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Angelina Jolie states she only had sex with 4 men. Do you believe her?



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dlyteful said:
my thing is why would she lie about that?
this is the same woman that talked about having sex with billy bob before an awards show.
shortly after she got maddox she admitted to only having time to meet her 'buddy' at a hotel for a couple hours and not a relationship. just pleasure.
also she is an admitted bi-sexual. and said that brad is the first guy to satisfy her completely to the point that she doesnt need to hook up with women.
also she didnt say how many women she has had 'sex' with...which probably more interesting of a number.
so really, if she says its been four....then im inclined to believe her. she has been very open in the sexual department.
posted over a year ago.
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nonames said:
she may have only had sex with 4 men, but that obviously doesnt include all the women shes been with
posted over a year ago.