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CanzetYote posted on Dec 23, 2010 at 08:38PM
A forum game I made up. Poster 1 calls out the name of a character and asks him/her a question. Next poster pretends to be character and answer said question than asks characters more questions.

I've got some questions:

1.Humphrey, do you wear blue contacts or are you eyes naturally blue?

2.Salty, you're my favorite character! Can I have your autograph?

3.Kate, what would you do when faced with a swarm of angry yellow jackets?

4.Shakey, could I please dress you up in a sailor suit and tickle you with a giant feather? PLEASE?

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over a year ago UriahA said…
Answers to your questions:
Humphrey: My eyes are naturally blue, I don't have sight problems
Salty: Of course you can have my autograph dude
Kate: I would pull out a flamethrower and burn them alive.
Shakey: Sure! I'd love that!

Now my questions:
Eve: Why do you have such an Attitude
Tony: What makes Anubis love you so much?
Mooch: Why are you so fat
Humphrey: Will you marry me? PPPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE You can be on the top
Winston: Why are your daughters so hot?
Paddy and Marcel: Why do you two suck so much?
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over a year ago anubis210 said…
lol thanks for the tony one :P
over a year ago katealphawolf said…
Eve: I had social problems growing up with my siblings, they would always beat me up during meals
Tony: Anubis loves me because I am the most capable member of my pack, who can pop in his spinal disc and still outrun a stampede of caribou other than me?
Mooch: I ate Saltys mom, since then he has always had trouble eating
Humphrey: Kate is my mate but as long as she dosen't find out, yes!
Winston: Kate is a talented, powerful Alpha with a attitude of sugar, spice and everything nice. Lilly never showed interest in Alpha work, but has a great sense of humor, making her a very unique Omega, but when threatened Eve is always at her side so don't push it! Uh oh! I think I hear Eve walking into the cave, gotta go!
Paddy and Marcel: Well you see our brains are smaller than yours so we really don't know what it is that you say! Ask a golf question and we'll tell you anything!
over a year ago katealphawolf said…
My questions
Kate: why are you my favorite character and why are you so hot?
Humphrey: why does Uriah and NadineDeer always argue about who became your first fan?
Tony: how can you do all the things you do with a broken back?
Eve: are you part pit bull? Why is your head so big and the rest of your body smaller?
Winston: you are sorta like Humphrey, is there something that happened before you and Eve met? (If you were a Omega its okay to tell me!)
Paddy and Marcel: have you guys ever tried go-carts? They are way cooler and gets a bigger adrenalin rush than golf!
over a year ago anubis210 said…
tony dosnt have a broken back, but awesome to the one about me and tony :D
over a year ago NadineDeer said…
LOL I love that question about Humphrey that has to do with me and Uriah. You can't possibly answer that one correctly without making someone laugh or feel bad about it XP
over a year ago D0nuts said…
Kate: Well, Humphrey confessed to me the other day saying he had an erection and I told him that it was perfectly normal when I'm around. <3
Humphrey: I guess I'm just so dashingly handsome that I attract those of both sexes. I find it slightly awkward with UriahA on one side and NadineDeer on my other when I wake up in the morning. Kate is on top of course.
Tony: I'm simply pro like that. Also if I didn't I would be disappointing anubis210.
Eve: Shall I shove one down your throat for you to see?
Winston: Humphrey is the son of one of my old SEAL buddies. He and his wife were hunted down and killed by foreign intelligence shortly after Humphrey was born. I've been taking care of Humphrey and keeping him away from that kind of life. Truth is Humphrey should have been an alpha but that might have drawn unwanted attention to him.
P&M: Hmm this Go-Kart reminds me of what's that word, cup-cake so I would prefer not to.
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over a year ago D0nuts said…
Garth: How are you so sexy? Tell me your secret!
Lilly: I love your fur! Was one of your ancestors an arctic wolf?
Eve: Have you umm ever considered to consult with a therapist?
Humphrey: When playing COD or Halo what's your weapon of choice?
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over a year ago anubis210 said…
tony: will u marry me :D:D
over a year ago Humphreywolf said…
MY EYES ARE NATURALLY BLUE! even though they change color every 5 minutes. i have multicolor eyes
over a year ago D0nuts said…
Wait seriously? Dang I never noticed that (the color change that is).
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over a year ago josemurcia2 said…
got some questions
