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Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted 1 hour ago
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This Fan Fic is going to be uploaded before "A New Playmate" will be. To understand what is going on in here, come back when "A New Playmate" is uploaded. A New Playmate is Story one, Ares' Rise of Power is Story 2 in the series. Thanks!

"Ares! Where are you!? Why do you have to do this to us?" Cried out Claudette. "Oh, hes crazy! He's threatened to kill us all! His training with that assasin wolf was such a bad idea! He'll kill us all!"

"Claudette, its fine. We'll go tell Grandpa Winston. They will know what to do. After Ares has betrayed us and killed our father, whatever he threatens, he will die, not us." Stinky soothed her. "Runt, you have to get over it. Eventually you will, but for now you have to save the grieving for later! Its done! Nothing you can do about his death."

"I guess your right, but it just seemed like he would never die." Said Runt.

After telling Winston...

Fan fiction by MojoOmegaWolf posted 1 day ago
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Chapter 1: Sweet Dominance

It was a beautiful day in the majestic place known as Jasper Park. The sun which rose slowly into the sky warmed the land perfectly with its radiant touch, and everywhere the park was alive with the songs of spring. The birds sang it in the canopies of the trees, the squirrels barked it as they scampered through the brush and pillaged it of its bountiful berry crop, and the wind carried with it a breath of life so pure and sweet it was almost intoxicating.

The day was so tranquil and everything so still, almost as though the earth itself was lulled into sedation by the atmosphere which it had so proudly created, but despite the tranquility and serenity of the park, negative energy buzzed in its interior as wolves from all over the park were washed into madness by the poisonous cloud which had settled over them.

Salty was particularly disturbed by this cloud which surrounded the park, because he knew, even though this was his first time playing the game, that the female heat cycle had arrived, and that on this day morals and common sense would be thrown to the wind by desire, and all that would remain would be...
Fan fiction by AlphaClub posted 2 days ago
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"Magril! Come here! I need to tell you something!" Magril turned around, and walked over to Stinky. "Yes? What do you need?" Stinky looked embarrassed. "Well, I've been thinking, we are old enough to, you know... mate? And well, I would love that so much... just to have my first experience? " Magril looked at her paws. "You know, I've been thinking the same thing. I'm also in heat. I've been meaning to tell you, but I didn't know where to start." She said, looking embarrassed as well.

"Okay, so where should we start? I've never been through this before," said Stinky. "Well... should we just go to the main sequence? Like the actual mating part?" Stinky nodded. "Yes. That would be easier."

Stinky began to mount Magril, and when he hit his mark, he slid through her hips and into her body. "Ahh! Stinky! It hurts!" Cried Magril. "It's okay. It will hurt for a second, but it will get better," he reassured her. "Okay, fine, fine." She said.