In this story Phil is a vampire and in love with Dan so if you don't like hearing about blood gay things or cussing leave now kay enjoy!

Phil woke up in his dark room and grabbed his camera. "Hey guys" He said as usual. He threw the covers off him and got out of bed. "Let's go see if Dan is awake" He said walking down the hall. "Dan?" Phil asked knocking on the door. "What.." Dan asked sleepily. Are you awake?" Phil asked knowing the answer.
A second of silence. "No" Dan said opening the door shirtless in pj bottoms with his hair a mess. "Fine then goodbye" Phil said going into the kitchen. "Well i'll be going now guys" Phil said shutting off the camera. "I'll be back as soon as possible.." Phil said making sure Dan wasn't around.
Phil,in vampire speed, ran down the stairs into and alleyway by his apartment building. "Eh..who's there" A drunk hobo asked waking up. "You.." Phil said baring his fangs. "Shut the hell up" The hobo said throwing a beer bottle at Phil's feet. "Be happy, you're dieing by Amazing Phil" Phil said running to the hobo and piercing his hangs into his neck.
The hobo couldn't yell, Phil had his hand over his mouth. "Goodbye now" Phil said using the hobo's shirt to clean of his mouth. "Hey, where the hell were you?" Dan asked when Phil walked in.
"Checking the mail, we didn't have any" Phil shrugged sitting down by Dan. "I wanna watch Buffy the vampire slayer" Phil whined. "Why?" Dan asked looking if it was on, it was. "I like it" Phil smiled at Dan. Dan laughed. Phil loved Dan's laugh, he thought it was sexy.
"I got to go" Phil said shaking his head and running to his room, human speed. "Phil!" Dan called running after him. Phil locked himself in his room. "Phil, let me in" Dan yelled pounding on the door.
Phil sighed, got up, unlocked the door, and let Dan in. "What the hell Phil" Dan asked. "I...I'm sorry" Phil frowned. Dan grabbed a marker from the pile of shit on Phil's floor. "Cat whiskers?" Phil asked. "Mhm" Dan replied opening the marker. Phil flopped down on his bed. "Draw mine for me!" Phil yelled playfully.
"Only if you draw mine on for me" Dan laughed. "I won't make any promises" Phil said. "Then you draw mine first" Dan said handing the marker to Phil. "Fine" Phil said sitting up. Phil coloured Dan's nose black then drew lines from it making whiskers.
"My turn" Phil said happily, giving the marker to Dan. Dan put one hand on Phil's head to steady him and the other he was using to draw. "Phil?" Dan asked looking into Phil's eyes for a second. "Yes?" Phil asked in reply. "Are..are you gay?" Dan asked.
"Why?" Phil asked. "Just answer the damn question" Dan said a little frustrated. "uh..maybe" Phil replied. Dan finished and put the marker down. "All done" Dan said his voice cracking. "Great" Phil smiled. Dan smiled to. "Hey Dan.." Phil said.
"Yeah?" Dan asked looking up at Phil. "Yes, i am..for you" Phil said his cheeks pink. Dan looked at Phil surprised. "Please don't hate me Dan" Phil said. Dan shook his head and smiled. "I don't hate you Phil..i feel the same" Dan admitted. "R-really" Phil asked. "Yeah.." Dan said his cheeks turning pink.
Phil leaned into kiss Dan but was interrupted when they heard a knock on there front door. "I..i'll go get that" Dan said wanting to leave the awkward situation. "Yeah, you go do that" Phil said. Dan shut the door behind him.
"Damn.." Phil moaned rubbing his forehead. Minutes passed and Phil heard a smash and someone yell. "Phil!" Dan yelled in pain. Dan ran into the living area and saw a stranger in the middle of a room looking down at Dan who had been smashed in the glass table.
The stranger grabbed onto Dan's neck. "Don't touch him" Phil shouted running into the stranger knocking him down. Dan once again fell down onto the glass cutting his hand, arm, and bare foot. The stranger ran off the balcony and disappeared in midair.
"Are you okay?" Phil asked helping Dan up. "No, not at all" Dan winced as he tried to hobble on one foot. "Let me help you to the hospital" Phil said looking at Dan's bleeding cuts. "But-" Dan was cut off. "But nothing, i'm going to help you" Phil said. Dan sighed and nodded. Phil put his arm around Dan's shoulder and Dan put his arm around Phil's shoulder. "Let's go" Phil said watching Dan lightly bounce on one foot down each step.