humphrey, whts your favorite type of music
kate, did u love humphrey from the time u had together on when u were both young
eve, have u ever pull someones eyes out and shove it down there throught
winston, just wanted to say hi
lilly, how come ur fur is white and ur dad has black fur and ur mom has tan fur, is this a birth afect tht hapen to u
tony, wht happen to ur mate
tht is all
over a year ago PrinceRhaegar said…
Tony: Anubis got rid of her so he could be with me
over a year ago anubis210 said…
over a year ago PrinceRhaegar said…
Humphrey: Metal of course
over a year ago SheWolf11 said…
LOL this is funny X3
over a year ago UriahA said…
Kate: I liked him as a friend not loved him
Eve: I'm Catholic, I never did, it's just a threat
Winston: What up yo!
Lilly: I don't know what happened. Either way, I look sexy
over a year ago UriahA said…
Humphrey: Who is your favorite band?
Kate: Would you become an Omega to be with Humphrey?
Hutch: Are you really Humphrey's older brother?
Cando: If you were in the military would you be a sniper?
Garth: Did you do a girl before you were married?
Paddy: Why don't you get a golf cart to drive Marcel around?
over a year ago arcticwolf07 said…
Humphrey: Whatever happens to be on the radio at the time! I could rock out to Enya, I rock so hard.
Kate: No. I'm too "type A" to ever be an Omega. No need now, anyway, thank goodness.
Hutch: No, but I did perform in a KISS tribute band at one time. I was the drummer.
Cando: Nah, I'd just get pissed if I blew a shot and go and attack 'em myself, anyway.
Garth: No. The girls in the Eastern pack all avoided me at our Moonlight Howls, for some strange reason.
Paddy: Once Marcel wins the U.S. Open, he can buy his own cart. I'll gladly drive him around in it after that.
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over a year ago arcticwolf07 said…
Winston: Before the rules were changed about Alphas and Omegas, did you ever think you might have to punish Humphrey for being all hot for Kate?
Tony: Did your pack over-hunt the caribou in your territory, or did they all just migrate to the valley to get away?
Kate: I know how you feel about responsibility, being an Alpha and all, but have you ever felt like just saying "Bag this! I'm just gonna have some fun!"?
Humphrey: What were you really thinking when you told your "crew" they were "Cool" just before the first Moonlight Howl in the movie?
Mooch: What WOULDN'T you eat?
Little bluebirds: Were you ever afraid you'd be eaten after Garth stunned you out of the sky?
over a year ago UriahA said…
Winston: No, I'm not mean like that, Eve would probably tear him apart though.
Tony: I'm pretty sure my pack over-hunted, we're ferocius beasts
Kate:No, I'm always on responsibility, I hate play and love responsibility
Humphrey: I really don't want to be mean, but I'm fessing up, I thought they were really dorky and, well, uncool
Mooch: I don't eat hard stuff, nor do I eat the grass or dirt, but I admit I do eat a lot.
Little Blue birds: We were paralyzed after that terrible howl so we couldn't think about anything
over a year ago UriahA said…
Humphrey: Would you kill Shakey Salty or Mooch if they killed Kate?
Kate: What would you do if you found out Humphrey was cheating on you for me?
Tony: How do you do it? How do you pop a disk in your back then out run a caribou stampede?
Mooch: How fast do you run a mile in?
Eve: How would you feel if Garth killed Liily?
Paddy: If I paid you $100 to steal Marcel's golf clubs and hide them, would you do it?
Shakey: Were you gay at the beginning of the movie then straighten out?
Winston: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love Eve?
Cando: Are you single, or do you have a mate?
over a year ago shewolflilly said…
i never watched the movie, i watched it on ondemand but i fast forward throough it and stopped to watch the lilly and garth parts only ;(
over a year ago UriahA said…
wow, just wow
over a year ago shewolflilly said…
wow,just wow to who???????????????????????????????????????­???­???
over a year ago UriahA said…
over a year ago alphakatewolf said…
winston: are you scared of eve?
kate: how long is your tail
tony: do you know why anubis210 is named after an egyptian god?
eve: how many wolves do you scare in a year?
humphrey: do you know why UrihA loves you?
lilly: are you some kinda snow wolf?
garth: do you wonder why no girls howl with you
hutch: youre just plain awesome
over a year ago UriahA said…
Winston: Eve is my mate, what do you think
KAte: You know... normal sized
Tony: I don't know I love him either way
Eve: A ton
Humphrey: Ask him. I love him a shit ton though
Lilly: No, but I'm still sexy
Garth: Uhh...yeah
Hutch: thanks
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over a year ago anubis210 said…
tony is sweet ^^ <3
over a year ago hank666 said…
Humphrey: do you think hutch looks like you?

Kate:how long have you had a crush on Humphrey?

Hutch: is Humphrey your brother?

