It was 8:00 in New York city where two best friends where going to meet two lovely dogs on their date me ( the handsome one) and Daniel the.... Umm.. Moving on. Sophie was white with light brown fur and Diana was black with blue fur.

Seriously" said Ninja

What" replied Daniel

The top hat and the cane"

Hey it makes me look awesome! And classy"

Whatever I'll stitck with the Tux."

As they arrived to "Du Canine " probably the best restraunt they spotted their dates Sophie and Diana. Sophie was Wering
A red dress and white gloves with perals. Diana was wearing almost the same only with a white dress.

Wow their georgous!" I said

Daniel started to drool but I closed his mouth ... Eww

" I'm sorry to keep you waiting ladies, please forgive us." said daniel in a classy tone

" Daniel you're so polite!! Did you get hit by a truck or something?" said Diana

Yeah I'm shocked too! " I said

Ninja! " said Sophie


As they talked they started to know each other a lot then they danced suprising Daniel knows the tango! As they walked home ninja felt nervous

As daniel and Diana walked a head Sophie and ninja started to talk together but Diana didn't watch where she was going and got hit by a car!

No, NO! Please don't leave me Diana.. She never gave me my 20. Bucks back ! And I never told her I LOVE her!

"here's your 20 bucks" she said as she woke" now kiss me you fool!

Awww Sophie and I said

The end !