Angry Birds Friends has been updated for the release of the newest Green Day album, called “¡Uno!”. This is part of a trilogy of albums that Green Day plans to release in the coming months, and we are guessing that each album release will correspond to an update to Angry Birds Friends. This update is officially numbered at v1.6.5. Be sure to check out the original post, which maybe we can call the “¡Cero!” update?

This update includes:

10 brand new levels full of head-banging and guitar smashing! Our walkthroughs videos are live if you need help.
Another “Heart Like a Hand Grenade” (aka, “Golden Grenade”), which is basically a Golden Egg. Be sure to check out our Complete Angry Birds Facebook Golden Egg Guide, which lists the Golden Grenades at the bottom. (Again, for those who want a little bit of context, it’s two-fold. First, if you look at the cover for the Green Day album “American Idiot”, it features a heart-shaped hand grenade. Second, filmed during the recording of “American Idiot”, there was a video called “Heart Like a Hand Grenade” was released in 2008 featuring Green Day.)
Embedd-able Gameplay!
Leaderboards! Not only can you compete against your Facebook friends, but you will be able to compete against some of the best Facebook players in the world on our Facebook Leaderboards. Scores using power-ups are welcome there, but please justify your score with detailed strategies at least.
Unlock Codes! After a bit of reconnaissance, we’ve discovered that these codes are available on marked “¡Uno!” albums. Entering the code on Angry Birds Friends unlocks an exclusive song from the album, called “Troublemaker”. As far as we know, this does not unlock any exclusive gameplay content.