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Fan fiction by Kitsune32 posted 2 days ago
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Ok here's Chapter 16. Hope you guys enjoy

Runt's POV

Magril and I were talking Stinky and Claudette when our parents called for us. We left Stinky and Claudette as they talked to each other. The two of us went to my parents. "Did you guys want to talk about," I asked them. "Yes, it's about the snuggling and kissing," Mom said. "Could you two try to decrease the kissing and nuzzling?" "We're sorry, but we think that you two are too young for it," Dad said. "We don't mean to try to suppress your guys feelings for each other," he added with a bit of guilt in his voice. I actually understood why they were discussing about. Magril and I were still junior pups and plus Claudette and Fleet never really nuzzled or kissed. It was only when Marcel and Paddy pushed them at the Games that they kissed.

"We understand," I said looked at Magril who nodding in agreement. "Sorry for snuggling too much." "There's no need to apologize honey," Mom said. "You're still young pups. Just try not to get carried away." After our discussion, we all headed back to Stinky and Claudette. They were both trying to pin each other. The two of them were always arguing on...
News by BronyWolf posted 2 days ago
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Hey all you wolves!!! TIS me!! Sxyomega!! If you don't remember or don't know who I am I am the author of the Beloved series "The Brotherhood" (If it is still beloved). I'm so happy to be back! I've missed everyone dearly. I forgot all of my stuffs to log into my sxyomega account. So I would be happy to get all of my friends back. :C Like...katealphawolf if he is still even here. Or garth. Or Simba. :c I miss you guys so much!!!!!

So please, feel free to add me. And PLEASE read the brotherhood. You'll enjoy it.

Thanks for you time and I look forward to many more memories in the future!!!
Fan fiction by Kitsune32 posted 3 days ago
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Here's Chapter 15 you guys. Enjoy

Magril's POV

Runt and I walked into the forest. I saw Runt was looking around for something. "Let's see if we can find a good tree for a beginner like you," he told me. We walked around for a tree of perfect. After awhile, we finally a tree that was not too short, but not too long. "Ok so this seems good enough," Runt said. "Ok first try to look for some spots where you can place your paws." I looked at the tree and saw some spots. "Found some," I told him. "Ok good now try to run up to the tree while placing your paws on the spots," he told me. With that, I ran up the tree.

Unfortunately, I forgot about my belly so it prevented me from running up further. I fell flat on my butt. I got up and rubbed it. I didn't fall far, but my behind still hurt. "Magril, are you okay," Runt asked me with lots of concern in his voice. "I'm fine, though I don't think my butt could say the same," I said to him, "I guess I can't get better unless I lose this belly of mine," I stated as I poked my belly, causing it to bounce around. "No wonder King thought I was pregnant." I was starting to get a little depressed....