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shanyuisboss said …
Anderson can't fool anyone is all I'm gonna say.

But anyway, I am one of the few that believes Anastasia did survive. Posted over a year ago
KataraLover commented…
There's now a new case of someone who possibly was the Romanov princess link over a year ago
shanyuisboss commented…
I checked that out, and it's legit so far, much more than Anna Anderson. over a year ago
OTMAEverlasting said …
None of them could've possibly survived... But if one of them did it would most likely be Maria, not Anastasia. Since the soldiers there were closer to Maria (she was a bit of a flirt and very, very kind to them) and I don't see how they could bear killing her. None the less, the legacy of Anna Anderson and Anastasia is very gripping and curious, if they hadn't found the other remains we would still be wondering... Posted over a year ago
shanyuisboss commented…
In my opinion, the Anderson topic is the most interesting topic I have ever learned about. It's so facinating! over a year ago
KataraLover commented…
By that logic it should be Olga who would've survived, there was a rumor that she and one of the soldiers had sort of a love affair for each other. Besides, even before Anderson appeared there were several other women claiming to be Anastasia. Olga and Tatiana never had anyone claim to be them and Maria had only like one or two but not nearly as many as Anastasia. Now why do you think that Anastasia had so much more? It's because there had to be some kind of lead that meant that she had survived. In fact, there's now a new case of someone who might have been the Grand Duchess link over a year ago
LightandDark429 said …
just saying...having hope is a great thing and all, but there's proof that none of them survived the execution,, you should look up on stuff before you make assumptions. Posted over a year ago
KataraLover commented…
Take a look at this, the case is open again link over a year ago