Chapter 2: Training Begins
**Authors note- so I awoke to find a massive number if emails regarding this fanfic. Due to that, this is no longer a concept story but a full fanfiction. As the story grows I hope you enjoy it and at some point I'm going to revise chapter 1. Enjoy**
    The sun had barely broke over the hills and Hutch was already awake. He sat at the edge of the den looked over the dew soaked valley, his enthusiasm hadn't dropped a bit because of the previous days events. He looked down at his bandaged paw and growled. It still burned like Roxa's claws were in his paw. He promised himself that next time, he would fight back. And he would win.
     "Hey Hutch, why are you awake so early," Candu asked sleepily as he walked up beside of his friend.
    "I just can't sleep, I'm too excited," Hutch replied.
    "Good to hear, but lets see how long you can keep that enthusiasm," Tiberius laughed as he stepped from his den. Hutch blushed and nodded as Tiberius yawned widely.
    "All right everybody up, time for the most important meal of the day," Tiberius called.
    "Oh boy breakfast," Candu yelped as he sprang from the den. Tiberius laughed at him and shook his head.
    "Close, but no breakfast is the second most important meal. The most important is a one mile walk to really work up an appetite," he said as he started to stretch his legs.
    "What," complained a large group but Tiberius nodded and they grumbled to themselves as they followed his stretches.
    "Now, I want everyone to follow me, and keep up," he ordered. Hutch nodded, the only one to do so, and Tiberius took off at a mild jogging pace towards the feeding grounds. It was the longest walk Hutch had ever gone on.
    The trail wound through the forrest, passing over dense patches of fallen trees and through wide creeks. Hutch thought the water was refreshing, but there were several complaints about wet fur. Tiberius explained to them that the pack had used this trail to train its alphas for generations. Many many years before anny of their great great grandparents were born.
    "Ever inch of this trail is designed to test you, there are holes everywhere, and I have had many twisted ankles through here. If you don't want to be sitting the next few weeks out I suggest you learn to watch your step. By the end of this year you should be able to run this trail three times a day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner," Tiberius called to the group who was struggling to keep up.
    Just as Tiberius had said, Sadie misplaced her front right paw and started to fall forwards but Hutch caught her, giving her a confident and friendly smile as he did so. She blushed and thanked him as she continued on her run but oxa huffed and decided he was going to be a big shot. He sprinted until he was right behind Tiberius, not falling more than a few feet behind him. Which didn't last long, and within a minute he had fallen behind the entire group, completely whinded. His goons Lobo and Percy right beside him.
    By the time the class made it to the feeding grounds they were absolutely drained. They even had to wait a few minutes for Roxa to catch up to them. They were all panting, huffing and wheezing heavily in the heat of the day, and could have cared less about food, they just wanted water and rest. Tiberius was hardly affected at all, he sat down impatiently as they awaited Roxa, Lobo, and Percy.
    "While we wait on our three, cocky companions to show up, I'll give you all a tip. You'll notice that while going through the streams I took my time, and theres a couple reasons for that. It helps to dip you body down into the water, really just dunk your entire body in, the water will help keep you cool as you run. While your under water, take a few drinks, it helps you stay hydrated as you run. And one more thing, don't swallow the last gulp of water, hold it in your mouth until you stop running, that way you have some hydration to look around for more water. Luckily for you guys there's a small creek right here," Tiberius pushed aside a small bush to reveal a decent sized flowing stream big enough for them to walk in and be up to their chins with water.
    "You know what I have an important lesson to teach regarding Roxa, Lobo, and Percy why not you guys hide in the bushes while I do it," Tiberius said with a sinister look on his face. They all took up different hiding places and soon enough the three rolled in their poor lungs struggling to take in enough air.
    "It's about time you three showed up, but now since the run is over you can get a drink of water," Tiberius said sitting on front of the three. They looked around hopefully but failed to catch the stream.
    "But there's no creek here," Roxa pointed out.
