lives to Annakkuu.
They spend time in his presence and act as temporary thanes in his court. This process can take up to 200 years, but if you do go to him now and then, it does slow down the aging process.”

This caught Luetsun’s ear and he started to walk towards them. Before he could get to them,
Anna stopped him and said, “ oh no, I know what you’re thinking, brother, you need a reason to stand before the great drake.”
Just then, one of the lesser priests ran in and announced, “ Anna, we need an exorcism.”
Anna responded, “well then, lets have my brother handle it.”
Luetsun then interrupted saying “ hold on, why me?”
Anna responded, “you have more experience with demons than I do, plus, I do remember teaching you about exorcisms, you did pay attention, did you?”
Luetsun broke eye contact, signifying that he didn't pay much attention. Anna said, “ well then, you will need a strong wolf, to hold the possessed down. They will try to fight, but you must stay strong with Annakkuu. You will also need 3...