Animal Crossing AC Catchphrases and Greetings

bebotx511 posted on Jan 29, 2009 at 11:31PM
What are you favorite catchphrases and/or greetings to give to a character?

As for myself, I like using international greetings, like Guten Tag, Aloha, or Moshi Moshi ;)

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over a year ago bubbles4u22 said…
My favorite greetings are probably the same as yours like aloha amigo & other funny things!
over a year ago bastetsBFF said…
My brother usually comes up with some good stuff...
But my animal friends usually ask for catchphrases, so I "mull" it over! It all depends on mood. I gave my best friend Lolly the phrase smite thee! My friend Carmen me bunny (which she doesn't say anymore, but Winnie does). Greetings are mood-depending too. I gave Cousteau the greeting Helloooooooooooo. And Static, Hey, youngster! And Carmen Happy Halloween, Lolly Happy Hanuka!
over a year ago carenwang90 said…
My favorite greeting is s'up! I give it to Jay and Freckles, hey friends to Monique and my favourite phrase is O_o LOL and Buff that I give to all my villager and Buff to Jay