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3D version of Angry birds + one pig.
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Now you can replay all sorts of adventures from LEGO® The Angry Birds Movie! Just like the movie and the mobile game, LEGO® The Angry Birds Movie sets have all your favorite characters fighting over the eggs.
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Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth Teaser Video, Out Tomorrow It Is
By Bird Leader | 45 Comments

All you Angry Birds Star Wars fans don’t have long to wait as the much anticipated Hoth update is due out tomorrow, November 29th, 2012. To promote the forthcoming update Rovio created the funny teaser video above, which shows a not-quite-as-menacing AT-AT (Pig?) Walker having some trouble keeping his grip on one of Hoth’s icy lakes.

At the moment, details about what will actually be included in this update are sparse, but here are a few ideas:

The pink bird will make her first appearance as Princess Leia. Rovio has said her power will be a “GFD Device”, but I’m not entirely sure what that is.
Buckle-up! Angry Birds Star Wars is set for an epic launch Thursday, November 8th. We are live at the launch event at the Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square and will bring you details as they’re revealed! We have a short teaser video above and a bunch of details below. First, some general info:

If there were any doubts, the official name is, “Angry Birds Star Wars”.
Launching on iOS, Android, and likely PC/Mac (platform list an educated guess at this time).
Cast of Characters

Based on the image below it looks like all the original Star Wars characters you know and love — sans Jar Jar Binks...
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