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Natsu and Happy
Kyoya and Tamaki
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Jerza Couple Picture
Cute Anime Girl
Cute Anime Girl
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The fans pick: Kiba Inuzuka (Naruto)
Kiba Inuzuka (Naruto)
Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
The fans pick: Gohan(Dragon Ball Z)
Gohan(Dragon Ball Z)
Gildarts Clive(Fairy Tail)
The fans pick: Maka Albarn(Soul Eater)
Maka Albarn(Soul Eater)
Lucy Heartfilia(Fairy Tail)
The fans pick: Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto: Shippuden
Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto: Shippuden
Kyoko Honda - Fruit's Basket
The fans pick: naruto
kingdom hearts
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KenichiTMD said …
Has anyone else noticed all the new Anime that have been released in the last 2 weeks Posted 23 hours ago
panisepic commented…
Spring Season 2K14~~~ 21 hours ago
KenichiTMD commented…
I was just sitting here seeing all the new ones like TOO MANY TO WATCH TOO LITTLE TIME 13 hours ago
panisepic commented…
^ Story of my life 13 hours ago
CorporalSununu commented…
And there goes the productivity of all anime fans. Just like that, poof. 2 hours ago
big smile
Cutepet87 said …
Second Mekaku City Actors episode coming out today! If it follows the manga, there will be more Kido, Kano, Seto, Mary, and Momo! Posted 1 day ago
Cutepet87 commented…
=.= No more Kano, Seto, and Mary. It's a big Momo-fest. 22 hours ago
dontmindmeyo said …
Did anyone else read the final chapter of The World God Only Knows? Just as I suspected, I cried haha... ^^'' Posted 1 day ago
KenichiTMD commented…
I haven't yet but I'm so sad its ending 23 hours ago
dontmindmeyo commented…
Be prepared to be disappointed with the ending. A lot of the fandom is (including myself) 21 hours ago