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The world is wrong || American Horror Story: Asylum

[American Horror Story: Aslyum] "God's gonna cut you Down"

Kit Walker • Meds (AHS)

AHS: Asylum II "All monsters are human."

» welcome to the Asylum [AHS]

American Horror Story Asylum {Counting bodies like sheep}

AHS Asylum / What you put out into the world comes back to you

seven devils | ahs: asylum

AHS | All Monsters are Human {2x01}

(asylum) kit walker | i'm not crazy

Tate and Violet : Love the Way You Lie

American Horror Story!Crack Vol. 1

American Horror Story [don't fret precious, i'm here]

tate langdon | numb

...S.I.N.N.E.R... [Tate Langdon]

tate langdon | i've lost my brain

enter the asylum †

Moira O'Hara || i'm your leader

(ahs) nora montgomery | CASTLE WALLS

(ahs) nora/charles | DON'T LOOK BACK

American Horror Story • Tate • needs blood •

Burning On The Inside: AHS

Violet Harmon / So in love with the wrong world

Tate and Violet || Only Girl

I Need A Doctor

Moira O'Hara [American Horror Story]

Violet || Breath Me.

Constance / AHS / Try to find some dignity in the situation

Tate || Numb { American Horror Story }

So S i c k || Moira O'Hara

Tate and Violet || Now the one you once loved is leaving {American Horror Story}

Hot Mess | Moira [American Horror Story]

American Horror Story || Sail

Chad Warwick | supermassive black hole (AHS)

Tate & Violet - Love is like a sin, my love

Mama We All Go to Hell (Tate Langdon)

castle walls | nora montgomery

American Horror Story || Funhouse

is she not right, is she insane | violet harmon

The Sound of Violence [AHS]

hands of time ll ahs

// American Horror Story ♦ Crack ♦ // [HUMOR]

Radioactive | American Horror Story

Typical reactions to some of Tate Langdon's moments on AHS

American Horror Story►3,4 Better Lock Your Doors

(ahs) moira o'hara | she will be loved

What have they done - American horror story

American Horror Story • Monster •

american horror story | deliver us from sorrow's hold

American Horror Story || Strobelights

Adelaide Langdon ○ I wanna be a pretty girl ○

(ahs) tate/constance | turns out i hate my mother

Tate Langdon | no one can hear

American Horror Story || Heart Under Fire

Violet+Tate (AU) | We've Got Forever

Violet+Tate | Came Up From the Dark

AHS; I Lost My Mind Here

Tate+Moira | God Forgive Me Please

tate+violet | when i find you

Tate & Violet - Endless Sky

American Horror Story Asylum - Promo Mix

►American Horror Story - Radioactive

Sarah Paulson on Season 2 of American Horror Story

Tate and Violet - Kiss Me

Tate, Violet || Strange love

losing your memory...[violet/tate]

Tate Langdon || It's Unfortunate

American Horror Story *Mad World*

Tate & Violet | Signs

SPN MEETS AHS - Supernatural Horror Story (AU/Crossover)


Tate Langdon | This is how I disappear

AHS | A pain that I'm used to

Anatomy of a Psycho(path) - Tate Langdon & Norman Bates

Love Me Mercilessly || Tate/Violet

Tate, American Horror Story || sweet dreams

The Killer in Me || Tate Langdon

American Horror Story S2: Asylum #Clue 8 White Rave

violet † tate ● you kill me ●

Violet & Tate - Ease my pain

AHS // Ashamed

sierra leone • tate langdon [1.10 AHS spoiler]

American Horror Story | all die

You're all I want! You're all I have! [1x11]

Tate Langdon;; I'm the problem here

American Horror Story Music Video

PaleyFest 2012: American Horror Story

Seven Devils (American Horror Story)

Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga Interview

AHS | Whispers In My Dreams

so there's no chance for m e r c y ? • tate langdon

American Horror Story - Crack #1

AHS || Prelude

deranged psychopath | tate langdon

american horror story | trash

O' Death (American Horror Story)

Tate Langdon || this is how an angel cries .. [HAPPY B-DAY VICTORIA666100]

"So that's you diagnosis, I'm a psychopath?"

Tate Langdon [American Trash]

Hearts Under Fire