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What happens at the very end of the whole Angel series? (Not talking about last episode in rainy alley)

I just recently watched the last episode of Angel and am disgraced at having the rest of the season reduced to a comic book.. they could have at least made it an actual book! But I would just like to know what happens at the end of the comic book series so i'm not left with a cliff hanger of the tv series. All details will be loved like what sacrifice does Illyria go through at the end, what happens to Gunn since he is a vampire, does Wesley turn corporal and after that what happens and also what happens to connor spike and angel. Again the more details the better and if you would like to email me the ending so you arent ending it for others just ask for it
Me too, i am eager to know what happens in the very end
Aubreykarew posted over a year ago
 Bluerunt posted over a year ago
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