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American Idol: Season 7 Episode 1

American Idol Season 8 Promo: Featuring D. Cook

Simpsons American Idol Parody

American Idol - "Thank You For Watching!"

Amy Adams sings "Power of Love"

Constantine Maroulis- Bohemian Rhapsody

Kelly Clarkson- Without You

David Cook - "I'm Alive"- Top 5-Week 11

David Cook-"All I Really Need Is You"- Top 5 Week 11

2007 American Idol Rejects

All Star American Idol (Mad Tv)

American Idol - Jordin Sparks - No Air feat Chris Brown

American Idol: Season 6 Elimination Round

Blake Lewis sings Virtual Insanity

Carrie Underwood - Praying For Time - Idol Gives Back 2008

Chris Richardson singing I Don't Wanna Be

Elliot Yamin - Wait For You

Jordin Sparks - Broken Wing

MadTV: All-Star American Idol

Melinda Doolittle - As Long As He Needs Me

Simon Cowell Interview on 60 Minutes

The First Audition of Kelly Clarkson

David Archuleta- "America"- Top 5- Week 11

Adam Lambert~ I Just Love You

Alexis Cohen inspires theme song for a generation-ARISING!

American Idol Parody - American Porno Idol

American Idol Rewind - Season 2 Promo!

American Idol: Season 6 Final Audition Show

Blake Lewis live at Columbia City Theater - She Loves the Way

Chris Sligh singing Typical

Danny Noriega sings "Tainted Love" (season 7, week 3)

Elliot Yamin - Trouble

Lakisha Jones sings And I Am Telling You

Paula Abdul Drunk on Morning Interview?

season 7- Samantha Sidley gets FOUR thumbs up

Taylor Hicks on Ellen

Taylor Hicks Sings "You Are So Beautiful"

Top 5 - Round 1 Judging -Week 11

Jason Castro- "September Morn"- Top 5 - week 11

New American Idol judge: Kara DioGuardi

Syesha Mercado-"Thank the Lord For The Night Time"- Top 5-week 11

Adam Lambert O_o

American Idol 6 - Jason Sundance Audition

American Idol 6 - Sarah Burgess Audition

American Idol Ford Music Video Season 8 - Top 11 Making of Here It Goes

American Idol Ford Music Video Season 8 - Top 3 Making of Break My Stride

American Idol- Season 8- Top 2- Ford Music Video- I Will Remember You

Audition Puts a Smile on Paula's Face

David Archuleta sings "Smoky Mountain Memories" (season 7, week 7)

Ellen as American Idol Judge!!

Katharine McPhee Tribute: My Destiny

Katherine McPhee chats with Brad Blanks

Lakisha Jones - I Have Nothing

Sherman Pore - You Belong to Me (Audition)

Simon & Paula: A Moment Like This

Taylor Hicks - Do I Make You Proud

Top 24 Sing Seeds of Love

American Idol Top 6 Season 7 Result Show

Brooke White- "I am I said" - Top 5 - Week 11

Aaron Kelly- Fly Me To The Moon (Top 5, 5/4/10) American Idol Season 9

Adam Lambert at MCAS Miramar Bob Hope Theater

Adam Lambert Interviews Kris Allen

Adam Lambert O_o

Adam Lambert singing at his graduation

Adam Lambert [HQ VIDEO] - "Black and White" by Michael Jackson // American Idol 2009 3/10/2009

Adam Lambert-- "Mad World"

AI Season 8 (Top 11) Ford Commercial - "Here It Goes Again"

AI Season 8 (Top 4) Ford Commercial - "Move Along"

AI Season 8 (Top 5) Ford Commercial - "Energy"

AI Season 8 (Top 7) Ford Commercial - "I'm Good, I'm Gone"

Alexis Grace Performs Jolene on American Idol

American Idol 2009 Pre-Tour Top 10 - Kool 'n' Krazy

American Idol 2010 Top 5 (May 4) performance Lee DeWyze

American Idol Behind The Scenes Season 8 - Top 5 What Do They Miss

American Idol Behind The Scenes Season 8 - Top 7 Laugh Hardest

American Idol Ford Music Video Season 8 - Top 10 Making of Pocketful Of Sunshine

American Idol Ford Music Video Season 8 - Top 5 Making of Energy

American Idol Ford Music Video Season 8 - Top 9 Making of Mixed Up

American Idol Season 8: Motown Week Talking to Local News

Amy Adams audition (season 3)

Amy Adams sings "Sin Wagon" (season 3, week 2)

David Archuleta - "Sweet Caroline"-Top 5 - Week 11

David Cook and David Archuleta Guitar Hero Commercials

Idol Gives Back - Robin Williams

Jason Castro sings "Travelin' Thru" (season 7, week 7)

Ramiele Malubay sings "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" (season 7, week 7)

Season 7 Episode 20

Season 7 Episode 21

Season 7, week 6 elimination

Syesha Mercado - "Hello Again"- Top 5 - Week 11

Tatiana Laughing!

Brooke White - "I'm a Believer"-Top 5- Week 11

Jason Castro- Forever In Blue Jeans - Week 11-Top 5

"It Don't Mean a Thing"; "I Got Rhythm" - American Idol Top 5 Performance

"The Idol in Me"

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen Post Show Radio PC

Adam Lambert--Track My Tears

AI Season 8 (Top 13) Ford Commercial - "We Will Rock You"

American Idol Ford Music Video Season 8 - Top 13 Making of We Will Rock You

American Idol Ford Music Video Season 8 - Top 4 Making of Move Along