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Fan fiction by crazyforkate posted 3 days ago
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Terra’s POV
The human was healing me and that hurts me a bit but not enough, but it was a great relief and I was grateful for that. When he finished heal me, I saw another human behind the other human who helped me, then I noticed there was a hunter who was behind the good human who is with me. The hunter saw him and aim with his handgun to human boy and I was amazed.

“Why does he aim another one if they are humans?” I asked myself.

“Get off my prey, boy” The hunter said.

The human boy got up and said “I order you drop the gun, you don’t know who you are with” I realized the hunter put the trap y knowing at the same time the human is protecting me is the good one.

“Alright, you wanna play? Don’t you?” The hunter said.

The human boy is pissed off and said “Of course I want to, I love games”.

Then hunter tried to give the first stroke but the boy dodged and gives a roundhouse kick. I was surprised with that move. The hunter got up, takes his gun and aims, but the boy was closer of hunter. He grabbed his weapon, swerved away and takes the gun of his hands off...
Article by HumphreyWolfMan posted 17 days ago
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I been noticing things...
The puppies may be copied and pasted models from the first movie somewhere (Didn't see all?).

Daria was never a new model.

The hunters in the fifth movie is the same models.

The old lady in the fifth movie is the same model.

All from the first movie..

That could mean every other "new" character has used a model from the first movie...
Is there any new person model used in the sequels anywhere? That is my question.
The only new model I've seen was Saw Tooth cavern area probably and maybe a tiny bit of other things.

But if it's true for the character models... then everything...... was a lie.

What do you people think?
Fan fiction by Metallica1147 posted 23 days ago
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What Happened in the Woods?

“Marcel! Paddy! Watch them!” yelled Kate as she ran back into the forest for Humphrey.

Kate followed the sounds of gunshots to go and help Humphrey, hoping it wouldn’t be too late before we was shot and taken away from the hunters. As she ran closer and closer she could hear screams from the distance. Screams of pain and agony, as if someone was being tortured in slowly and painful way. Kate couldn’t make out who’s voice that was, which made the alpha even more worried and sped up as fast as she possibly could. The sounds stopped, and so did the sound of gunshot, but Kate was able to see what looked like to be Humphrey from the distance. “Humphrey!” he called out, but didn’t get an answer back. Once he got close enough, she saw the two hunters that was chasing them down on the ground....dead. Bloody, their clothes and skin from their arms ripped to shreds by the claw and bite marks left on them. And there she saw Humphrey on the ground, not moving. Kate walked closer to his husband. “Humphrey?” he asked. She began hearing Humphrey crying, and...