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Gall Force
The Potato Kid
anime hairstyles
many poses of anime viewers
Senpai I love you
Food in Anime
coca-cola light
50 shades of gray
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Dangan Ronpa OST: Never say Never (Full OP Song)
AMV Lip Bomb
Three Bs
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The fans pick: Straight
The fans pick: 9/ Kiss x Sis
9/ Kiss x Sis
14/ High School of the DEAD
The fans pick: Viral | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Viral | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Aoki Reika / Cure Beauty | Smile PreCure!
The fans pick: Hei and Yin | Darker Than BLACK
Hei and Yin | Darker Than BLACK
I don't know of / like any of these pairings.
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Anime Wall

anime_one said …
Kay, I'll try. Posted 13 hours ago
Mirra1007 said …
Hello everyone!
I just started an Anime Blog and if you have time please do check it out!
I havn't posted much yet because I only started three days ago :P
but I'll try to make articles every day so please tell me what you think about it and what things I should do! (Or should watch)
Xxx Mirra Posted 1 day ago
anime_one commented…
What, are you a girl? you should visit mine too. I'll visit yours, and you'll visit mine, got it? 13 hours ago
BlindBandit92 said …
Guys try not to spoil anime for people who perhaps haven't seen said spoiler yet. It's very annoying,insensitive to just put out spoilers with such disregard like that. Especially traumatic ones. If you feel you must say a spoiler or whatever at least give people a heads up like: SPOILER ALERT. Alright that is all. Posted 1 day ago
Mileni commented…
true that has happen to me so many times!! 1 day ago
dontmindmeyo commented…
Ah yeah I've been seeing spoilers around here lately as well. At least they're for shows I already finished or have no interest in watching/finishing, but they can be really upsetting so I think it'd be great if people actually used the spoiler marker in picks correctly and would actually write when they're talking about a spoiler. 1 day ago
animetrollylol commented…
i dont really mind that much actually... bcause for me, i have something to get excited... 23 hours ago
BlindBandit92 commented…
^At least do it for others who feel differently. 23 hours ago