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The fans pick: Sonic is shy to ask Amy that he loves her but inside he loves her alot
Sonic is shy to ask Amy that...
Nahhh he hates her shadow...
The fans pick: amy rose
amy rose
blase the cat
The fans pick: Amy Rose
Amy Rose
Meme tet
The fans pick: Why won't you love me, Sonic?
Why won't you love me, Sonic?
Sonic loves me back and he...
The fans pick: sonic x
sonic x
Later Sonic game
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annyXDsonic1234 said …
I hated You! DX Posted 1 month ago
Legithedgehog commented…
What's wrong? 27 days ago
annyXDsonic1234 commented…
But i still Bad But i hated this girl ( and am not a Kid ) 20 hours ago
annyXDsonic1234 commented…
there something FAKE name.... 20 hours ago
urmomsluvr said …
when i was in 4th grade, i had an internet boyfriend named jason. we were in love. one day, amy comes long and flirts with my man!!!!!!!. jason left me for amy, and i am still depressed. and i just wanted to say I HATE YOU AMY ROSE. I HAD TRUE LOVE AND I GUESS SONIC WASNT ENOUGH. Posted 2 months ago
urdadsluvr commented…
wow amy not care!!1 2 months ago
lizzie100 commented…
then why would you write on this page then 2 months ago
shadowsis98 said …
Whats with you guys with recolouring the owners pick? can't you just draw yourself and just friggin scan it!? Posted 8 months ago