    "Oh I know, you have to run back to the last one and drink there,"
    "WHAT," they all three shouted.
    "Well, there is a shortcut right through those bushes," he said motioning towards the shrubs that concealed the creek. The three took off excitedly and within seconds, SPLASH.
    "AW MAN," Roxa shouted in anger. The entire class started breaking out in laughter, and Tiberius even managed to giggle.
    "Maybe next time you won't try to be such a show off, now drink up so we can eat," Tiberius laughed as he turned away to go help the other alphas bring in some food for them.
    "He can't do that, it's totally unfair," Roxa shouted angrily.
    "He's the teacher, he can do whatever he wants," Hutch laughed as he took a drink of water.
    "Shut up you teachers pet," Roxa barked.
    "Someone woke up in the wrong side of the den," Candu laughed.
    "You too shorty," Percy snapped.
    "Alright eat fast, we've got a long walk back, and when we get back the real fun begins," Tiberius called, easily breaking up the ennsuing argument. Raxus and Hutch glared at one another for a second before Hutch turned away with Sadie and Candu. Roxa and the other two drug themselves from the creek and shook off what water they could. There large pieces of fresh caribou laid out for the pups, but Hutch only ate a small amount. Sadie looked at him with concern and nudged him.
    "Whats the matter Hutch, aren't you hungry," she asked.
    "My mama always told me never to eat more than I thought I needed. She said that everyone in the pack needed to share more and that alphas shouldn't take so much," he said proudly causing Roxa to roll his eyes.
    "My dad always says that if the omegas want any they should go and get it themselves. But since alphas have to do all the hunting we should take whatever we want," Roxa shot back as he satisfied his hunger with as much caribou as he could eat. Tiberius smiled at Hutch and walked over to him.
    "That's a very good way to see things Hutch, and it's wise to only eat a little. Eat to much and about half-way through the run you're gonna lose your breakfast," Tiberius smiled as he nodded at Roxa and his friends.
    "Those three are going to learn that the hard way. I give them until the third stream," he laughed as he stood up and began to inspect everyones status.
    "I like your uncle he's cool," Hutch said to Sadie as he laughed at the comment. Sadie smiled and nodded.
    "Yeah he used to take me on hikes like that all the time, until he becam a teacher. He wanted me to do real good so me and him would plat games all the time. He said it was real good excersise," she said as she finished eating, following Hutch's advice. Even Candu decided to hold off on eating as much.
    Once Tiberius saw that everyone was finished he nodded and set them back off to the training grounds. Hutch, Sadie, Candu, and a few others rushed over and took a couple quick drinks of water before getting a quick gulp to hold until they came across the first creek. The sun was rising quickly, increasing the temperature and making the run even more grueling.
    "Remember that tip I gave you it really helps," Tiberius called as he dunked himself into the first stream. Hutch did exactly as Tiberius said and threw his entire body under water and took three quick drinks before resurfacing and continuing the run. Roxa was once again strugling to keep pace with the others and with each step grew more and more nascious. Then, just as Tiberius had predicted, Roxa, Percy, and Lobo all lost their breakfast at the third stream. Tiberius sighed and stopped the group long enough to let them coold off before resuming the hike.
    "Maybe next time you'll think twice before eating as much," Tiberius laughed as they returned to the training grounds. Roxa grumbled sickly as he sat down and Percy fell on top of Lobo.
    "Well now that we're all back here we can start our day off. Now here's an open question and don't be afarid to answer. What is the most important thing to any alpha,"
    "Strength," Roxa panted.
    "Close but not so much,"
    "Stealth," Sadie answered shyly.
    "Precicely. You can be the weakest alpha in the pack but you can still avoid even the best hunters if you're stealthy. Which brings us to our first lesson. It's kind of like a game of hide and seek. You'll all go out into the valley and hide, and I'll come and find you. When I find you, you come back here, everyone understand," everyone nodded and Tiberius followed them.
