Theodore:How do you think it's going?
Alvin:Theodore,Where's Simon?
Theodore:Umm, Umm.
Simon:I'm back from the..
Alvin:Simon,look out for that rock!
Simon:Whoa! *falls and breaks his glasses* Oh no,my glasses are broken! I'll never be able to see.
Alvin:Don't give up,Simon.
Theodore:Maybe we can buy Simon some glasses
Alvin:ring-a-ding-ding,Great idea,Theodore!
Alvin:That's my line!
Theodore:Let's go to the Glasses store

Simon:Let's see here..*sees thin glasses* too thin.. *sees chipmunk-sised glasses* Bingo!
Theodore:is it free?
Simon:*puts on* Wow! Let's Go

The End