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The fans pick: FMA - comedy and alchemy all in one!
The fans pick: (Bonus) Himawari Uzumaki | Naruto
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The fans pick: Gunslingers
The fans pick: Jellal and Sieghart
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rupsa said …
Can someone suggest me an anime where a male protagonist is handsome and have superpowers? please help me. reply soon Posted 18 hours ago
TheAnimeQueen commented…
Noragami and Black Butler. 13 hours ago
pandafangirl commented…
Tokyo Ghoul 11 hours ago
poulamikundu commented…
this should help u.... link 9 hours ago
yanglight09 said …
I need some animes to binge watch; plzzzzzz help meh out!!! I'm tired of re-watching the same animes over and over..... Posted 2 days ago
mimansa commented…
watch Akatsuki no Yona 2 days ago
Bratz4life commented…
Watch Sword Art Online and Persona 4 the Animation there my favorites. Mainly watch them in English Dub. Even people on YouTube said Persona 4 Anime is way funnier in Dub not Sub. 2 days ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Try And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online. I don't watch many romance anime, but this one interested me due to the video game and anime lifestyle :P 1 day ago
Kragfan1910 said …
I identify as the bastard child of Kamina, Viral, and Yoko. Posted 3 days ago