Snow C-2
an Alpha & Omega story

Disclaimer: This chapter contains scenes of violence, blood and upsetting scenes.
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Chapter 2: On a date with fate

(The next morning)
(Snow's POV)

I awoke from my late night sleep and stretched my legs and started walking to the mouth of the den. It was a beautiful day but it wasn't very warm, despite that the sun was out and thats all i wanted to see. So today is the big day where I have to make the journey to the central pack and see if I'm going to get a warm welcome or make a journey that's going to end in me getting killed as soon as I put one paw onto the territory.

Anyways I walked out of the den picking up the left over fox from last night and took it to the lake. Once I arrived I dropped the fox out of my mouth and approached the water lapping up as much as I can before my long 40 minute walk. I feasted on my final fox to give me the energy I need to make the exhausting journey, I licked the blood of my fangs and looked at the suns position.

From what I remember from what my parents told me the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. I started my long journey heading in the direction of where the sun had risen. 10 minutes into my journey I thought to myself of what the wolf meant by "Death comes to the ones you love" is that supposed to be some sort of curse? I hope not, because a curse is the last thing I want in my life.

I shook the thought out of my head, trying not to bring up the past so I continued to walk for another 30 minutes and stopped at the border of the territory taking in a huge breath of air and exhaling and started my approach into the territory.

"Hey you! Stop right there!" The two voices were unmistakeable I already knew who they were but besides that I guess this is the part where I get killed and eaten

"Please Candu... Hutch I mean you no harm." I pleaded

"Hey Snow welcome back." Hutch smiled

"Huh What?! You were expecting me?" I tilted my head in confusion.

"Of course we were. Kate sent us out on special request to find you Snow." Hutch smiled

"So Snow what have you been up to?" Candu asked.

"As you might already know I was wolfnapped 3 years ago and I have been living outside the western territory trying to keep myself alive by hunting prey, and all the time I have been alone in my den and it has been my sworn destiny to take revenge on the wolf that took me away from my parents and I'm glad to say I eventually got my revenge and killed that very wol—"

"I've heard enough!" Hutch interrupted

"We need to inform Humphrey and Kate that we found Snow."

"Did you hear what he said? He has killed another wolf. Doesn't that make him a danger to the pack? Why can't we kill him where he stands?"

"No it's unnecessary Candu. The pack leaders would urgently like to see Snow and I'm sure it will be pointless bringing a dead corpse for the pack leaders to hug and embrace." He chuckled at his joke

"If that's what you say Hutch. Ok Snow welcome back! you may enter the territory as long as we escort you back to the central pack den. As much as is kills me to say it but I'm glad your back Snow."

"Thanks guys." I smiled

So i started walking towards the central pack with Candu and Hutch following close behind, as we walked along I noticed a lot of wolves sitting outside their dens looking at me, murmuring.

"who do you think that is?"
"I've never seen him before"
"why is he not dead he's a stray, I don't trust stray wolves around here."
"He's not a stray you idiot he's the wolf who went missing three years ago..."
"Shut up!"

As we arrived at the central pack we walked up to the hill and I was suddenly stopped by Hutch

"Wait here whilst me and Candu talk to the head alphas"

"And if you try anything 'funny' your dead." Candu said with a sly grin

As they entered the den I heard subtle voices echoing through the den and it sounded like the entire family was there which seemed promising.

(Hutch's POV)

"Humphrey, Kate we're sorry to interrupt but we have good news... We have found Snow who has just recently returned to the territory."

"We found him outside the border of the western territory." Candu butted in.

"Snow has returned?!" Ryan and Jessie jumped up in excitement.

"Well what's he doing outside? Bring him in." Kate interrupted.

"Sorry ma'am I'll get him now." Hutch nodded in agreement and walked outside the den.

(Snow's POV)

I have been waiting outside for at-least 15 minutes until I noticed Hutch exiting the den and he approached me saying "The pack leaders would like to speak to you."

"Oh boy" I gulped

"Don't look to scared it's not like your gonna get eaten or anything" Hutch chucked

"Oh yeah" I laughed hysterically for a brief moment and started walking into the den with my head slumped to the floor as soon, as I entered the den I looked towards the five wolves sitting before me until I noticed Jessie running up towards me with an excitable grin on her muzzle. The she-wolf jumped towards me and knocked me to the ground.


