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kittyluv57 said …
Did you ever just read a fanfic and think -
"You. You. Did you even watch the anime? Because that personality is completely off . . ." Posted 1 day ago
Zeppie said …
I'm a little late to the party but I just started watching Mirai Nikki..... and I can't stop o.o It is quite odd but extremely addictive. Up to ep 12! Yuno is completely nuts lmao... Posted 1 day ago
animemari said …
Do you ever imagine that you were a character in your favorite anime.... Or is it just me Posted 1 day ago
katjaneguen commented…
You are not alone! ^^ Just wondering who it is that you want to be? o.o 1 day ago
animemari commented…
I want to be luffy from one piece he's funny 1 day ago
katjaneguen commented…
He's great! Good choice! ^TT^ 23 hours ago