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The fans pick: SelenicSoul7
The fans pick: Ken kaneki from Tokyo ghoul
Ken kaneki from Tokyo ghoul
Levi ackerman
The fans pick: Yes i watched and/or read Doubt.
Yes i watched and/or read Doubt.
No i have not read and/or read Doubt.
The fans pick: 6 - Chelsea - Akame ga Kill!
6 - Chelsea - Akame ga Kill!
2 - Orihime Inoue - Bleach
The fans pick: Annie Leonhardt - Attack on Titan
Annie Leonhardt - Attack on Titan
Asako Natsume - My Little Monster
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Otaku23 said …
Hi guys ^.^ Is Shingki no Kyojin good? I wanna watch it but I don't know ~ Posted 5 hours ago
Otaku23 commented…
Whoops, I meant Shingeki not Shingki! 5 hours ago
Cheng_Cheng commented…
Yeah, it's a really great show~ You should watch it 5 hours ago
Otaku23 commented…
Okay thank you ~ 4 hours ago
NagisaFurukawa- said …
Okay i recently found out when i was watching an Anime Man Video on YouTube he recommended us an Anime based off a Manga called Doubt. it's a very creepy Anime and Manga. Here is the Link to The Anime Man's video and here is the Link to the Doubt opening. I wanna watch Doubt Anime. But i am to scared to. Would you guys watch Doubt Anime or no???? What do you think of Doubt Anime???? Please let me know so i can watch this Anime or not. Posted 1 day ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
Even the art style for Doubt Anime is just really creepy. The Wolf and the rabbits are way to creepy. I found out about this Anime cause The Anime man on YouTube his real name is Joey he recommended this Anime in his top 10 manga he wants to see be turned into an Anime Video on YouTube. 1 day ago
ArcticWolf commented…
Personally I don't think Doubt is scary at all, but maybe that's just me. 9 hours ago
big smile
Umbreonfan34 said …
who want's a season three and 10+ seasons for sister princess give me your name and i'll tell the creator how may people want more seasons for sister princess and lets see if he or she will make more seasons for it . Posted 1 day ago