"SNOW! I've missed you so much!" Jessie hugged me as tight as a knot

Eventually she let go and I inhaled deeply to regain oxygen.

Everyone was looking at us when Jessie got off me and stood back up to regain her composure.

"Awkward" Humphrey muttered under his breath. Kate chuckled at his joke.

"Welcome back Snow you've changed since we last saw you." Kate looked at me with a grin.

"Well apart from being torn away from my family... I do agree that i have toughened up since I was last here..."

"Well Snow you haven't only toughened up I think you look cuter now than you looked when you were a pup."

"Well umm thanks Kate. I never expected such a compliment." I said blushing under my fur

"SNOW?!" We all looked and turned towards the direction of the distant voice only moments later to see two shadows appear from nowhere as they entered the den panting like they had ran for miles.

"Mom? Dad?" A sad smile formed on my muzzle as a tear started to roll down my cheek

"How did you know I was here?"

"Words get passed around quite quick around here but besides that we've missed you so much" they said as they pulled in for the tightest hug they could give.

They pulled away from the tight embrace and took a step back.
"Oh Snow I'm glad your back but there is some news we have to break to you." Rebecca looked into my eyes with a deep concern held within her gaze.

"What's that mom?"

"Come here and I'll tell you."

I approached my mother and she started whispering into my ear to make sure no-one else heard what she was saying.

"Me and Vincent had a long talk about it and we think you should howl with Jessie at the moonlight howl..."

I then whispered into my mothers ears "Err we should talk about this in our den in private..."

"Well Snow welcome back to the central pack. I'm sure you would love to go back to your parents den." Humphrey smiled

"Thanks Humphrey. And I'd like to apologise to Ryan for being 3 years late for the hunt." I chuckled

"It's ok buddy it wasn't your fault." Ryan chuckled

"If its ok with you Kate I would like some alpha training because, I have missed a lot of alpha training." I chuckled

"You will have to see garth at the other side of the territory for alpha training" Kate said looking at her paws

"Stupid barf." Humphrey muttered under his breath

"HUMPHREY!" Kate immediately shot back up with her eyes darting at Humphrey

"Sorry, sorry its too irresistible"

"Hey guys what's going on?" Garth entered the den with a grin

"Oh hey Garth" Humphrey said with a sly grin

"Where's Lilly?" Kate said looking to Garth

"Lilly's back at the den looking after the kids"

"Sounds kinda irresponsible don't you think barf– I mean Garth?"

"Swear to God Humphrey if you don't stop calling me barf–" Garth said clenching his teeth

"But that's your name isn't it? Or am I getting confused with someone else?" Humphrey laughed

"I will literately dunk your head underwater and keep it there until you suffocate!" Garth smiled despite the dark threat

"GARTH!" Kate yelled

'YELP!' Garth winced

"If you even lay a paw on my husband I will take it clean off and shove it down your throat."

"Yipes... Sorry Humphrey"

"So what's all the commotion about?" Garth said rubbing the back of his neck with his paw

"An old friend of Humphrey and Kate has returned to the territory after three years. Me and Candu found him on the far western side of the border." Hutch said walking towards Garth

"Oh really well let's speak to this newly returned wolf."

"What's your name kid?"

"Snow sir."

"You've got a can-do attitude kid I'll give you that. So what brings you to the central pack?"

"He needs alpha training because he was wolfnapped 3 years ago when he was a pup." Rebecca interrupted

"Oh mom!" I hid my face of embarrassment

"What? Did I embarrass you?" She chuckled

"Sorry Garth but I am in need alpha training if you don't mind?"

"Of course Snow I'll set you up with one of my finest trainers. Come with me to the eastern side of the central pack and I will let you meet my family and afterwords we can get you acquainted with your trainer."

"Thank you sir I won't let you down." I smiled wagging my tail

"But if you don't mind Garth? Can I just go to my parents den first before we set off?"

"I see no harm in it... I'll come with you and wait outside your den."

Me, Garth, Vincent and Rebecca turned around and started our walk to my parents den.

(Jessie's POV)

I watched as the newly returned wolf walked with Garth and Snow's parents head out the den. I looked at the ground letting out a sigh.

"What gives between you two?"

"Huh? What?" I said shooting back up to an upright position, my attention took me straight to my annoying brother Ryan.

