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gwen & gwaine video

Dancing On The Edge trailer

Deleted Scenes S4 scene 09

i give u my word and here i am

Image Merlin doing this dance (Sexyand i know it by LMFAO)

Gwen and Arthur scene 'I will always love you'.always cry at this

Cast Video Diaries - Part 2

Cast Video Diaries - Part 1

"How do you think it's going, ANGEL?!" -- Bradley James

Angel Coulby in Imagine Me and You (The End Credits)


Sam And Mark's TMi Friday Series 1 (TMi Series 5) Episode 2 (2010) Part 9 : Angel Coulby Interview

Angel Coulby talks 'Merlin'

Merlin Series 4 - Behind the scenes with Merlin cast BBC

Merlin S3 | Bradley James, Anthony Head, Angel Coulby & Katie McGrath [interview]

Angel Coulby & Katie McGrath on TMi [fake Merlin trailer]

Angel Coulby & Katie McGrath on TMi [5/6]

Katie McGrath & Angel Coulby - interview @ the BFI screening in London [2009]

funny merlin scene

Merlin - Describe dollop head (S03E01 Subtitles)

Merlin - We're not going on holiday (S03E12 Subtitles)

Merlin - I'll have you for breakfast (S03E02 Subtitles)

Merlin - You're saying I look like a toad (S03E05 Subtitles)

Aknightlt pile of knights

Angel Coulby-behind scenes 1x03

Far Away - Arthur/Gwen

Arthur ♥ Gwen: ET

Merlin - Arthur & Gwen - Scenes - 4x01

Merlin - Arthur and Gwen - The Second Kiss (of true love)

Arthur ♥ Gwen: This is me

Everything | Arthur & Gwen

We Belong Together - Arthur & Gwen

Santiago Cabrera & Angel Coulby - ❤ What's My Name?

Guinevere- Only Girl In Camelot

Angel Coulby talks 'Merlin'

Cast Video Diaries - Part 2

Cast Video Diaries - Part 1

Merlin Series 2 ~Angel Coulby as Guinevere~