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Opinion by bossyalpha posted 21 hours ago
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I have been a furry for 10 years now I started doing art when I was 17. At the time we all followed a list of rules. We drew pics based on these rules. While the rules are not the law you do not have to worry about the cops locking you up for breaking a rule. These rules are just classic critique to help you draw art that not only appeals to the majority of our fandom but also give us a decent reputation.
(Note some is just for humor/sarcasm)
The rules were listed by
1.) Furry characters shall not have a human facial structure (jaw, chin, eye socket, etc). They shall have the base animal's facial structure, though it may be stylized. Human hair on the head is OK.
2.) Furries shall not have human lips.
3.) Furries shall have animal paws with pads, not human feet with long toenails.
4.) A comic that involves noble furries fighting for freedom against evil hyoomans shall be an object of scorn.
Fan fiction by Rockowolf123 posted 23 hours ago
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Rocko felt bad he wanted to apologize to candu
Hay candu I ... I'm sorry for beatin the shit out of you'' Rocko said
And I'm sorry for calling you a rapist'' candu replied
You I will kill you Rocko'' the man said
Rocko was just walking along when
A log hit him
Oh I am terribly sorry'' patty said
I can fly better than you only thing you are lucky for is that I can't eat you'' Rocko said
Daria baby'' Rocko said
Over here darling'' Daria replied subductivly
Rocko kissed daria
Daria will you marrie me'' Rocko asked
Oh...oh Rocko yes yes I will'' Daria said joyfuly

Athures note: sorry its short please comment
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted 1 day ago
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Episode 1

*Jasper National Park, Canada*

Jared Wolfe: *Dashes into the den* Mom! Dad! I'm home!

Princess: *Sighs* You're back late again...

Jared Wolfe: I know...It's just I fought some weird monster on the outskirts today...

Nick Wolfe: A monster? What kind?

Jared Wolfe: It looked kind of like a phoenix...and it had swords!

Princess: That reminds me of when Wolfe used to battle monsters...

Nick Wolfe: Yeah...those were the days.

Teen Runt and Teen Magril: *Run in*

Teen Runt: Guys! Someone's kidnapped Kate, Lilly, Humphrey, and Garth!

Nick Wolfe: *Gets up* WHAT?!

*Kate and Humphrey's Den*

Nick Wolfe: *Looking around* Where have they gone?

Teen Magril: I don't know...

Jared Wolfe: Do you have any suspects?

Teen Runt: No.

Princess: Hm...