"I said, what gives with the awkward staring at Snow. It's like you can't take your eyes off him."

Wow was I really doing that? I hardly noticed, how long was I doing it for?

"Jeez... I don't know."

"You love him don't you?"

"No I don't!" I responded with a snap.

"Your denying it." Ryan said with a sly grin forming on his muzzle.

"Shut up arguing you two!" Kate exclaimed.

"Sorry mom" me and Ryan said in unison.

"Leave 'em bee Kate they are old enough to talk about dating."

"I'm too young to become a grandparent." Kate said with a sad expression

"But your mom and da–"

"Don't talk about my parents Humphrey. I still haven't gotten over their passing–" She interrupted with tears starting to form in her eyes

"Sorry Kate we will leave you alone for a while."

"Come everyone let Kate have time on her own for a while."

Me, Ryan, Candu, Hutch and Humphrey all walked out of the den leaving Kate behind to shed her tears.

"I kinda feel sorry for her Humphrey."

"I know what's she's been through Jessie I try not to think of my parents."

"What happened to them?" Ryan asked tilting his head in curiosity.

"They... We're... I'm sorry guys I can't say it" Humphrey walked away from everyone making subtle whines.

"Oh..." I dropped my head to the ground

"Come on Ryan lets get some water from the river I'm thirsty."

"Yeah me too." Ryan turned and walked to the river with me around 5 minutes later we soon arrived at the river and we approached the cool refreshing water and lapped up what we could manage. I then walked away from the water and sat by a tree on the soft green grass. Thinking why I suddenly fell in love with a friend that went missing for 3 years. Sure he's brony and perfect, he's got those beautiful blue eyes which sparkle every-time you look at them and that sweet caring tone to his voice—

"Jessie? Jessie? Hello? Are you still here?"

I felt a large knock to my head and suddenly came back to reality.

"Oh thank god! I thought I'd lost you there. You were just sitting there drooling with a weird grin on your face. It was kinda creepy."

"Was I? Geez what's gotten into me?"

"It's that Snow isn't it?"

"Yes..." I said blushing under my fur

Ryan just sat there with a look on his face like he was about to scream the secret I just revealed.

"Just don't tell anyone ok. I've never admitted i had a crush on him before."

"Oh I won't..." Ryan responded with a hint of sarcasm with a sly grin forming on his muzzle,

"I'm serious Ryan! if Snow ever knew I don't know if he will feel the same way about me."

"Ok sis just for you." He smiled

"Thanks Ryan... I knew I could trust you." Jessie took her paws and wrapped them around Ryan and pulled him in for a comforting hug.

(Snow's POV)

We soon arrived at my parents den and Garth sat outside the entrance of the den whilst me, Vincent and Rebecca entered the den. I turned around to my mother and a red mist of anger descended on my face.

"You want me to ask Jessie to the moonlight how!? Sure we are the best of friends but I don't love her."

"But Snow you've seen how she reacts around you. She's in love with you, and you can't find it in your heart to you love her back... Just open your damn eyes and see it for yourself!" Vincent looked at me with a not too pleased look on his face.

"NO! I won't love a girl that you want me to love! Just understand that I don't love her and I never will!"

"Snow... Please understand that mating season isn't too far away and Vincent and I want you to be the one, beside her when she goes into heat." Rebecca took a deep gaze at Snow and exhaled deeply.

"Are you insane!? I gave you my answer and that answer is no!"

"But Snow–" Vincent interrupted

"But nothing! You know what, I'm starting to think your not my parents. You've never supported me whenever I needed it... And you made no effort to come looking for me when I was taken. What sort of heartless parents would do that?! I'll would suggest you let me leave now because I have the bloody intention to slit your throats!"

"Snow... Get... Out." Vincent muttered

"Sorry what?" Snow asked


"Good! Because I hate it here! And if this is your attitude towards me after all of the near death experiences I've been through... I hope your life will be last thing I ever remember."

I turned around in a angered mood and walked outside the den nodding my head to Garth and we started walking to the eastern side of the central pack.

(Vincent's POV)

Vincent exhaled deeply to release the stress he was dealing with and turned to his wife, Rebecca.

"Something tells me that he knows a truth that he isn't supposed to know."

