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Guide by BlondLionEzel posted 11 hours ago
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W! O! L! F! E! Go, Wolfe!

Rain clears the gunk,
Wind clears the smog,
I'm the one who cleans the evil!

Alright, I need an adventure!
Screw logic, it's about the fun!
Now let's fire the ignition!

Surprise! Slide Slash Drive!
Cuttin' through the new future
Starin' at the many stars!

W! O! L! F! E!

I never gave up,
You never gave up,
I'm the one who sticks to it!

Alright, I need a thrill!
Screw uptight, it's about the silliness!
Now let's stick it into forwards!

Surprise! Slide Strike Drive!
Breakin' through the evil clouds
Risin' above the others!

W! O! L! F! E!

I'm the one who
Brings this world peace!

I know...in my heart...
All I need is...

W! O! L! F! E!

Surprise! Slide Slash Drive!
Cuttin' through the new future
Opinion by The-Theorist posted 18 hours ago
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Alpha and Omega 3: The Great Wolf Games. -_-

This was my least favorite of the sequels, but I feel as though it is worth watching again so we can say we looked at everything.

The premise of this movie is simple, so there really isn't much to say, but we will still give it a go: the Great Games are held for each generation of Junior Critters, but has been overrun by the alpha pups so the West wants to change that and blah blah blah. We get it. However, there are some things in this movie that may have a little bit more to them than meets the eye.

I'm your host, and this is Inside the Story.

The first thing I am going to look at which I kinda skipped over accidentally in the previous segment is why Garth and Lilly do not have pups.

There are quite a few possibilities, some simple, while others, a little bit depressing.

Theory One: Garth and Lilly have simply decided to wait for pups, for whatever reason they may have. But we know based off of the second movie that their relationship is sexual, which is a good thing for obvious reasons, so that means that Garth either chooses not to, or is not...
Opinion by wwwarea posted 1 day ago
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If you refuse to read this article that might breaks open people's minds, and comment anyway, then I may advise and highly suggest that it is a very bad idea.

Man, if I were to keep checking my messages on my phone at my trip, my trip would of been ruined.. That was very close..

Honestly, I've never purely started anything drama-wise, plus other users has been very rude and all I did was stand up back.

For example: I was trying to offer ideas, then one time this Lilly fan acted rude against people who wanted something (It's not a flaw either) back, then all I did was make a fake hope message saying: "I hope they get rid of Lilly." after her being rude against an article that tries to explain why it's bad to force limited things on stuff.
Why did I do that? Well, if some people had at least half a brain on here, they would get it.
Then I was trying to stand up just to get the message through; showing how unfair this whole thing was.