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Neko-Tohka said …
Woot! Noragami got a season 2! Let's ride the hype train~ Posted 20 hours ago
katjaneguen commented…
The hype train indeed! Im so pumped for this!!! hahahaha 18 hours ago
Yanchi commented…
Yay! 1 hour ago
pandafangirl commented…
HELL YEAH 1 hour ago
-DeaththeKid- said …
I'm sure you all know this, but they're making a new season of Soul Eater. Which is to me, the greatest news I've ever heard in my life. Posted 2 days ago
Thedrawer11 commented…
Where did you hear that? 1 day ago
-DeaththeKid- commented…
Funimation. They said about a month ago that they would make another season now that they have manga to go off of. 12 hours ago
LittleMissBook said …
Just watched the last episode of Death Parade.... That is how you end a great anime with style! Posted 2 days ago