Eve: do you really hate Humphrey that much?

Garth: why did you suck at howling?

Lilly: how did you become an omega?

Cando: why do you act so big and bad even though you are short?
over a year ago jason74633 said…
Humphrey: sort of
Kate: just recently
Hutch: yeah since Winston took him in
Eve: not that much
Garth: I don;t know
Lilly: It's my type and it is my blood type
Cando :That's my character
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over a year ago jason74633 said…
the scale of 5
over a year ago AaOWaSaCD4ever said…
I'm bored so I have a few questions for some wolfs.
Humphrey: Had you ever loved anyone other than Kate before you met her?
Kate: How did you see Humphrey when you two were just pups?
Lilly: I have always thought you and your eyes were beautiful, have any other guys ever loved you because of this?
Garth: Do you hate Humphrey now that you know what he is like?
Tony: Why is your back so bad?
Winston: How did you and Eve fall in love with each other?
Eve: I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many questions for you but will only choose one for now, how do you feel about becoming a grandmother?
Hutch: Have you ever fallen in love with someone and if so is she you mate?
Cando: Have you ever beat any other wolves that were bigger than you in a fight? (No offence to you, your awesome)
Shakey: You know you can only have one wolf as a mate so who would it be, Reba OR Janice? (You don;t have to answer if you don't want to)
Salty: Do you know any other way to talk to girls other than saying Hey? (Sorry Salty I had to ask)
Mooch: when did you and the others start log sliding?
Reba and Janice: Why did you start to love Shakey after Kate and Humphrey came back from Idaho?
Paddy: Have you ever got sick of lisening to Marcel?
Marcel: Have you ever destroyed one of you golf clubs in a fit of rage?
That was the LONGEST post I have ever posted.
over a year ago slydog117 said…
Kate are you Lilly's sister?
over a year ago anubis210 said…
Kate: duh
over a year ago hank666 said…
Lilly, how come you are shy?
And are you sure you can only do turtles?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Hutch: Do you like being a beta?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Kate, What was Alpha school like?
over a year ago Xero_Pyramid206 said…
Hey Kate, What would u do if u were trapped in Silent Hill?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Lilly, What are one of your favorite things to do?

Kate, If you could have any other wolf other than humphrey, who would it be?

Hutch, do you have a secret crush on another wolf?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Hutch: what is you favorite game to play?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Eve, Why do you scare humphrey sometimes?
over a year ago katealphawolf said…
Eve: Cuz I want his sexy body! hehe
over a year ago hank666 said…
Winston, who was humphrey's mother?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Cando, Do you think you can win a fight against another wolf twice your size?
over a year ago katealphawolf said…
Kate, how much do you love me?
over a year ago Xero_Pyramid206 said…
Kate, how can the greatest alpha ever be scared?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Kate: I can be surprised unexpectedly
over a year ago katealphawolf said…
any day of the week you sexy Alpha you!
over a year ago Xero_Pyramid206 said…
Kate: *Pyramid Head appears behind you* Like that!

How often do you enjoy sex with me and Katie!

Katie: Katie, how much do you enjoy sex and how much do you love me?
over a year ago slydog117 said…
Kate:would you bite Humphrey in the tail when you wanted to?
Humphrey:would you still like Kate if she bit you in the tail?
tony:would you get mad at Humphrey and Kate fight?
Winston:would you get mad at Kate?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Kate: I would if humphrey annoys me too much

Humphrey: of course!

tony: I would be concerned and break it up, but not mad, these things happen.

winston: only if she something BAD, but other than that, no. I would be concerned to some things though
over a year ago humphrey2 said…
Humphrey:does your tail tigles when you say something good?

kate:how old are you?

tony:do you like humphrey?
over a year ago slydog117 said…
Humphrey:yes it does!

Kate:20 wolf years!

tony:on my life yes but it is no.
over a year ago slydog117 said…
Humphrey:did you scare Kate?(just asking)

Kate:what did you do when Humphrey scared you?

hutch:do you like Kate or Humphrey?

Tony:how did you get that disk in your back?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Humphrey: I did! haha

Kate:I screamed! he scared me, but I got him back

Hutch: Kate, She is pretty and nice too.

Tony: Age, as I got older I started to have back problems.
over a year ago hank666 said…
@marcel & Paddy: You dont have a big role and seem worthless.

@kate: 99.5!! But for lilly its 100!
over a year ago humphrey2 said…
humphrey:can you dance dring a midnight howl song?(with kick in it)

kate:are you going to dance with humphrey at the midnight howl?
over a year ago humphrey2 said…
hutch:can you sleep with eyes open?

eve:do you like it if i can punish someone with you?
over a year ago hank666 said…
Humphrey: I could try!

