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The fans pick: eve -she is cute
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The fans pick: Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon (Sword Art Online)
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TheAnimeQueen said …
I have a question and I want to hear your opinion on it (who ever is reading this) I'm saving up money for two conventions later on this year in July and August but I'm also going to Japan in January so should I spend my money by going to the conventions and save up a little bit of money for Japan or save up a lot more money for Japan and don't go to the conventions/not do much at the conventions? Posted 4 hours ago
AquaMarine6663 said …
In Soul Eater, everyone remembers Kid for being handsome or for his symmetry problems...but nobody remembers his amazing skating skills. :P Posted 3 days ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
What is this skateboard you speak of (This only further proves your point) 3 days ago
AquaMarine6663 commented…
Beelzebub. The skateboard that he summons up...he uses it to get to the top of the mountain when him and Black Star are looking for Excalibur. 2 days ago
AquaMarine6663 commented…
...kaaaaay... 11 hours ago
AquaMarine6663 said …
What's with anime giving kids such annoying voices? Seriously, I'm trying to re-watch Blue Exorcist (it's been a while since I've seen it, and I needed my Mephisto fix anyways) and I can't STAND kid Rin's or kid Yukio's voices! They're so fucking makes me want to stab my ears out... Posted 3 days ago