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Opinion by -SilverFey- posted 3 months ago
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I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this article. I do support animal rights just as much as everyone else on this club, though people with probably tell me otherwise. I'm just saying--you don't have to be vegetarian to love animals!

So, I've seen a lot of people posting on here about being vegetarian, and how it's wrong to eat meat. They say that it hurts animals to eat meat. They compare it to cannibalism.
These things they say; they're not true.
To say it's wrong to eat meat is ridiculous. We have canine teeth. Canine teeth are for eating meat, not plants. We wouldn't have canine teeth if we weren't supposed to eat meat.
Besides, plenty of animals eat meat. What about wolves? Should wolves stop eating meat just to save other animals? Of course not! So why should we? We're animals too, you know!
I'm not saying we should just eat whatever, though. If an animal is endangered, don't eat it! But deer? Rabbits? Cow? There's an abundance of these! In fact, if everyone stopped eating deer, our planet would probably be overrun with them. The deer would eat all the vegetation, leaving none for any other animals, nor for...
News by glelsey posted over a year ago
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New figures from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF), the biggest UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of ‘pet’ rabbits, show that the number of unwanted rabbits has nearly doubled in recent years.

The last meaningful survey conducted by the charity estimated the number of rabbits given up to rescue shelters at around 35,000. The organisation has recently conducted another survey, and was shocked to find the figure now standing at well over 67,000.

‘What is really worrying,’ said Richard Saunders, RWAF Veterinary Expert Advisor, ‘is that this number only reflects the cases where the rabbits have made it into rescue. We can't possibly quantify how many more are dumped in the wild and left to fend for themselves, which leads to almost certain death. Then there are those who, when the novelty has worn off, are simply neglected and left often in a hutch with no access to exercise space and almost no attention except for a handful of food now and again.’
Article by australia-101 posted over a year ago
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Why dos this have to happen...

You hit me,
You punch me,
You kick me,
You lunge me.
Now I’m dead,
I’m passed,
I’m gone,
All because of you,
I didn’t live long,
I was still small,
Still little,
Still bitty,
I wanted to be your friend,
But all you did was hit me,
Now I’m not here,
Now I’m gone,
Do you now feel my pain,
That I felt for so long,
I just wanted love,
I just wanted a friend,
But because of you,
It is my end.

This poem is about animal abuse, and how people hurt their animals, who just want love. If you care about animals who are abused.