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Slavica (A&O version)
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(from left) Nars, Fleet, Claudette, Kate, Lily, Marcel, Salty, Hutch, Humphrey :D
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Finally after almost 7 long years, the A&O series has come to a close with Journey To Bear Kingdom. And it ended in not the worst possible way but it was still a bunch of shit. Our friends Humphrey, Kate and the pups... they don't do anything in this movie. And what little they actually do... it's pure CRINGE.
The plot is also crap. It's a cheap ripoff remake of The Lion King but with bears and wolves. LAZY. A&O 8 also manages to rip off other movies like Open Season and even some of the past A&O movies (particularly the original and A Howl-iday Adventure).
And don't get me started on Princess Canue. At least the other bears look like fucking bears. I don't know what the hell is up with Canue and that ugly-ass hairstyle. Not much to complain about character-wise but she's pretty hard to look at.

I don't recommend it. It's not Dino Digs BAD. It's not even The Great Wolf Games BAD, but it's still bad. I give it a solid D. Way to go, Tom Kane... NOT.
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weren't expecting a review with that title huh? well, yeah i know. we gotta wait 2 more months 'till the DVD of this movie comes out. but apparently, Splash went ahead and put up the whole movie on their website. so me having nothing better to do, i was like "Nah, fuck it. why wait till May? i'm gonna go ahead and watch it". and now that i finally watched the whole movie, will it be the movie that ends up being good, or should we start wishing it never existed? i'm Niko, and today i'm gonna be reviewing Alpha and Omega 6: Dino Digs!

The Story
before i get into this review, i just gotta say that...
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