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akaisora said …
So I had heard alot of people say how bad Boku no Pico was, I hadn't watched it but I thought everyone was over reacting so I decided to watch it for myself and.............................I'm sorry for all the people I doubted (bows deeply). Posted 23 hours ago
x-Yumi-x3 commented…
xD I did the same thing a few months ago, then I was like oh........ 21 hours ago
akaisora commented…
I am a big yaoi fan and I saw alot of bad and dirty yaoi but THAT was waaaaaaaay worse =_= 21 hours ago
zoebroda commented…
i did that recently. I thought it was proberly fine.... I was wrong 11 hours ago
IllusionDolls commented…
I had a similar experience. x) But, in my case, I heard some people in an online forum saying it was "so bad it was funny"... IIIII don't know what kind of a twisted pretzel for humor those people have, but, I'm glad I looked it up and saw the manga caps on Google images before watching it. You have my condolences, though. :x 7 hours ago
big smile
t_direction said …
A really interesting thing....

Yesterday, I saw the tag on one of my birthday gift shirt and it said "Polka Dots!" and beside it some polka dots were drawn!!! ;D


(Refer to Gakuen Alice) Posted 1 day ago
akaisora commented…
LOOOOOOOOOL you need a Natsume right now XD 23 hours ago
t_direction commented…
I sure do! ♥ 30 minutes ago
kittyluv57 said …
I wonder, is it possible that there is some random anime fan somewhere, sitting on the couch watching Boku no Pico, and actually enjoying it? Posted 2 days ago
dontmindmeyo commented…
Yes. I've seen loads of OCs, plus a while ago I saw someone who loved the show on here. Forgot who they were though. 2 days ago
kittyluv57 commented…
Interesting . . . I haven't yet encountered a person who actually stated the liked it, I'd like to hear if there's any positive aspects of the anime at all. 2 days ago
panisepic commented…
You have to remember to Japanese laws are very different towards what is, and is not, porn/illegal. Since Boku No Pico is 2D they consider it okay, also I belive in Japan the age of consent is lower than in the U.S but I'm not 100% sure on that. 2 days ago