Two weeks later, Kate, Humphrey, Garth, and Lilly are released back to
Jasper Park in full health. As they arrived to their dens, Hutch comes in to inform
them something. “Guys, I have some really bad news,” said Hutch. “What is it?”
Kate said.
“It’s Winston and Tony, they are very weak now,” Hutch said.
“Where are they now?” Garth asked.
“They are in Kate’s den,” Hutch said.
“Come on, let’s go!” said Kate.
When they arrived, they noticed that the whole pack is in deep silence. They
surrounded the den. When Kate saw her mother, she was in tears, crying for
Winston. “Dad, it’s me, Kate,” said Kate. “Dad, it’s me, Lilly, Kate’s younger sister,” Lilly said. Winston gave a small chuckle, but then started coughing,
badly. “Dad…” Garth said in total shock. “What happened?” Humphrey asked.
“The veterinarians took Winston and Tony in because they fell to the ground for
no apparent reason,” Eve said, sobbing, “I waited for them to come back, which
they did, but they both told me that they caught a strange disease called
leukemia. I don’t what it is, but they cannot fix them both.” Everyone was in
shock. “But…he can’t go, he just can’t!” exclaimed Lilly, “That’s my father!” She
started to cry. “Lilly…” Kate said softly. “This reminds me of my parents…” said
Humphrey, “I don’t know what happened to them, but they left. Why must this
happen right now?” “Kate, Lilly, come over here,” said Winston groaning, “both
of you must lead the pack without me. You must keep order to the pack.” “He’s
right,” moaned Tony, “the four of you must lead this pack and keep them in
order.” Both Winston and Tony grunted and stayed still. “Dad?” cried Kate. She
licked his cheek, but gave no response. “No…” Kate said softly. She then
howled a requiem for her father and for Tony. Then Lilly followed and then
Humphrey. Soon, the whole pack howled for Winston and Tony.