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American Horror Story - DEMONS {Tate & Violet|Kyle & Zoe}

AHS Freakshow | Crack!

Dandy Mott | Monster

Freak Show - Elsa Mars || All Of Me

Dandy Mott | Mama We All Go To Hell

Dandy Mott | The Devil Within

American Horror Story - Sail collab

Dandy Mott || I Come With Knives

oliver thredson | the wolf

ahs: asylum | song to say goodbye

{AHS} ஐ Freak Show ॥ Oh Death

Dandy Mott | My body is America

AHS:Freak Show || Halloween

Elsa Mars | stars never pay

you better run | DANDY MOTT

Dandy Mott | What happened to me?

Bette & Dot | Never Let Me Go

Dot & Bette || I'm coming home

Dandy Mott | That's my boy

Edward Mordrake | pray for hell

Dandy Mott | Sinner in Me

Dandy Mott | When you're evil

Jessica Lange - Gods And Monsters (Lana Del Rey Cover)

ahs: freak show | "we'll act like monsters"

Dandy Mott | I'm one of you (AHS freakshow)

one pill makes you larger | freakshow

Jimmy and Dot || This Is War

AHS: Freakshow First Official Trailer (International Version)

American Horror Story Freak Show (Official Extended Trailer)

American Horror Story: Freakshow ~ 'Admit One' Teaser

American Horror Story: Freak Show' Details

Nan & Luke | love me, but not as a friend

Violet | Teen Idle

Tate and Violet | without you

Madison Montgomery | Carmen

AHS: Born to Die

Zoe & Kyle / Tate & Violet || Dark Paradise

AHS: Asylum (Dark Paradise)

violet harmon | smoke

coven | there is a house

►AHS: Coven - Rule The World

Misty Day | Rhiannon

American Horror Story Coven (3x13) | MONSTER

AHS coven [3x13] | Cordelia Foxx ~ The Supreme

delirium | madison montgomery

AHS coven l My Leftovers

Madison Montgomery | So Cold

Madison Montgomery || Prom Dress

tate and violet | radioactive

tate + violet | so cold

► Zoe & Kyle | Another Love [AU]

Madison Montgomery | BadMonster

nitesky | zoe + kyle

Madison Montgomery ○ monster ○


reflect in your eyes♥

You Just A Ghost †

I won't let you pull me down. (AHS)

American Horror Story: Coven || Exile

Tate & Violet | Is This Love.

madison montgomery | bad machine.

Madison Montgomery | Miss Jackson

Madison Montgomery - Don't break me down

madison motgomery | i can't feel anything

zoe ♠ kyle | a walk across the sky

American Horror Story | Coven ϟ Under Your Skin

Tate&Violet (Zoe&Kyle) | another love

the phoenix | madison montgomery

Madison Montgomery | The Other Side

'American Horror Story: Coven' Set Visit

'American Horror Story' Cast on What Scares Them

American Horror Story Coven - First Look

the Name Game; AHS

Bad Machine [Madison Montgomery]

AHS // Cordelia Foxx // Beautiful Pain

Zoe & Kyle [Call me a sinner]

madison + kyle | i'm not giving him up {3x07}

Fiona&The Axeman || 3X07

AHS - Misty/Zoe Rhiannon

Myrtle Snow..† I thought I'd come home, but I was wrong †

Fiona Goode || Wrong

Zoe Benson || Royals |

Zoe & Kyle | Blue jeans

madison montgomery ► did it on em

Madison Montgomery // My Leftovers

Zoe & Kyle II I couldn't forgive myself

"I'm just dying to light this fire" ~ Myrtle Snow x Fiona Goode [AU]

Fiona Goode | She laughs like God.

ahs; judas

Kyle & Misty • breath of life

madison montgomery [AHS] | "you were a problem child...."

glass heart hymn | tate & violet

Kyle Spencer || Monster

Madison Montgomery || Did On Em

Madison Montgomery | Slow Dying Flower

Madison Montgomery: Girls

cosmic love | zoe&kyle

kyle + zoe | do you remember me?

Violet • Zoe + Tate • Kyle || Surrender

AHS: COVEN (3x02) ◘ Zoe & Kyle ◘ He´ll be good as new