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Amberpet Photos

LightningStormcForestRunner - amberpet photo
Shimarai! XD - amberpet photo
Shimarai! XD
(Request) Katie! - amberpet photo
(Request) Katie!
Me :3 - amberpet photo
Me :3
Me and Chili. :3 - amberpet photo
Me and Chili. :3
Venus - amberpet photo
Mya! :3 - amberpet photo
Mya! :3
Sakura! (Rachi_Pokefan's OC) - amberpet photo
Sakura! (Rachi_Pokefan's OC)
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Amberpet Wallpapers

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Amberpet Fan Art

Rinn and Renn. =) - amberpet fan art
Rinn and Renn. =)
Request - amberpet fan art
Rin-chan! ;3 - amberpet fan art
Rin-chan! ;3
Me and some friends (REDONE!) - amberpet fan art
Me and some friends (REDONE!)
The Group! - amberpet fan art
The Group!
We are POP candy! - amberpet fan art
We are POP candy!
Rin and Cilan Kissing - amberpet fan art
Rin and Cilan Kissing
I Like You I Love You Rin - amberpet fan art
I Like You I Love You Rin
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Amberpet Icons

Rin's trainer Card! =D - amberpet icon
Rin's trainer Card! =D
Rin sprite! - amberpet icon
Rin sprite!
Elizebeth Sprite - amberpet icon
Elizebeth Sprite
Emma Sprite! - amberpet icon
Emma Sprite!
Ze Girls! O^O - amberpet icon
Ze Girls! O^O
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