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what would you do? | anakin & padme

Anakin & Padme -Wildest Dreams

Anakin & Padme | Deathbeds

Anakin and Padme -Wrecking Ball

Anakin & Padme | Wherever You Will Go

Anakin x Padmé || Say you'll remember me

» anakin & padme tribute | for blue skies {completed}

Anakin & Padme -What if we ruin it all

Anakin & Padme - Take us back to the start

Anakin & Padme kiss me

Darth Vader ( Anakin ) & Padme loving her was red

Anakin & Padme // Princess of China

» anakin & padme | somebody to die for.

Anakin & Padme | Somebody to Die for

Anakin/Padme+Luke|| Star Wars|| I'm not bulletproof

Anakin/Padme|| Love Me like You Do

{Completed} Padme||Wildest Dreams

Anakin & Padme ♥ Stay a fantasy

Anakin & Padme ♥ Until the day I die

Padmé and Anakin: E.T.

Star Wars: Need You Now-Anakin and Padme

A|P - Reaching as I fall

Fields of Gold - Anakin / Padme

A Walk to Remeber Trailer Anakin and Padme Style

Anakin and Padme-Darkside

Padme and Anakin- Angel

Padme and Anakin-Only Girl

Anakin and Padme- Battlefield

Anakin and Padme-Set Fire To The Rain

Padme nd Anakin-TIme Is Running Out

SW [ Anakin & Padme ] There still...good in him...

{ Anakin & Padme } And I'm goin' under

Anakin & Padme - Silver Lining [BFV]

so in love with the wrong world. {padmé}

Anakin and Padme, Elephant Love Medley

I would have loved you all my life Anakin and Padme

Anakin and Padme Me Without You

Anakin and Padme + Here We Go Again

ღ Anakin and Padme "Bleeding Love" ღ

xGeneralSkywalker's "Decoded" MEP - Part 10 (trinity6diversia)

Anakin/Padme - For Blue Skies

One Last Song - Anakin/Padme (mini-vid?)

beside you • anakin/padme

Anakin/Padme - You Lift Me Up

Anakin/Padme - All This Time

anakin + padme ;; it would destroy us [VIML]

Starlight - Anakin & Padme

I'm in love with you♥ || anakin&padme

Anakin- Wasting Away {Confession (Whats inside my head)}

Anakin/Padme - Rolling in the Deep (for Debbie)

Anakin and Padme - Futuristik Lover

Anakin/Padme - Long Live

I want to spend my lifetime loving you

Star Wars: I Want to Break Free

Wє Cσuℓ∂ Hαvє Hαd I† αℓℓ~ Aηαkin&Pα∂mé

ƴσu'ℓℓ bє mƴ Vαℓєntinє ~Aηαkin&Pα∂mé

Thєsє timє§ αrє hαr∂ dση'† givє up ση mє bαbє~ Aηi∂αlℓα

Hear you me

Anakin & Padme - What if it makes you sad..?

One day

Wish right now

Save Padme's live

Time to say Goodbye

Rolling in the deep

I loved you with my whole heart

My immortal

Love someone

So Far Away Anakin&Padme

Anakin & Padme-Far Away

Anakin & Padme-Far Away

In my room

I swear we can make this last

Anakin and Padme

All i want is now

Anakin and Padme ET


You are loved, don't give up


it was a Dream

Kissing You

I'm with you

The Walk

Get up

Never stops until we give in

Love never fails

Time is running out

Love the way you lie

Life In Pieces

I can't live without you || The birth of Darth Vader [YNTV FEAR]

Anakin/Padme - Even Angels Have Their Wicked Scheme

It wasn't long enough [Anakin/Padme]

Feel This [Anakin/Padme]

Tears of an Angel (AU)

I wasn't strong enough to save you

Fear is the path to the darkside - YNTV Entry (Fear)

Temptation and Corruption

Let go of what you fear to lose

Your Ghost

Anywhere (Anakin & Padmè)

Anakin & Padmé-Mustafar scene (HD)