"Jesus it's cold out here" Dan said. Dan was bare foot in a short sleeved tee and jeans. "Well, you'll have to put up with it" Phil said. "Phil!" Dan cried out. "What?" Phil asked. Dan sighed and shook his head. "You're awfully cranky" Dan explained sadly.
"i'm sorry, i'm just not used to a stranger coming into our house and hurting my best friend" Phil said. "Yeah.." Dan replied nodding. Both Dan and Phil walked quietly to the hospital. Dan was taken to get stitches and Phil was left alone. He didn't know why but Phil started to cry.
A few minutes later Dan hopped out on one foot to see Phil still crying. "Phil?" Dan asked in shock. Phil looked up at Dan through his tears. "Dan!" He shouted running and hugging Dan almost knocking both them over. "Is something wrong Phil?" Dan asked hugging Phil. Phil dug his nose into Dan's neck and shook his head. There the two of them stood, Phil's face buried in Dan's neck crying and Dan with his chin on Dan's shoulder, crying as well.
"You boys, we're about to close for the morning" The nurse that helped Dan sad wearing a black ruffled dress that came down just above here knees. "We're sorry, we'll be leaving now" Phil said wiping away his tears and smiling at the nurse and Dan.
The next morning Phil woke up to Dan beside him in bed. "Dan?" Phil asked shaking Dan awake. "What?" Dan moaned waking up. Phil smiled and shook his head. "I love you" Phil said hugging Dan ",i'm glad we're friends." Dan smiled. "Yeah, i feel the same" He said lightly.
"I'm hungry" Phil said as his stomach growled. "Then let's get something to eat" Dan laughed jumping out of the bed and walking into the kitchen. Phil got up and followed. "I'm going to check the mail" Phil said walking down the stairs. Phil came back with a handful of letters from someone both them didn't know.
"We have a stalker" Dan laughed. "That's completely horrifying" Phil shivered. Dan put two bowls on the breakfast bar, one for him and one for Phil. "Thanks" Phil smiled knowing he would get sick because he was a vampire, and vampires drink blood. "Maybe i can hold it in" Phil thought aloud. "What the hell are you saying?" Dan asked. Phil's cheeks turned red when he noticed he had said it out loud.
"Nothing" Phil said shaking his head. The first bite make him gag but that's all. The second bite made him gag harder. Third bite he started feeling sick. Fourth bite, he ran to the bathroom and threw up all the contents in his stomach into the toilet, even a little bit of blood. "Damn it" Phil sighed flushing the toilet and leaning back against the wall. "Phil, are you okay?" Dan asked.
Phil nodded, he felt his fangs growing in. "Do you need any help?" Dan asked. Phil hungered for Dan's blood. Phil slowly shook his head. "Do you need anything at all?" Dan asked sounding pissed off. Phil grinned evily and nodded. "What is it?" Dan asked.
"You" Phil simply replied. Dan pulled a confused look on his face. Dan stood up and stared at Dan. P-Phil?" Dan asked. Phil in vampire speed grabbed Dan and had him pinned to a wall, his hands behind his head.
Dan was breathing heavily. "Dan.." Phil said hungrily his fangs just touching Dan's skin. "Phil!!!" Dan yelled at the top of his lungs as Phil pierced his fangs into Dan's neck. It only took seconds for Phil to snap back to reality and let go of Dan. Dan fell on his bum hitting his head on the wall behind him.
Phil looked into Dan's blank eyes. Dan was emotionless, he looked dead. "Dan!" Phil yelled crying into Dan's chest. Dan gasped for breath and squeezed Phil so tight it was Phil who was gasping for breath. "Phil..why?" Dan asked tears slipping down his cheeks, a deep pain in his neck.
Phil buried his face in Dan's neck and cried once more. They held each other until both falling into little catnaps on the bathroom floor.

Inside Canal's world~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
i really love amazingphil and danisnotonfire and after one of his videos -i forget which- he said he was a vampire then said he wouldn't make a good one so i got an Amazing -see what i did there? ;D - idea what is he was a vampire? and an amazing -once again xD - one at it! i decided to make it a romance -still a better love story than twilight :P if you want to keep reading i will be continuing this on the page random so i'm glad you enjoyed -if you did which wouldnt make scense if you read it all and didnt like- and love yall Phan fans out there bubye! :D