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DokiDoki PreCure
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Baka to Test
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anifanfreak said …
Notice: Current Tops and Recommendations to Join in Forums! "Fairy Tail RP", Magical High School (RP)", "Getting Through High School (RP)", "Spell an Anime Name with your eyes closed. (Game)" That's it for now! Hope to see you there! Also, don't worry if this Kinda Stuff isn't your thing but if you don't know what it is but you're interested come on down and we'll help you out step by step! Posted 13 hours ago
Jellal890 said …
Has anyone ever watched Parasyte?It's still airing as of now,though. Posted 2 days ago
KenichiTMD commented…
yeah i like it a lot but the way their heads and stuff come apart its really disturbing 2 days ago
Jellal890 commented…
Well to be honest,I LOVE stuffs like that^^" 1 day ago
QueenOfTheDaze commented…
lol yea ^^ but i absolutely love the opening song 21 hours ago
pekoyama11 said …
Today in class I gave a book report on Tokyo Ghoul. A kid said "Isn't that a manga?" I was like "NO!"
Now the teacher's really suspicious of me. Posted 2 days ago
x-Yumi-x3 commented…
It is a manga. 2 days ago
KenichiTMD commented…
Nice job, hopefully you're not caught I wish I could do that but the teacher would probably google it if I did and then proceed to either be like good job or yell at me and give me an F 2 days ago
anifanfreak commented…
Luck to you friendo I gave a Report Last year on Chrome Shelled Regios and It was a Series/Novel Review So I was able to get Just about every Fact right down to a Science too, and When my Teacher Found out it was an Anime Series He flipped shit, and Gave me an F Saying it's just Cartoon Nonsense and Total Bullcrap But Some how Three others managed to get away with Mickey Mouse (Club House), Tom & Jerry, and (For the Love of...) BEYBLADE! (Freakin' BEYBLADE IT'S AN ANIME TOO!! Just Too ongoing with too many Series Variations...) 12 hours ago