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Opinion by wwwarea posted 1 day ago
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I'm probably going to get banned soon because I'm sure haters had already flagged me for no good reason.

First of all, Jett started this whole fight again I think, and sadly pretends to think he's "cool" with his whole abusive, immature off-topic posting just to piss me off. He reminds me of that Tuxxy brony brat who likes to talk crap about people's blog because it argues against something he/she likes.


And my Message to LillyOmega2 Sorry your account got banned, but I'm not sorry for how I felt about you flagging something because you were "offended". Criticism may offend others but that doesn't make it right to forcefully take it down.

That's why I reported you with the idea of "legit" in mind..
---- On the other hand, even though you probably hate me a lot now, I honestly feel sad that your account went like this.. I actually hope you find a way back. I ask for something from the universe, but I don't think this is what I wanted God. I don't think it was God..
Opinion by The-Theorist posted 2 days ago
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Alpha and Omega: The Legend of Saw Tooth Cave.

This movie is paws down my favorite out of all of the sequels. I mean, these guys really stepped it up from their last disaster, so hopefully the fifth one will be even better. There were still a few issues that I had, but otherwise, it was a good movie.

I'm your host and this is Inside the Story.

Alpha and Omega: The Legend of Saw Tooth Cave, is truly a great film, and is in fact, almost flawless, but there are still a few things that are left unsaid or that do not quite add up.

The first thing that I want to look at is the ghost.

We know that the ghost is Daria's mother, who died after saving Daria from being killed as a pup, but what we don't quite ever learn is how the ghost was birthed. But there are a few things to consider.

Theory One: Witches?

Lyle and Lynk, the two twins, claim that the two female porcupines are witches, and therefore responsible for conjuring the spirit of Daria's mother, but why would they conjure a ghost? It is quite simple, really. The porcupines listened to Floyd tell them about what he saw and...
Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 2 days ago
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If I didn't have courage
I wouldn't be doing this
"What if" is boring
It's only hypothetical

If I were to give up
Like the rest
"I might be weak" isn't good
It wares you down

If there is a light,
I want to protect it with my might
So let's
Rise to Fight!

Even if you're strong
Even if you're big
There's no guaranteed success
Against the past

Even if you have courage
Even if you're kind
There's no healing
The sins of the present

Unable to bear it,
Use that strength
To clear a path to you!

For the unending, continuing tomorrow, everyone
Is preparing; is ‘that’ truely necessary?
Even if you gather many things you see with your eyes

Rise to Fight!

They aren't useful; instead, have the strength
To not regret; in other words…Rise to Fight!!