it is the night after the moon light howl me and lily are heading home from a great carabou dinner we have had a lot going on humphrey and kate had got married yesterday and lilly's dad is sick so we have not had any time to spend together. garth' what are you thinking about asked lily, "oh nothing i was just thinking about your dad and how he is doing". "i am shure he is fine lily conforted me, yeah i shouldnt worry about that should i i said like a complete idiot.

when we got back to our den i laid down right away i was so tired that i couldn't even hold my own weight. "boy i am really tired lily" oh garth complained lily as she lay next to me, you are just lazy she said in a sarcastic tone. haha! thanks alot lily! lily kissed me and we both went to bed.

the next morning i went hunting with humphery, me and him have become freinds since the problem with kate, we have worked it out. "so what are we uh.. hunting for i asked him. well probobly carabou just like any other day right"? yeah but carabou is good right? yeah humphery said quickly have you ever thought about marrying lilly huh? well i said nervoulsy i uh.. you guys are good together and i think that you should" ok i have thought about it i just am kinda... nervous interupted humphery. fine i will ask her. tonight alright. ok said humphery. wait i heard something" look! there! i looked and saw a huge carabou the biggest i had ever seen right in front of us Run i Barked RUN!!! wait garth! dont run! but i was already gone.

that night i had decided that i would ask lilly to marry me, i just had to get up the courage. garth? lilly! humphery told me what happened how you ran from that big carabou, o yeah um well.. you dont need to be enbarased! i would run away to. lily i need to ask you something inportant" ok shoot said lilly enthusiasticly. ok umm.. well.. will.. you marry me?

read chapter 2 when i write it if you want to hear what she says!