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The fans pick: No!!! He would never do that!!
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The fans pick: Amy and Ricky
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Amy and Ricky Wall

HHR08 said …
-"Ricky runs into an old friend named Clementine (Marielle Jaffe) at his first day of college. She'll be sticking around for a while -- and causing all sorts of trouble for Ricky and Amy."
-"Amy's jealous over Ricky's new life at college. Can their relationship survive?"
-"Ricky and Amy won't be getting married anytime soon."
-"Ben and Adrian will continue to play...roles in the lives of Amy and Ricky...just because Ricky and Amy are together now doesn't mean they'll be together forever." Posted over a year ago
HHR08 commented…
^Those were from "".... okay, SERIOUSLY!? Don't the writers understand that the majority of Secret Life fans only watch the show for Ramy? I don't understand why they keep trying to break them up and putting obstacles in their way. First we find out that they never got married and now all that!? over a year ago
Derena_Brucas said …
okay guys i need help(LOL) Im having trouble watching the show. I like Ricky & Amy, but the rest of them are just so boring to me. I think the only one other then them i like is grace. Im thinking i like her with Jack, but i prob shouldnt say that on this my bad. anyways i always fastforward the show to just Posted over a year ago
Derena_Brucas commented…
i should prob stay off fanpop for awhile to because I just started watching this show and now i know they didnt get married. WHAT THE HECK ??? over a year ago
HHR08 commented…
I suffer through the rest of the episode just to watch the Ramy scenes... Honestly, I liked Badrian (or whatever their ship name is) but then the writers broke them up. I LOVED Jack and Grace but then the writers broke them up, too. And now Grace is a random Christian again? And I love Ramy but I feel like it's only a matter of time until the writers break them up too. I don't understand what is happening to this show!! over a year ago
bulldogs220 said …
I was really upset to find out that Amy and Ricky didnt really get married i really had hoped they would.

Does anyone know if they will break up in future episodes or seasons? Posted over a year ago