garth garth wake up we are getting married today! i woke up to lilly yelling in my face afterall i was tired from the amazing night we had, had i managed a smile across my face. i am excited garth arent you? well of course its our wedding! well i invited everyone to the howling rock today at noon. sounds good to me i said happily. ok what do you want to do until then? well we could go and see your dad since he is sick. oh yeah said lilly unhappily. dont worry lilly i am shure he is fine and besides when is the last time you have seen your sisster kate? fine i will go but i dont want to bother my dad! alright alright you dont have to, lets go

when we got to winstons den i seen him laying their week and coughing, dad! yelled lily are you alright. yes i am fine i just have a little cold. a little cold said someone from behind me. kate!you are really sick dad. dont try saying its just a little cold! behind kate was humphery. oh look its garth the one who ran away from our hunt! haha! hey that carabou was huge i yelled like a complete idiot. no it was not you just dont hunt that often that's all!. oh leave him alone humphery. said kate i think that you are just trying to act tough. oh fine but he still ran away from our hunt that could have fed the whole pack! quite! we all yelled. i think we should go home said lily i need some time. ok lets go then .

when me and lily got home lily jumped on top of me oh garth do you really want to get married! yes of course. well i do to and its noon! well then lets get going!

me and lilly ran as fast as we could to the howling rock. when we finally got their everyone was waiting. me and lilly walked up to the stone and nibbled echothers ears and kissed.

when we got home from the weading lilly lured me to our bed with her amazing body and when she got in the bed i jumped right on top of her and went in after about a munite she started to moan oh garth you are naughty! she started to mumble things i did not understand but i didnt care i was having a GREAT TIME! i rubbed all over her body and the heat of it all was making me horny! i was kissing her all over her body and finnally she screamed as loud as she could i could tell she was enjoying it! i finnally got so tired i laid on top of her we wispered gently to one another and finally went to sleep