Kate: Never tried it before, but I'll see if I can.

Hutch: I wish! I haven't before though

Eve: YES!
over a year ago slydog117 said…
Humphrey:do you like to take me log sliding?

Kate:would you go with me and Humphrey log sliding with us?

hutch:what would you do if i was girl wolf(omega)scale of 9.5 hotness?

Winston:how did you first met eve and here?
over a year ago slydog117 said…
garth:are you strong proud and an alpha's alpha?

kate:can you teach me how to howl?

humphrey:are really going be alone wolf?(when you found out that kate is married?)
over a year ago hank666 said…
Hutch: Ask you out if I wanted to.
Kate:Sure, but I would have to get used to it a little first
winston: We spotted each other one day, went to the moonlight howl, broke off from the pack, and started out on pack.
garth:Yes, I am
over a year ago slydog117 said…
Humphrey:how did you feel when kate howled with you?

Kate:are you hot?

Garth:what made you say coyote to humphrey?

hutch:what rank are you?

lilly:how did you get Garth to like you?
over a year ago ben15delas said…
This is fun:)
over a year ago 5p3c7r3 said…
^Thanks for your input (1 year later). I'm sure they've been standing by, waiting for your approval.
over a year ago mavisdracula123 said…
Humphrey: my eyes are a natural blue
salty: yes
Kate: I would porbley lead them to a fire
shaky: yes as long as you can find me a girl
my questions
1. Humphrey would like my co she is puppy who is your little sister she is exactly like you she looks like a little girl version of you
Kate do you regret not marrying garth
over a year ago AlphawolfAlisha said…
Humphrey: would you like to take me log sliding?

Kate: what do you like about Humphrey?

Garth: would you like me?

Lilly: what would you do if your mate cheated on you?

Winston: how long you and eve been together?

Hutch: are you alone?

over a year ago humpherywolf34 said…

Humphrey: Sure! It'd be fun!

Kate: For who he is.

Garth: If I wasn't with Lilly!

Lilly: Divorce him and go into a state of depression.

Winston: Since 1988!

Hutch: Define alone.


My questions:

Humphrey: Have you ever thought about marrying Lilly?
Kate: Have you ever thought about Hutch?
Winston: Have you ever got really scared of Eve?
Eve: did you force Winston to have pups with you?
Mooch: Did you eat your parents?!?!
Shakey: Why do you sound like a kid with torettes through out the movie?
Garth: Where you abused when you were little?
Lilly: Why are you so shy? I mean you like way better then Kate! You could of had a mate at a real early age!
Salty: Wanna get high? And are you always high?
Tony: Dude why not pop your back?
Eve: Did you fight in the battle? Or did you nag a eastern wolf to death?
Marcel: Why do you cheat so hard?
Paddy: Why not ditch marcel?
Can-do: Why are you always mad? Is it an anger problem?
over a year ago AlphawolfAlisha said…
Humphrey: um sorta

Kate: ah little but I know how he is

Winston: yea she scared me half to death

Eve: yes i did

Mooch: I did not ate my parents

Shakey: I do sound like that

Garth: I don't know what happened to me but i think i wasn't

Lilly: um i was since when my sister was born cause she's a alpha and yeah i would have a mate at early age

Salty: umm sure. Um no it's just the way am

Tony: um never had tried it but thats a good idea

Eve: yes i did fight in the battle and yeah I scared one

Marcel: I did because i was tired of paddy winning all the time
Paddy: cause he's a good golfer

Can-do: cause of ever those eastern wolves showed up i was mad and it is not a anger problem I'm just mad at them cause they have broken pack law
over a year ago humpherywolf34 said…
Salty: awsome bro!!
Mooch: Salty or Shakeys parents? Humphrey's?
Can-do: I believe it's how short you are... *pokes Can-do*
Eve: I bet you can't scare me... Or intemadate me *Pokes eve with stike*
Paddy: What? You really do believe he is a better golfer? With that birdie thing?
Marcel: The trick is to hit it with less power you swing to hard.
Lilly: Why did you pick Garth and not Humphrey?
Kate: Why did you pick Humphrey and not Garth? Is it his howl?
Winston: Dude stand up for your self be the man!
over a year ago goldenkitsune said…
may i come to jasper park and live there i want to be with you all
over a year ago trueshadowwolf said…
Humphrey in the first movie you didn't actually have a boner when you were long sliding with Kate did you? If you did that's pretty bad ass
over a year ago goldenkitsune said…
is anyone here humprey kate anyone?