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Alvin and the chipmunks 2: The chippetes  partymunks 11 7175 over a year ago
THE PROJECT (Creating a new and improved Chipmunk fan site and Forum)  No1chipmunkfan 19 3830 over a year ago
Is there... an actual large-scale forum for the Chipmunks anywhere?  Miliken 7 1786 over a year ago
chipmunk roleplay! (warning very awsome and addictive!  amy36y 3 1608 7 months ago
girls and boys of rock and roll  alvinfan 0 1458 over a year ago
Bands you guys/girls listen to.  TheManBearGoat 3 1343 over a year ago
New Chipmunks iPhone App  alt2009 0 1314 over a year ago
From the owner of this spot  hsm123 12 1291 over a year ago
THE PROJECT Some minor setbacks, but good to go!  No1chipmunkfan 1 1244 over a year ago
Please join The Chipmunks meet the Wolfman  dianacarr5678 1 1232 over a year ago
Chipmunks roleplaying site :)  chipette116 1 827 over a year ago
Dave from alvin and the chipmunks singing bird on my head  simonchipmunk89 1 780 over a year ago
I got NEW Alvin Minis!!  wharble 2 757 over a year ago
YES!The Sqeaukuel WON Nickelodeon Kid Choice AWARDS!  dianacarr5678 1 697 over a year ago
So...  WolfGreyson 1 649 over a year ago
My Imagination Site  chipette116 2 605 over a year ago
Chipmunk Song Game  ReneeKetchum 0 554 over a year ago
Hey Chipmunk fans! Check this out!  AgentMagicCoat 0 524 over a year ago
nuts!  mary_p 0 425 over a year ago
What you should and shouldn't do  WolfGreyson 0 413 over a year ago