next week

humpreys pov

kates been acting weird lately and she been sad one minute and angry the next and she also been asking me to get her some berries and fruit now and again so i decided to go ask eve what was happening


i got to eve's "hey eve can you help me"asked humphrey "y yes i can what is it"eve replied "well kates been acting strange lately and could you see if anything's wrong" humphrey asked " why of course" eve answered


they got back to humpfreys den to see kate in a rage "humphrey where have you been" kate asked " well i went to get eve to see if anything's wrong with you but you'll always be perfect in my eye's" humphrey said "awe i love you to and hi mum" kate said "hi sweety" eve replied so humphrey went outside the den while did a checkup on kate and left to humphrey the news " hey humphrey great job kates pregnant so finally i'll have grand kids thank you" eve said ' really i'm going to be a farther yes and kate will experience mood swings and cravings so dont be worried or concerned just enjoy the ride and watch out for the anger swings ok" eve said " ok" humphrey said humphrey walks in den "hey beautiful how are you doing" humphrey asked "ohh so sweet so what did mom say" kate asked " well turns out your pregnant and were going to be parents" humphrey said "omg i'm so glad we finnaly are going to pups" kate said and humphrey rubbed noses with her and fell asleep together.

yaeh im not i good writter so most of the chapters are probably short ok