"I sense that too... Looks like we have to visit our old friends the 'wolves' we must kill Snow, I don't want him finding out who his real parents are..."

Rebecca nodded in agreement and they started to walk out of their den and headed to the forbidden lands of the northern territory. We walked into the land which was a pretty dull, dark forest area with no life in the trees or the ground. We then approached an abandoned den to face the wolves that were sitting deep within the bowels of the den. Then a deep voice echoed from the walls of the den as a dark coloured wolf approached Vincent and Rebecca.

"Well, well, well if it isn't my old friends Vincent and Rebecca..."

"Me and Rebecca have a wolf we want dead." Vincent looked the dark coloured wolf in the eyes with all seriousness.

"Name?" The wolf asked

"Snow..." Vincent responded

"Ahh the 'target'... On what cause?" The wolf circled Vincent and Rebecca like he was gonna make them his meal.

"He knows about his real parents." Rebecca explained

"Good enough for me." The wolf chuckled letting out a growl.

"Kill anyone who stands in your way. Kill the ones he loves to make him weak and bleed of his own sorrow." Vincent added

"Will do." The wolf laughed and sprinted out of the den and disappeared into the lifeless forest by the look of the direction he headed... he is heading to the western territory.

(Snow's POV)

I've been walking with Garth for 20 minutes now and we have at-long last arrived at the eastern side of the central pack.

"Honey! Kids! I'm home'!" Garth shouted from a distance

"Daddy!" Rose shouted in excitement

"We've missed you so much!" Ray said as he pulled in to hug Garth

"I've missed you too guys. Go back to the den whilst I sort out Snow ok?"

"Ok dad." Ray and Rose said in unison and started walking to their parents den

"Hello dear"

I saw a snow white she-wolf approach Garth and give him a lick to the cheek.

"Aww honey I love it when you do that." Garth chuckled.

"Easy tiger we can do that later." His mate said in a seductive tone

"Ahem" I cleared my throat

"Oh sorry buddy. Lilly this is Snow from the western side of the central pack. He returned here not too long ago after a wolfnapping."

"Nice to meet you Lilly." I smiled

"Sorry to hear about the wolfnapping Snow"

"It's ok Lilly I try to forget about it."

"Let's go to the den and then we can talk in private for a while Snow." Lilly stood up and started walking to the den with Garth and I followed. It wasn't that far to the den I passed many couples with pups playing chasing their tails and nibbling on their parents ears. Also walking by a few ponds and a waterfall that sparkled in the sunlight. I also noticed a small opening between two trees that looked like a meadow of multicoloured flowers that was strangely illuminated by a holy light it was the most beautiful place I've seen. Until we arrived at the den, we entered the den and all of a sudden I just stopped dead, looking at the beauty of the girl before me, her fur was a golden orange accompanied by a white underbelly and her eyes were a golden amber. Her hair contained a lavender coloured flower that sat behind her ear for a touch of perfection.

"Snow? Are you ok buddy?" Garth tapped my shoulder. I shook my head to come back to reality noticing that Garth was a paw away from my face.

"Umm yeah I'm fine"

"You didn't look fine... Your jaw dropped completely when you saw at my oldest daughter. And I know what your thinking so don't bother."

"Oh you mean me? Her? No of-course not..." I nervously chuckled

"Good, now lets go talk to her and we'll introduce you two and then we can have that nice talk with my wife."

We walked over to the golden she-wolf and stopped, soon as we approached her.

"Violet this is Snow"

"Nice to meet yo–" she stopped mid-sentence as we suddenly locked into each others eyes dazed by the beauty of those eyes of hers. We must of stayed like that for what felt like hours because the sun was starting to descend over the horizon. We then broke out of our trance like state to continue the conversation.

"Nice to meet you too Violet. I hope we get to know each other better one day." She smiled as I walked towards Lilly who was waiting patiently by her mate.

"You know it's hard to tell between Violet and Kate, they both look alike." I chuckled

"Shut up Snow and listen to Lilly" Garth snapped.

"Now Snow I'm only going to say this once so I hope you pay attention, If you harm anyone we will remove you from the territory no questions asked. If you kill a wolf in this territory our pack will hunt you down and kill you ourselves."

"Yes Lilly I understand. I promise that no harm will come to you or the central pack and make this a promise I would keep for a million lifetimes."

