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The fans pick: Hinata Hyuga
Hinata Hyuga
Orihime Inoue
The fans pick: Shino Asada
Shino Asada
Asuna Yuuki
The fans pick: Kyubey is an Anti-Villain. / In the middle.
Kyubey is an Anti-Villain. / In the middle.
Kyubey did nothing wrong.
The fans pick: 3) Franken Stein ~ Soul Eater
3) Franken Stein ~ Soul Eater
1) Minatsuki Takami ~ Deadman Wonderland
The fans pick: 1. Ushio ~ Clannad After Story
1. Ushio ~ Clannad After Story
2. Shiro ~ No Game No Life
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wantadog said …
#CodeGeassIsDisgusting Posted 18 hours ago
CRUSNIC03 commented…
Don't you like it? 1 hour ago
Addika4045 said …
Whew, finally finished all of Fairy Tail (for now until the next episode). It took me close to a year to finish all of it due to being so busy with other anime and taking casual breaks from it. But seriously, I have to take a minute to say how emotional episode 78 was. The part that had me in tears (SPOILER ALERT) was when Gray's father told him to finish him off, he was crying that he couldn't. The feels got to me man... Posted 21 hours ago
Addika4045 commented…
Another thing that was so awesome was when Gray's father did eventually die, Gray inherited his Ice Demon Slayer powers. Like seriously, he's most likely the one that is gonna be the main victor of the Tartaros Arc. What do you guys think?? 21 hours ago
Rainbow-Unicorn said …
Am I the only one that always watch a comedy anime, after watching a horror anime...Or am I just acting like a little child?:p Posted 1 day ago
Windwakerguy430 commented…
Nope. I've done the same before :P 1 day ago
candylover246 commented…
Same here! 1 day ago
Rainbow-Unicorn commented…
@Addika4045 Always end up watching Daily Life Of High School Boys xD 19 hours ago