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Humphrey was working on the boat, when Lilly came by. She snuck up on him as he was putting on the cover. She startled him once she got to him.
“Ahh!” He saw it was Lilly, “Don’t do that!”
“Sorry! What’s Humphrey doin?”
“Not really much, just putting on the boat cover.”
Humphrey started the boat cover from the front so he had to go in the water to put it on in the back. When he got about two to five feet in the water, he cut his foot on the anchor.
“Ahh! Ahh! Cut! Cut!”
“Humphrey, what’s wrong?”
Humphrey came out of the water bleeding, “Oh Humphrey!”
He laid on the ground. Lilly tried to clean the wound, but he was moving around, “Woah, hold still!”
She licked the wound and cleaned it, “Thanks, Lilly!” She undid the cover, “Hey, I did that for a reason!”
“Get in here!”
Lilly undid the rest of the cover, “It’s best to start the from the back of the boat, then go forward so you don’t have to go in the water.”
“You got a point! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!”
Lilly completely laid down the cover, “You know you just closed us off, right?”
She approached Humphrey, “That’s exactly what I meant to do!”
“Lilly, what are you doing?”
She laid him down onto the floor, “Oh yes, do you feel this way about me? I do about you!”
Humphrey thought for a few seconds, “Now that I think about it, I want this bad!”
“Ooh, then we’re going to have a lot of fun!”
Humphrey and Lilly started making out vigorously, then Lilly and Humphrey bonded and she mounted him. Humphrey got deeper than Garth ever has with Lilly.
“Oh Humphrey, we fit perfectly! You go deep deep! Oh Garth’s is too big! Yours is perfect!”
Humphrey put Lilly on the bottom, “You haven’t had half of it yet!”
“Oh, I don’t think I can handle anything better than this!”
Kate was passing by and heard Lilly’s ranting. It was coming from the boat so Kate was confused. But then, Lilly said Humphrey’s name, “Humphrey! You get that organ of yours out of my sister’s filthy, disgusting, loathsome vagina!”
Lilly was so loud that Humphrey couldn’t hear Kate. Lilly was getting so much pleaser that she was paralyzed. Literally, she couldn’t do anything but speak. Kate was in a rage and came up to the boat, and as much as she wanted to tear that boat cover off, and murder her little sister, she was able to control her temper and waited outside.
“Oh! I can’t move a muscle in… oh! One more centimeter!”
Humphrey tried as hard as he could to get one more centimeter in. After that, the orgasm came. During that, it was so great and intense, that, along with being paralyzed from the feeling, couldn’t talk. She couldn’t even breathe it was so great. She has hardly gotten crap from Garth but this was probably more than he had ever given Kate, and what he gave Kate was so many times better than every day fun, that Kate herself nearly passed out. That’s how great Humphrey is!
It soon ended, and Lilly could talk, breathe, and move her body again. She could still hardly walk though.
“Oh, Humphrey, could we do that every night? I still feel it! Oh the greatness!”
“Any time you want! I got plenty more.”
Humphrey got off the boat and saw Kate standing right there, “Ahh!” Kate had a very angry face, “You heard us, and you knew what we were doing didn’t you?”
“Chill, Kate, it was just one time,” Lilly said.
Kate jumped onto Lilly and started tearing her apart, “YOU WILL PAY!”
Humphrey saw this madness and pulled Kate off of Lilly and restrained her, “You can go start doing Faolan again! Don’t kill Lilly! I have the rank to be able to kill you!”
Kate kicked Humphrey in the balls and walked about 100 feet, “Humphrey, we’re done! Lilly, I’m telling Garth! We’re going to court!”
“Lilly, I know what your thinking, just get it over with, hit me punch me stab me, give me a tongue-lashing! What ever you’re about to do, just get it over with!”
Lilly started crying into Humphrey’s chest, “Humphrey, I’m so sorry!”
“Sorry for what? I should be the one to apologize.”
“I made Kate hate you, and know you’re going to hate me!”
“Lilly, I don’t hate you!”
“Kate’s going to tell Garth, and the two of us will get a divorce! And Kate’s going to divorce you, and you’re going to hate me, and you’re not going to want to consider me your mate!”
Lilly was crying so intensely that it broke Humphrey’s heart, “Lilly, I don’t hate you! Please, don’t cry like this!”
“Please hate me!”
“I’m not going hate you!”
“Is there anything that will make you happy right now?”
“For you to stop crying. Please, I’m almost about to cry myself!”
Humphrey wiped her tears and she eventually stopped, “By the way, I don’t think Kate will let me in the house, so do you think I can stay with you?”
“Does this mean you don’t hate me?”
“Yes, I don’t hate anyone. In fact, I’d rather have you as a mate than Kate, you’re better.”
They put the cover back on the boat, and went back home. Kate came to Faolan, “Faolan, I need you! This time, Humphrey started it!”
“What did he do?”
“He did my little sister!”
“He what!?”
“He’s cheating on me with my sister!”
“Why is he doing this!?”
“I don’t know! Can we be mates again?”
“I still have Cathy!”
“Who cares?”
“I do, she does.”
“Agh!” Kate left, “What would really piss his off?”
She tried to think of someone that was close to Humphrey and thought of the one, “Mooch! Mooch has always been Humphrey friend, and to mate with me, he would betray him!”
She drove to Mooch’s den, “Hey, Mooch, I need you to do something for me!”
“I need you to mate with me.”
Mooch smiled, “Humphrey would let me do that?”
“Actually, it’s to piss him off.”
Mooch’s smile dropped, “Never mind, if he doesn’t want me to, I won’t do it!”
Kate started flirting wit Mooch, “Come on, sexy, It’s not like he’ll hate you the rest of your life! Besides, aren’t you still a virgin?”
“No! No for both a virgin, and I won’t mate with you!”
“Wait, you’re not a virgin?”
“No! I mated with Reba and Janice!”
“I’m telling Shakey!”
“He knows that! Look, Humphrey is my best friend, and I wouldn’t mate with you if it would piss him off! So I suggest you leave!”
Mooch opened the door.
“And if I don’t?”
“It’s my house, I can call the cops!”
Kate Punched Mooch on the way out. Mooch shoved her right into the door frame, “Do you wanna go!?” She yelled.
“I’ll call up Humphrey if you try to attack me!”
“That’s not fair!”
“It’s plenty fair!”
Kate left and went back to her and Humphrey’s or just her den. She would attract a mate tomorrow.
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Hi guys, I hope you'll like it but before start to reading, I think you have already seen my advertisement on the tittle.

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