So i just saw Alpha and Omega and i thought it was amazing, romantic, funny, adventure and most inportantly animated! It was the best movie i ever saw so i looked if the movie would continue and what did i find i found Alpha and Omega 2 i was so excited so i checked for the plot, images, a trailer. And i found nothing so i looked for the release date and found, the wiki for crest productions and it says this...

Title    Release date    Ref(s)
Norm of the North    TBA    
Alpha and Omega 2    1/4/2013    

But i also saw a few other fan forums talking about the release date being April or May so im kinda confused so im just hoping that the date is what crest productions said it would be, January 4th 2013.

Thank you, please tell me if you find information on the release date for Alpha and Omega 2!