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SpengSkod said …
I'm asking nicely guys:
1) Please don't reply at the troll comments because it encourages her to come back for more. Just use the "Report" button that located after "Add a comment" and "Thumbs up!" button.
2) Just report any spam poll, don't vote on it. It is located on the top-right of "vote" section.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Posted 4 hours ago
TheUnKnownUnT said …
I wish natsu die from the fucking Heart failure because He is Fucking dick face and disgusting piece of shit I wish natsu just fucking die already!!! Posted 5 hours ago
Ryuuto013 commented…
I'm curious. Which anime do you actually like? 5 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 commented…
Maybe he likes boku no pico 5 hours ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Seems like it 4 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 said …
AGAIN? Posted 6 hours ago
UnAAAWinner commented…
Yes again you fucker!!! 6 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 commented…
no one's greater fucker than you are! 6 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 commented…
He thinks all anime characters will die at his command 4 hours ago