"Good, now Garth you were supposed to do something?"

"Oh yeah, training of course." Garth chuckled

We walked to the mouth of the den and headed towards a group of wolves talking among themselves from the looks of it they were alpha wolves. So possibly a lot of bad things can happen here. I walked along with Garth, trying to keep my nerves in tact. As we approached the wolves Garth announced

"Serena report for duty!"

All of a sudden a dark coloured wolf jumps out of the trees jumping high in the air and doing a backflip to land on top of a tall flat rock, finishing with a heroic stance.

"Serena reporting for duty sir!"

"Very impressive work Serena, I'd like you to meet Snow. He needs the best of the best alpha training."

"Let me check him over first, hmm good muscle tone, strong posture, not easily intimidated that's good. I'm sure he'll make a fine puppet."

"Puppet..." I gulped

"Good luck Serena I'll be back by tomorrow to see your progress. Make sure the training is as demanding as possible, I want to see blood and tears in the morning." Garth smiled

"I'm doomed."

"Ok pretty boy time to get down and dirty. Your not going to be able to move after this because your gonna break every bone in your body."

"Every bone?" I said Gulping

"Yep, you're gonna love it."

"Oh poo..."

I gingerly walked to the training grounds which looked like a torture ground with jagged rocks to break your spine, trees that have fallen and left the trunks with spikes sharp enough to impale a bear. It looks like this is going to be my final resting place.

"Aww it ain't so bad Snow. The only thing you have to do is not break your bones on everything!" Serena Laughed

"Thanks for the— advice."

"Now for the first part of training... We are going to improve your bite. To do this we are going to get a log."

"That's it? A log? So much for breaking every bone in my body huh?"

"I wouldn't get so cocky, I'm choosing the size and your gonna break it with your mouth."

"Ok" I said with a slight nervousness in my voice.

(Meanwhile in the western side of the central pack)

(Ryan's POV)

I'm walking along with Jessie to our parents den the darkened rain clouds that had formed under the starry night sky as I felt a few drops of water fall on my nose.

"Come on Jessie we need to hurry its going to be another stormy night and I don't wanna come back smelling like wet wolf... Jessie? Jessie? Oh no... JESSIE!" Ryan started panicking about loosing sight of Jessie until he heard a distant voice.


"I'M COMING JESSIE!" Ryan sprinted to the cry for help. He sprinted to the growing voice and jumped over a large rock and swerved between each tree narrowly missing a jagged rock that made him stumble but he managed to regain momentum and eventually reached a open ground that was surrounded by a flourish of trees and flowers. Ryan stopped in his tracks to find a dark coloured wolf holding Jessie by his right forearm around her neck like he was about to strangle her.

"Take a step closer and my claws are gonna rip her pretty face and body apart." He wasn't joking either he lifted up his left paw and drew one of his claws pointing it to Jessie's neck line.

"Please don't harm her!" Ryan pleaded

Ryan inhaled deeply and let out a low pitched howl that could be heard for miles.

"Ha! No-one can hear you out here! It's a shame to see a girl like this die... After all she is in love with Snow..." The wolf chuckled

"How—did—you—know?" Jessie struggled to speak her sentence as she was being held tight by the wolfs grasp.

"Let's just say his so called parents are in my little cult. And they happened to know about your little crush on him." The wolf grinned whilst Ryan inhaled again to let out a second howl...

(Meanwhile in the eastern side of the central pack)

(Snow's POV)


My ears pricked up to the sound of an endangered wolfs howl, I couldn't ignore the sound even if I was still biting on a tough log to try and break it... but a wolf is in danger and I cant just leave them to die so I dropped the log out of my mouth and approached Serena to see if I could answer the call for help.

"Serena I need to see what's wrong... It sounds like Ryan is in need of help."

"Sure Snow I'll come with you just in-case if we run into anything dangerous." Serena nodded her head in understanding and listened to figure out where the howl came from...


"It's coming from the western side of the territory! Come on let's go!" I exclaimed whilst starting our sprint towards the western central pack. We jumped over rocks and jumped every river that got in our way to get to the wolf as quickly as we can and we arrived moments later to find that Jessie was being held hostage in a familiar wolfs grasp and Ryan was keeping his distance. To ensure that his sister couldn't be harmed so I walked towards Ryan and turned to face the wolf that had my friend in his grasp.

