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American Horror Story: Asylum | O'Death

Lana Winters • suicide is painless (AHS)

Oliver Thredson & Lana Winters • in the line of fire (AHS)

Sister Mary Eunice [AHS:Asylum] || RADIOACTIVE

►AHS: Asylum - Seven Devils All Around You

(asylum) kit+grace | there's no tomorrow

Dr. Thredson (AHS / Asylum) - Remember The Name

you're the one - (lana/dr thredson)

the coat hanger (AHS)

● American Horror Story Asylum l "You're A Monster"

Dr. Thredson & Lana • heartbeat (AHS)

sister Mary Eunice • after dark (AHS)

Lana Winters; ★ I Was An Angel ★

►AHS: Asylum | One Missed Call

sister mary eunice | did it on em'

Kit Walker | American Horror Story

»Kit + Grace | American Horror Story:, 2x07

Lana Winters • new way to bleed (AHS)

i will love you 'til the end of time ll (lana/dr thredson)

ahs | all monsters are human

Dr. Oliver Thredson & Lana Winters • March of Mephisto

I'm the devil ;; Sister Mary Eunice

✖ Amercian Horror Story | | A S Y L U M ✖

Oliver & Lana • My Story

Kit & Grace • see who I am (AHS)

kit+grace | i'm free now

Tate & Violet || First Love

Leave My Body (American Horror Story Asylum)

AHS ASYLUM | crack vid #2

I don't speak German but I can if you like. \\ Sister Mary & Dr. Arden

American Horror Story • The Face

Dr. Oliver Thredson & Lana • special death (AHS)

AHS | Welcome To The Mad House

Dr. Thredson (AHS - Asylum) - Find Comfort In Pain

Dr. Thredson • legal assassin (AHS)

(asylum) kit+grace | are you afraid?

AHS: Asylum | Enjoy the silence

kit and grace ;; this is crazy.

● American Horror Story Asylum ll Seven Devils

Blinding | American Horror Story: Asylum

(asylum) can you feel the whole world shaking?

AHS Season 2 - Asylum || Go Back To Sleep

AHS ASYLUM | crack vid #1

Dr.Oliver Thredson • another kind of fix

Kit & Grace | I'm in here

Kit Walker vs. Tate Langdon

AHS | Grace and Kit - Fly Again | ASYLUM

AHS: Asylum (Bodies)

American Horror Story | ten seconds

American Horror Story | A M E R I C A N T R A S H !

(asylum) kit+grace | you'll fly again

American Horror Story || {Their hearts are hunting}

► This is an "American Horror Story" [Season 1]

American Horror Story: Asylum || CRACK!

welcome to briarcliff manor †

► American Horror Story | {Mad House} ☠ [Season 2]

American Horror Story • Trick or Treat •

[AHS:ASYLUM] -twistΣd and ƒadΣd

[AHS] Asylum - Help ||

♦ Welcome to the Mad House ♦

► american horror story: asylum | crazy

It's alright || Kit Walker / Babydoll ||

Dr. Oliver Thredson • Illuminated (AHS)

Kit Walker ◘ American Horror Story Asylum ◘ ONE

AHS: Asylum (What the Water Gave Me)

Welcome to the Madhouse || AHS ||

(asylum) kit+grace | why are you being so nice to me?

{AHS: Asylum} Creatures Lie Here

kit walker:: welcome to the new age

American Horror Story || Can you face your worst fears?

The world is wrong || American Horror Story: Asylum

[American Horror Story: Aslyum] "God's gonna cut you Down"

Kit Walker • Meds (AHS)

AHS: Asylum II "All monsters are human."

» welcome to the Asylum [AHS]

American Horror Story Asylum {Counting bodies like sheep}

AHS Asylum / What you put out into the world comes back to you

seven devils | ahs: asylum

AHS | All Monsters are Human {2x01}

(asylum) kit walker | i'm not crazy

Tate and Violet : Love the Way You Lie

American Horror Story!Crack Vol. 1

American Horror Story [don't fret precious, i'm here]

tate langdon | numb

...S.I.N.N.E.R... [Tate Langdon]

tate langdon | i've lost my brain

enter the asylum †

Moira O'Hara || i'm your leader

(ahs) nora montgomery | CASTLE WALLS

(ahs) nora/charles | DON'T LOOK BACK

American Horror Story • Tate • needs blood •

Burning On The Inside: AHS

Violet Harmon / So in love with the wrong world

Tate and Violet || Only Girl

I Need A Doctor

Moira O'Hara [American Horror Story]

Violet || Breath Me.

Constance / AHS / Try to find some dignity in the situation

Tate || Numb { American Horror Story }

So S i c k || Moira O'Hara