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rupsa said …
**Spoilers Alert**

No offence to Tokyo Ghoul Fans but don't you think that anime is quite horrific like all those tortures and bloods, flesh every where. Though the protagonist Kaneki Ken is awesome still I really
find those cruel stuffs as a negative thing of the anime. Tokyo Ghoul is really good but those Blood flesh these things really made me sick. Please don't mind if I said anything bad. The anime and the story line is so good! I adore it except those things. Posted 4 days ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
Yah gorey bloody type Anime is not for everyone though. 4 days ago
poulamikundu commented…
you know what? i am having haemophobia , that is fear of blood. still blood or violence in anime dosen't make me much sick, i don't know why xD At first I did feel sick, but know it's okay and I enjoy watching Tokyo Ghoul! 4 days ago
rupsa commented…
@Anime_lover0_0 you wanna know my age? XP!! 1 day ago
BennieBear27 said …
I just found an a sing refernce to Spirited Away in a book! It was hilarious. Instead of No-Face, it was Mr.Faceless and instead of the title being 'Spirited Away' it was 'Cranky Girl Does Chores in Spirit Town' Posted 6 days ago
BennieBear27 commented…
Amazing* not an sing. 6 days ago
TheAnimeQueen said …
Is anyone ever going to post the Anime Icon Contest! (Round 28: Blonde), poll? Does anyone know where Cheng_Cheng is and why she isn't posting it for basically over a month now?? Posted 9 days ago
poulamikundu commented…
yea, i am really missing the anime icon contest!! 9 days ago
TheAnimeQueen commented…
Me too! :( 9 days ago
TheAnimeQueen commented…
I still keep up with my Pokemon Icon Contest! even with school! 3 days ago