"What do you want from me!?" I exclaimed

"Stay with Ryan and make sure he's ok." I looked to Serena and she nodded in agreement.

"Vincent and Rebecca want you dead Snow and I'm stopping at nothing until your blood is spilled... And I'm going to start by killing your girlfriend here..." A evil grin formed on the wolfs muzzle as his claw impaled Jessie's neck making Jessie loudly yelp as the blood seeped from her neck and stained her grey fur.

"STOP! Don't hurt her anymore! Please! Take my life instead... Just–let–her... Go." A tear had escaped my eye and was about to burst out in tears but I had to keep strong.

"Ha! Vincent was right your only weakness is the ones you love." He removed his claw and brutally pushed Jessie to the ground making a large thud.

"Jessie!" I Quickly ran to Jessie's aid and held her in my arms.

"Your going to be fine Jessie I'll keep you safe." I held her close and gave her a kiss to her forehead.

"Does this mean you love me Snow?" Jessie stuttered

"Yes... I mean no... I mean I don't know. Ugh what I'm trying to say is that life is full of unexpected things Jessie... But I'm a friend, a best friend and your like a sister to me so that's why I care about you but you should never give up on those you want to love and if you pursue that, they might love you back."

"But—I—love—YOU—snow." Jessie passed out in my arms and I set her down in the most careful way possible.

"If only if I felt the same way about you Jessie I really do..." I sadly looked to the ground.

"Aww how touching, and here I was hoping to surprise you. I guess your senses aren't as dull as Vincent said they would be.
But then, that pretentious prick seems to get a kick out of screwing with others' heads."

"YOU LEAVE THEM OUT OF THIS! Those so called parents are nothing but a recycled half of a being beyond my comprehension." I exclaimed

"Serena take Ryan and Jessie back to Humphrey and Kate's den and tell them what happened." I looked to Serena with a concerned look.

"Will you be ok Snow?" Serena responded

"I've got this... You take care of them ok? And... If I don't come back then you know what's happened..." Serena nodded in agreement and nudged her nose under Jessie and rolled her onto Serena's back and headed towards the central pack den.

"Well isn't this a case of bad memories... It's obvious you never give up. I thought we scarred you already by taking away your paren— oh wait they weren't. Ha! How stupid do I feel..."

"You think you can get to me by taking hostage of my friends!" I barked

"Oh you mean your little girlfriend?" The wolf chuckled with a smirk forming on his muzzle.


"Oh that's a shame... But I'm sure your death today will put you out of your pathetic misery." The wolf laughed and sprinted towards me and knocked me down and held me by his paw. However his power was too overwhelming, I couldn't break free from his grasp as he picked up a rock that was near-by which was larger than my head.

"I'm feeling generous today and I'm gonna let you have a long and painful death." He demonically laughed as he repeatedly bashed the rock into my arms and legs as I yelped continuously as each blow broke my bones. The yelping got louder as the torture continued... He drew his claws from where he was pinning me down and slowly impaled my chest, dragging them across as slowly as he can I yelped loudly whilst the blood seeped from the cut I cried even louder, it became so loud, it could have been heard from both sides of the central pack. He eventually stopped because the cry was starting to pain his hears, he removed his claws from my chest and panted of exhaustion from his unholy evil torture method.

"Ha! Looks like this is your final resting place. Don't worry I'll make sure your friends will be comforted by your death... when I'm eating the flesh off their dead corpses!" The wolf laughed

The wolf took his paw off me and walked away, grinning at his dominance whilst I lay motionless on the floor whimpering at my pain. The blood still seeping from the three claw markings the wolf had left on my weak, useless body. Everything stated to go faint, I felt a slight dizziness forming in my head and the green grass that was stained by the blood of defeat started to become a blur, my eye lids became heavy and a bright light stated to shine in the distance with a silhouette of a female wolf coming towards me...

"M-M-Mom???" I stuttered.

The she-wolf sat beside me and opened her mouth to speak the words...

"Snow... What ever the danger, you must keep strong... Use your inner strength to protect those you love... And remember Snow..."

"Keep strong, never lose hope." I interrupted and quickly added "thank you." The she-wolf stood up and walked away into the light and disappeared. The light got brighter and I passed out into the world of no beginning.


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