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America's Next Top Model Which of these antm villains did you dislike the most?

49 fans picked:
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Monique Cycle 7
Jade Cycle 6
Bianca Cycle 9
Dominique Cycle 10
Melrose Cycle 7
Camille Cycle 2
Lisa Cycle 5
Renee Cycle 8
Eva Cycle 3
Brandy Cycle 4
Clark Cycle 11
Ebony Cycle 1
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 offglassone posted over a year ago
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Lunaste picked Renee Cycle 8
Lunaste picked Renee Cycle 8:
She wasn't amusing, talented or modelesque.
I like my villains with a side of funny like Jade, or crazy like Lisa.
posted over a year ago.
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oneshyguy46 picked Monique Cycle 7
oneshyguy46 picked Monique Cycle 7:
i disliked all of them but Renee and Eva
posted over a year ago.
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PatoPop picked Monique Cycle 7
PatoPop picked Monique Cycle 7:
I love Melrose, she's one of the bestest girls ever!
LIsa, Bianca and Camille are great!
Clark and Eva ok.
The rest are bitches
posted over a year ago.
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moosie picked Jade Cycle 6
moosie picked Jade Cycle 6:
I thought Reneee was beautiful, but she was a bitch...but ugh, I hated Jade!!
posted over a year ago.
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ugagurl777 picked Melrose Cycle 7
ugagurl777 picked Melrose Cycle 7:
I hated her! She was so fake and annoying! Gah! Im glad that she lost!
posted over a year ago.
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lina picked Bianca Cycle 9
lina picked Bianca Cycle 9:
and brandy, monique, camille, hard question
posted over a year ago.
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weekevin picked Bianca Cycle 9
weekevin picked Bianca Cycle 9:
posted over a year ago.
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snowwhitesilver picked Camille Cycle 2
snowwhitesilver picked Camille Cycle 2:
But, I really dislike almost all of them!!!!
posted over a year ago.