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Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted 23 hours ago
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"Ambush! Everyone get prepared!" Yelled Winston, again, leader of the Western pack. Everyone gathered in a defensive line, in front of where there now stood about fifty wolves, ready to take order. "Winston, we meet again, this time personally. I am Sylian, former member of Ares' pack. We have come to make an allience with you. We do not agree with Ares. We are now enemies of him. If you drop your allience with him, you shall be in an allience with us, and together take on a threat that has been preying on me personally for years." Said Sylian. "Hmm.... I don't think so. You sound way too ambitious, and you cannot be trusted. Leave now, out of our territory." Ordered Winston. "Ahh, you old man. You will really regret turning us down." He said, and then led them all out of the territory. "Set ten wolves on watch! We need to make sure they don't take us off guard." Ordered Winston.


"Ahh! Those traitors! They will pay for betraying me." Ares screamed.
Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted 1 day ago
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Ares and Claudette were sleeping, under the moonlight, on the pack's meeting overhang, unlike most nights. This night was special; it was Ares' last night with Claudette for a while, Ares had to go and Assasinate the leader of an army so big, it could easily wipe out the hundreds of wolves Ares had in his pack, including Claudette's old pack, and much more. Her name was Yeris, one of the most brutal and deadly wolves in this region.

"Ares? Is it true that your weakness while you fight is your mother and getting hurt?" Claudette asked. Ares looked up. "How did you know?" He asked. "Well... I had a dream the other night... and Beke revealed your weakness, and said you were too ambitious and deadly. She almost killed you," she said. "Oh no... I shared that same dream... I know. I need to work on it. But it's so hard, trying not to let my mother get to me." He said. "By the way, it's time for me to go. And I know exactly where his army is stationed. And, he knows that i'm coming for him, so he'll be ready." He said. "Please come back, Ares, okay?" She asked. "I will." He reassured her.
Fan fiction by MojoOmegaWolf posted 2 days ago
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Chapter 14: The Bridge: Part 4: Last Time, Last Chance.

Humphrey turned to the den once more, took a deep breath of courage, then entered.

As he stepped inside, he found exactly what he had expected to see.

There, standing only six feet away from him, was his father.

He had spent such a great amount of time trying to forget his image that he had to remind himself whom it was that he saw before him, and as he saw that stern, grey face, and those empty, yellow eyes, the memories came flooding back to him and his blood became ice in his veins, but he had to show him that he was not afraid, so he put on a bold face.

But when his father saw this, he sneered and moved until he was only inches away.

"Save the courageous act for someone who will actually buy it," he said dryly and tried to step on Humphrey's tail, but Humphrey was ready for it and moved out of the way.

"You don't scare me anymore," he said, though his voice quivered slightly.