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ImaScrubbyScrub said …
Okay... So for some reason my computer spazzed out and made my entry for the Anime Icon Contest a random poll. Sorry guys >-< It'd be much appreciated if you could report it to help get it deleted. Posted 3 days ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
Okay i will try and help you as much as i can. Hope it helps you out my friend. :-) 13 hours ago
candylover246 commented…
*sigh* Oh Scrubby-san~ 4 hours ago
KingAlex1 said …
Sayonara people you guys and girls bored the hell out of me sheep's I have sent the last message bye bye Posted 5 days ago
candylover246 commented…
Aw, already? What's wrong, was it too much for you? What a coward~ No one buys that excuse anyway. You were a boring & cheap "troll" afterall. v~v 5 days ago
KingMakunga commented…
Shhhhh bitch 17 hours ago
candylover246 commented…
Oh, am I getting you mad now? Guess I'll keep talking then... 17 hours ago
NagisaFurukawa- said …
So this happened i was on Facebook and apparently i liked a page called Anime makes me puke. They changed there name to Donald Trump Supporters agonist Anime. And i was reading the comments of angry Anime fans telling Donald trump off. Donald trump replied when people asked why he hates Anime. Donald trump said cause all Anime is made by democrats. I un-liked the page. I don't recall ever liking that page until the Anime makes me Puke page appeared in my notifications on Facebook. Posted 6 days ago
NagisaFurukawa- commented…
The stuff Non Anime fans will do and say to people who love Anime is retarded. And is there a way to get the page banned from Facebook?? He loses my vote for his stupidity. nd makes no Since. Not all anime is bad and worthless. What he is saying on the page makes no since at all. And it is making Anime fans angry. And hating on him. Non Anime fans just haven't found the right Anime for them. What do you guys think of this? And is there a way to get the Donald trump Supporters agonist Anime Facebook page. Flag the page report it do whatever you guys have to,to get rid of that evil page. Here is the link the link to the Evil Donald trump page. he loses my vote for his stupidity. 6 days ago