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Opinion by natashakarenina posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Amanda Seyfried is the best person ever. Awesome genes. She was amazing in Mean Girls because Amanda Seyfried isn't actually dumb so wow she can play dumb so well. Also not only is she pretty but she is multi-talented like she can do everything and act in every movie genre. Like mean girls and ted 2 is comedy but she is also amazing in musicals like mamma mia which is more like light and kind of like romcom but also amazing in les miserables which is like more serious. Amanda in Jennifers body is also unreal like even though shes playing opposite of Megan Fox like she isn't at all overshadowed she is amazing. Overall Amanda Seyfried is just the best person ever in this entire world. Plus she can even sing like her song Little House is the best thing ever like omg and her voice in Mamma Mia is amazing especially in the extras where she sing Thankyou for the music. Amanda seyfried is amazing.