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SpengSkod said …
I'm asking nicely guys:
1) Please don't reply at the troll comments because it encourages her to come back for more. Just use the "Report" button that located after "Add a comment" and "Thumbs up!" button.
2) Just report any spam poll, don't vote on it. It is located on the top-right of "vote" section.
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Posted 11 hours ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
We try those, I'm afraid. He just comes back harder and stronger. Like cancer 2 hours ago
TheUnKnownUnT said …
I wish natsu die from the fucking Heart failure because He is Fucking dick face and disgusting piece of shit I wish natsu just fucking die already!!! Posted 13 hours ago
Ryuuto013 commented…
I'm curious. Which anime do you actually like? 12 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 commented…
Maybe he likes boku no pico 12 hours ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Seems like it 11 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 said …
AGAIN? Posted 13 hours ago
UnAAAWinner commented…
Yes again you fucker!!! 13 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 commented…
no one's greater fucker than you are! 13 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 commented…
He thinks all anime characters will die at his command 11 hours ago