The “Hogwatch” is on! The Bad Piggies are coming, but what exactly are they up to? On the recently revamped Rovio has dropped 26 new teaser videos, which they’re calling, “Hogwatch”. You can view these clips in a few ways. The most obvious way is to head to where they will play in a seemingly random order. After one finishes, another begins. Rinse-and-repeat. If you like a bit more structure, we have compiled the full list below. We obviously can’t embed all 26 videos without creating a very porky page (zing!), so we have the direct links and some generic details.

So what is going on here? Are the piggies revealing their plans? Are these crazy pigs planning on building a biplane spaceship powered by a single stroke engine before absconding with all the birds’ eggs? Time will tell I guess!

Hogwatch #1: Looks like a stop-motion animation of a plane flying.
Hogwatch #2: Hang Glider.
Hogwatch #3: Bottom of shopping cart rolling around.
Hogwatch #4: Biplane flying.
Hogwatch #5: Modern day jet taking off.
Hogwatch #6: Schematics of some type of spaceship, with planet in background.
Hogwatch #7: Lots of white balloons being released into the air.
Hogwatch #8: Lumberjack cutting down a tree.
Hogwatch #9: Man building a house that falls down.
Hogwatch #10: Eggs frying.
Hogwatch #11: Eggs being hardboiled!
Hogwatch #12: Mechanic working on engine.
Hogwatch #13: Bowl of brown eggs!
Hogwatch #14: Building a brick wall.
Hogwatch #15: Sunrise over the ocean.
Hogwatch #16: Instructional video about “burning / oxidation” showing hot coals being stirred in large oven and a beaker used to snuff out a candle.
Hogwatch #17: Chemist pouring gasoline on wad of cotton, then shows how the vapor will roll downhill to an ignited candle.
Hogwatch #18: Animation of fuel injection?.
Hogwatch #19: Instructor and narrating pointing out different components of an engine.
Hogwatch #20: Video of a one-cylinder engine showing burning.
Hogwatch #21: Animation of gasoline pump.
Hogwatch #22: Animation of manifold heater, which allows each drop of gasoline do its best.
Hogwatch #23: Older prop plane taking off and flying.
Hogwatch #24: Short video of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first flight.
Hogwatch #25: Reparing old biplane.
Hogwatch #26: Old biplane flying.