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Guide by fsderek09 posted over a year ago
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Season 5 of America's Best Dance Crew premiers tonight at 10/9c!

Tonight the pressure is on The South, here are the regional finalists:

Ghost (Houston, TX): Ghost is a crew that has faced a lot of adversity in life and dance has always been their refuge. In fact, they all met through their local dance venues over the past five years seeking a way out life’s hardships, gangs and family death. The crew would break into a local apartment complex gym room just so they could practice dance. They consider their style inspirational hip-hop and they plan to offer up some of the best musicality “ABDC” has ever seen with hard hitting, complex movements. As dancers they are a tight unit and their personal hardships have brought them even closer together.

Jungle Boogie (Stone Mountain, GA): These dancers pride themselves on their southern “Cranking” style and are on a mission to become kings of the dance jungle. “Cranking” uses big step movements and arms to cover the entire dance floor and each of the six members has a unique animalistic move to wow this year’s competition.