    "Good, now go hide," he ordered. They all took off into the field, hiding in various places, some beside trees, some in the tall grass. Hutch ran to the side of the valley, near the mountain, and jumped into a small opening between a rock and the cliff. It was small enough for him to slide into, and dark enough to conceal his fur.
    "Out," Tiberius called as he ran across the first of the pups. Hutch's heart raced in his chest and he layed flat in the grass to try and stay hidden.
    "Out," Tiberius called again.
    "Out, out and out,"
    "Stay calm Hutch," he whispered to himself.
    "Candu I see you, out," Tiberuis laughed as Candu grumbled in anger.
    "You're still safe, he can't see you here," he whispered nervously.
    "Out Roxa, Percy, and Lobo," Hutch smiled and laughed to himself as his three least favorite wolves were counted out.
    "Two left, Hutch and Sadie," any enjoyment Hutch had was suddenly drained from him. He was up against one of a girl that he really liked, and he didn't want her to be heartbroken. But at the same time, he wanted to win.
    "Out," Hutch's heart sank into his chest and he felt like just sitting there and not comming back out.
    "Winner Hutch, you can come out now," Tiberius called. Hutch jumped from behind the rock, with his head hung low, until he saw the smile on Sadie's face.
    "Hutch that was such a good hiding spot," she laughed as she nuzzled him.
    "Good job now everyone take a good lesson for this. Remember what you did that didn't work, learn from it. We're going to practice this every day until it takes me and three other alphas an hour to find one of you. Now it's time for some excersise," the next few hours involved grueling sessions of running, pouncing, and other excersises that made all of their muscles cry in pain.
    "An alpha needs strength to protect the pack. You need to learn to block out pain, if the pack is ever at war you won't have time to take a break so you'll just have to live with the cramps, the muscle aches, and the weakness," Tiberius urged as they struggled to keep up with him.
    "Pain is just weakness leaving your body, your muscles will grow to become more powerful, your bodys more agile and flexible, don't give up,"
    "Impressive," said Winston as he seemed to appear from nowhere. Much to everyone's relief Tiberius allowed them to stop and rest while he talked to Winston.
    "Tiberius, it seems you class is catching on quick," Winston complimented.
    "They've surprised me, especially Hutch," Winston sighed and looked over at Hutch who was sitting next to Sadie defensively.
    "That's kind of why I'm here," Winston said lowly. Tiberius frowned and looked back at Hutch.
    "What's wrong, I hope it isn't anything too serious," he said with concern.
    "It's regarding his mother Mina. Earlier today there was an incident, and she was hurt severely. By the time Eve and the other healers arrived, it was too late. Hutch has been orphaned," Winston said with a tear rolling down his face. Tiberius gasped in shock and was left speechless.
    "Poor Hutch, how do we break the news to him," Tiberius said chocking back the urge to cry.
    "We can't break it to him, not now, we'll have to wait until his classes are finished," Winston said causing Tiberius to go wide eyed.
    "Winston you can't be serious, he just lost his only parent and we're going to hide it from him," Tiberius argued.
    "I know it sounds bad to do this, but it's for his own good. The poor thing is only a year old, and he needs this more than anything. If we were to tell him there's no telling what would happen, he might even resort to suicide," Winston countered. Tiberius sat silent for a moment, and then sighed.
    "Winston, as much as I don't agree with this, you're right. But you're going to tell him, I couldn't bear to break that poor pups heart," Tiberius took another look back at Hutch and felt a tear pour down his cheek.
    "Why Winston, why did he have to lose them both," Tiberius cried softly.
    "Bad things always happen to good wolves Tiberius. There's no doubt that Hutch is in for a rough life, it's going to get hard on him. But the way I see it is once he leaves here, he'll either have to move on and find a den of his own, or he can live with me and Eve," Winston said sadly.
    "Winston, I think as long as that pup has Sadie around, he will be alright," Tiberius said with a disheatened smile as Hutch handed Sadie a small flower. Hutch was completely oblivious to the conversation, but Roxa heard every word of it.